Your cheap travels: suggested economic European capitals

For our section dedicated to travel, today we talk about economic destinations. During Christmas we know, our pockets are emptied and we need to save a little bit but at the same time the call of the traveler is stronger than us. And here we come to meet your needs: your cheap travels! Are you ready to go to visit the cheapest European capitals?


It is the capital of Romania, a place rich in history. The term Bucharest derives from bucura which means to be happy. What fascinates the city is the architecture made up of streets and boulevards reminiscent of Paris. In addition, one of the most beautiful monuments of the city is the Arc de Triomphe which makes the city take the name of ” Little Paris “. Bucharest boasts 37 museums, 22 theaters, 2 opera houses, 3 auditoriums, numerous public libraries, bookstores and typical cafes. Among the monuments not to be missed is the Curtea Veche, the old princely court of the fifteenth century.

One of the best known art places is the National Art Museum which houses works by Romanian artists such as Brancusi, Grigorescu, Aman, Luchian, Palladi, Ion Jalea while the main European artists are Rubens, Rembrandt, Veneziano, Tiziano, Tintoretto , El Greco, Pissaro, Delacroix, Sisley.

Bucharest can boast numerous low cost flights from Italy and the hotels are very cheap but at the same time comfortable. To try!



Belgradederives from the term Beli Grad, that is White City and today, after so many vicissitudes related to war and dictatorship, it wants to go back to being a lively city, both from a cultural point of view and as an entertainment. In fact, the new generations are rebuilding a new city from the ground up, more open to innovation and change. Innovation blends perfectly with tradition, between markets and modern cafes, between new and old neighborhoods. In Knez Mihailova, the entirely pedestrianized main street, you can access the Zepter Museum with its sculptures, drawings and canvases by Serbian artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. The lively and creative heart of the city is Dorcol, the most cosmopolitan neighborhood, where Jews and Muslims coexist with Germans, Armenians and Greeks. It is the neighborhood that never sleeps and full of life with its lounges and wine bars that transform to the rhythm of techno music. If you want to taste the typical cuisine, you cannot miss the cevapcici (rolls of mixed and spiced minced meat), soups, stuffed peppers and grilled meats. An elaborate dish is karadjordjeva snicla, prepared with stewed veal, cheese, ham and fries, while the drink to taste is slivovitz, a brandy made from the fermentation of plums.

To find out the cheapest flights we rely on Google Flights while for hotels we can only take a look at Booking, looking for accommodation, perhaps near the center and that is not too expensive. Belgrade is a city where accommodation is still very cheap (a 5 * can have an average price of around 90 euros per night).



Pragueand by far one of my favorite cities. In fact I have been there 2 times and I always go back willingly. The city that holds its own Gothic charm but with a youthful soul, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and has about 1.5 million inhabitants. Prague is a hymn to beauty, with its churches, Charles Bridge and its pretty historic center. In the evening the city comes alive with new life with its cafes and discos, which welcome many young people looking for fun after a day of study / work. The symbol of the Czech city is Prague Castle. Founded in the 9th century, it was the seat of Bohemian kings and presidents of the republic. It is one of the largest complexes in the world and consists of historic, official and ecclesiastical palaces, fortifications, gardens and picturesque places. It covers an area of ​​45 hectares. The view of Prague Castle is considered to be one of the most fascinating panoramas in the world.

But for the uninitiated, Prague is also the city of beer: in fact it is here that one of the best and cheapest beers in the world is produced, which will certainly brighten your evenings in company.

For more info on flights and hotels, you can visit the official website dedicated to the city, where you can increase your knowledge about the Bohemian city. Your travels cannot preclude a stop in Prague ..



Budapestit is another goal to which one cannot depart sooner or later in one’s life. Divided in two by the Danube river, one of the longest rivers in the world, it collects two distinct souls that can be enclosed in the old and the new city: Buda and Pest. One fifth of the entire Hungarian population resides in Budapest, which is considered one of the most sexually open cities in Europe and the world. Among the most fascinating places of art there is the Buda castle which stands magnificent on the hill overlooking the city and the Parliament, which collects a very important historical legacy. The historic center is full of charm and places to spend an evening full of fun. The nightclub symbol of the city is the Mammut, which takes its name from the commercial center of the city. Museums chapter:


Warsaw and Krakow

Poland is one of the cheapest destinations for the European tourist. In fact, thanks to the lowest cost of living, cheap but at the same time good quality hotels and the large amount of air connections available, visiting cities such as Warsaw and Krakow is not a problem. But what to see? Warsaw is the capital of Poland and even if devastated by two world wars it remains one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, with the Old Town declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Places not to be missed are the Market Square, the Royal Castle, the Wilanow Castle that will make you dream and imagine other times. Krakowit is instead a very young city. In fact, it is the destination of thousands of students who every year decide to study in the city that is located on the border with the Czech Republic. Today it is considered a university city but at the same time rich in history. Places not to be missed are represented by the Jewish quarter and the medieval center. Those who stay in Krakow usually end up visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, one of the terrible symbols of the Shoah, which is very close to the city.


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and has about 1,200,000 inhabitants. After Athens and Rome, the Bulgarian city is the oldest on the continent thanks to the Serdi tribe who first built it calling it Serdica.

The city is very welcoming, with the Vitosha Mountains protecting it from a climatic point of view. A city that in recent years has experienced strong growth from an economic and social point of view and which increasingly aims to be one of the European economic lighthouses, thanks also to its tax policies, which every year attract many companies to found their headquarters. in the city. Among the places that you really can’t miss are the National Assembly Square, where the statue on horseback of Tsar Alexander II stands, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, symbol of Russian liberation from the Turks, which features gold-plated domes and valuable paintings, the Church of Santa Sofia, an example of early Christian architecture and the Bulevard Osvoboditel, one of the main avenues of the capital,

For more info for your travels to Sofia, you can visit the website dedicated to the city.


In this post we have introduced you to the cheapest European tourist destinations to visit, where you can have fun without spending a fortune. Your travels couldn’t look better than this ..