Curvy models: the top 10 of the most famous

Being a curvy model is no longer being a B model. Women’s emancipation and a new self-awareness, alongside the campaigns against anorexia and bulimia, have been able to fight the fashion of size 35. Curvy models have success and are appreciated on the catwalk.

Here are 10 examples of women who have become curvy models by redesigning fashion and giving a beautiful message of beauty to the whole world.

Top ten curvy models: who are they?

Who are the curvy models in the top ten of the world rankings? The first in the world and Jennie Runk, but let’s see them all in the next few lines.

Jennie Runk

The first curvy model we tell you about in this post is Jennie Runk . Despite being a size 42, Jenne has a height of 1.78 meters. She looks beautiful and Junoesque, so much so that H & M kicked off her career in 2013 with a campaign for the new swimwear collection.

The model has worked a lot in our country, with brands such as: OVS, Asos, Comode, Marina Rinaldi and Elena Miro. She was also the star of Expo 2015. Over the years she has appeared in all the most important glossy magazines, from Cosmopolitan to Marie Claire, from Good Morning America to Vogue magazine.

Jennie Runk currently lives in New York and has a cat named Jasmine.

Fonte: H&M

Elisa D’Ospina

An all-Italian example of a curvy model is Elisa D’Ospina .

The curvy Italian model first graduated in Communication Sciences, and later specialized in Psychology. But her main passion is fashion.

The Italian model has been one of the Curvy International Models since 2008. She has transformed her love for fashion into a book published by Giunti entitled “A woman with curves”, in a coach space on the well-known RaiDue broadcast “Detto Fatto” and he also writes in Il Fatto Quotidiano. 

Elisa also continues her battle against anorexia and bullying, being nominated testimonial to the Ministry of Health.

He has an Instagram profile where he shows himself without filters, both in daily life and at work.

Source: Instagram


Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is instead an American myth. The curvy model is in the top 10 as a symbol of curvy fashion in the States .

Size 46, Ashley is about one meter and 75 centimeters tall and her measurements are: 107-76-117. She weighs 77 kilos and has worked in the best American magazines, such as: Vogue, Elle Quebec and Glamor.

Raised with her family in Nebraska, from an early age, despite some health problems, she began her modeling career by signing a contract with the modeling agency  Wilhelmina Models. Since then, her success has been a pleasant travel companion for Ahsley, who has always made her shapes a strength and an opportunity, in a world, like that of fashion, too forcibly tied to mini sizes.

Much followed on Instagram, where she shows herself in all her grace, she launches her message to the world on social channels:  you have to accept yourself for what you are and are sexy in every size. The important thing is to know how to get fit, to be able to feel good and live a life at the top!


Curvy models: the other tops, from Tess Holliday to Alessandra Garcia

After having seen the top 3 of our ranking of the most known curvy models in the world, we want to continue by pointing out the other models who have distinguished themselves in this period in the world for their beauty and curvy shapes.

Tess Holliday

Size 56, 100 kilos and one meter and 65 in height: this is the description of Tess Holliday , the most interesting among the international curvy models.

Born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi, she has always cultivated a passion for fashion and a career as a model.

And this is how she began her profession at a very young age, when she took part in a casting for plus models in Atlanta, Georgia. Her round body and her not very tall height did not affect Tess’s will, who continued to propose herself as a curvy model and over the years she made herself known, participating in campaigns of numerous local and international fashion brands.

Chosen by one of the best British fashion agencies, Tess Holliday has a blog and an official Instagram channel, where she has gathered nearly two million followers over the years! Moreover, she too, like the others, carries on her battle called “Body positivity” looking at what beauty her physical appearance has to offer.

Source: Instagram


Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley , on the other hand, is Australian and works mainly in the beachwear sector. Her size 46 is enhanced by more generous shapes than the general average of the models: 99-78-106 for one meter and 87 in height.

He has worked with major fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Elena Miro and Marina Rinaldi. She also she and she became part of the Victoria’s Secret angels.

A breathtaking beauty, witnessed by a magnetic gaze and an angel’s face.


Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine is the first curvy model chosen for the Pirelli calendar. She has become a symbol not to be underestimated: with her measurements (96-83-108) and her professionalism, the model has become the testimonial of many social campaigns, such as “A Body for every Body”.


Alessandra Garcia

Alessandra Garcia and instead “daughter of art”, or rather of the actor Andy Garcia. The curvy model has worked with Glamor Italia and is a strong woman, even in her measurements: she wears an abundant size 48, for a height of 1.75.

Alessandra currently works for the Natural Models agency , and has been working as a model for years, happy with her professional choice, which made her known to the world as one of the most famous plus size models. Over time she has lent her body and her face to famous fashion brands, such as Stella Jean and Marina Rinaldi.

Source: Instagram

Saffi Karina

Saffi Karina has a past of rejections from various fashion agencies. She didn’t give up. She has worked on herself and has now founded her own highly successful curvy modeling agency : Curve Project London,  an organization that holds workshops with stylists, makeup artists and photographers for plus size models.

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn has a wonderful size 50. In her career she has collaborated with brands such as H&M and with the magazines Elle Spain and Elle France. In the United States, she and she is considered one of the sexiest models in the world.

Tara Lynn also has a huge following on social media, where she shows her life as a model and girl like any other.


Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller worked with Elena Miro and openly took sides against the mini sizes of luxury fashion.

Over the years he has worked for Glamor America and for Marina Rinaldi. To date she and she have become extremely popular in America and in the world of fashion, in which she is the champion of a beauty without measures some of her, from the height of her 1.80 to 80 kg.

Softball player and belly dancer, Lizzie Miller is one of those bursting and sensual beauties, who make abundance a strong point.

Interviewed by many journalists, she stated that: 

“When I was young, I struggled with my body, then growing up I learned to love it for how and, for every corner. Each person has a different body and it’s not just a matter of physique: If you walk on the beach in your bikini confident and feel sexy, people will see you like that too “ .