Every year men’s fashion churns out new trends, launched by the different fashion houses at men’s fashion weeks. From Milan to Paris, passing through New York, many fashion brands have launched their collection for the next winter season. 

Luxury street style: this is the new fashion

The new fashion trend that has recently emerged from the online tastes of men online is called luxury street style ! In fact, more and more men are blending two different styles: street style and luxury , trying to mix streetwear fashion garments, combining them with an iconic and sartorial style, and the protagonist of this new trend is certainly Made in Italy . In fact, more and more Italian fashion brands (some of which you can find on the siiuomo.it site) have found in this fusion of styles a way to be more and more refined and sophisticated, ending up at the center of the attention of young people. Among the most sought-after garments by men in this last winter period are the outerwear,The latest sneakers and jeans of  the main brands.

Male outfit: tips for your new spring look

Spring is getting closer and closer and even if we are only in February we already feel the flavor of spring approaching. And this brings with it the desire for an outfit that highlights the features of the new season, halfway between the heat of the summer season and the cold of the winter climate. Let’s see now what are the tips for your outfits.

Trench e jeans

A classic spring outfit made from trench and jeans. The trench coat is one of the most fashionable garments of the next spring season, for both men and women. As for jeans, we recommend the stretch denim model, worn with a pair of  cowboy ankle boots , while the trench coat is tied at the waist.

A possible outfit is represented by a khaki overcoat, t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

The sneakers

Sneakers become the sought-after shoe, perfect for the New Year’s street styler. In fact, more and more people choose this model as the favorite shoe for their everyday outings and for their evening look. Nike, Puma, Adidas, seem to indulge with their collections that desire to stand out, while wearing a shoe, which is not only for gymnastics, but becomes ideal for an aperitif or even in the disco.

Colorful dresses

Pastel blue or coral dresses, but also green and electric blue are the new trend of spring 2019. From Dior to Versace to Margiela, there are several brands that have launched their own collections made of multicolor jacket and trousers . Slimfit fit with double-breasted or two-button jacket, to be combined with a Korean shirt and a neutral-colored t-shirt.

he scarf

Yes, even the foulard is again at the center of trends in this new spring season and becomes an accessory symbol of masculine elegance , to be combined with oversized shirts and classic garments . Solid color, bandana printed with Paisley motif, the everyday look of us men is enriched with a new object of male desire.