On the Internet there are a series of codes and rules that some Internet users take very seriously when it comes to becoming part of this extensive community.
Although the list is extensive (there are more than 50 rules, each with its own precept), we will stop to analyze what Internet rules “34” and “36” are , probably two of the best known due to their particular content.

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4chan: the forum where it all began
The 4chan portal is one of the largest collections of images of all kinds on the Internet, if not the largest of them. Founded in 2003 by regular users of the Anime and Manga subforum of the Something Awful website, 4chan currently has a worldwide distribution, beyond the United States, the cradle where it was created .
In addition to the number of images that circulate on this website and that later become viral throughout the servers; 4chan is also responsible for establishing what “internet rules” are and what they mean. What do the “Internet rules” mean?
The “Internet rules” are a list of protocols that establish a series of maxims on the operation of the Internet thateveryone who browses the net must know and comply .
While it is true that there are users who do not take this code seriously, there are those who truly surrender completely to the rules and demand the same degree of commitment from others. This rule works between members who belong to different Internet forums, whether they are veterans or newbies who have just joined. Precisely the newcomers, are those who are at risk of being expelled or losing the account if they do not honor these rules .
Although there is some consensus about what number each rule occupies and what it alludes to, the rules that are most agreed upon are: 1 and 2 (because it is a direct reference to the movie Fight Club), as well as the rules 34 and 36. But what do these two rules mean?
We see below. What is rule 34 of the Internet?
In this case, rule 34 stipulates, literally, the following: “if something exists, there is porn about it. Without exceptions”. In other words, on the Internet we can find pornographic videos of any category , no matter how rare the subject we want to search for.
This rule was taken so seriously that since the idea spread that you can find sex scenes of any kind with a little digging, images and illustrations began to spread in which cartoon characters from different TV fictions appeared and cinema having sexual relations, in clear allusion to rule 34.
It was in 2006, when rule 34 was “formalized” in Urban Dictionary, a glossary that collects the terms of daily use that are usually used on the Internet, although today its usage has already spread beyond its bits. A few months later, rule 34 was listed on the Encyclopedia Dramatica portal. Rule 35, a logical consequence of 34
If there is porn of any kind, regardless of its content,then it means that everything is susceptible to being “pornographed”.
Thus, rule 35 of the Internet is an excision of rule 34 itself, according to which if porn of a particular subject does not yet exist, it will eventually be created. What is rule 36 of the Internet?
Following the list of rules of the Internet, let’s see what is rule 36 of the Internet. Neither more nor less, it is convenient that: “No matter what it is, it will be someone’s fetish”.
A great truth. If we can find any pornographic image on the Internet, there are probably also users who masturbate with it, if not, what is the reason for being some of the eschatological scenes that we can come across?

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Other fundamental Internet rules
Although there are more than 50, we compiled what are other basic rules that you must know if you are going to enter an Internet forum. Beware, because the trolls are on the prowl: Rule 1: “You can not talk about …”
The first rule that must be burned when entering an Internet forum is that no content can be disclosed to outsiders. Rule 2: “NO talk of …”
In case the first rule was not clear, the second emphasizes it even more. Both are a reference to the famous rules of Fight Club, as we mentioned earlier, since the first thing Tyler Durden says as soon as he founds this underground fight club is that no one, not even any member,You can talk about it when you get home. Rule 4: “We are LEGION”
When a swarm of users of a cyber forum agree to carry out one of their trolls, there are no firewalls to stop them. It is advisable to be careful to try to placate their anger if they have been offended in any way. Rule 20: “Nothing should be taken seriously”
It seems contradictory to the previous rules (including 34 and 36), but the key to having a good time is always humor , without taking anything personally. Rule 21: “Photos or it hasn’t happened”
Any Internet user who narrates their own experience asking for an opinion or seeking advice,You must provide photographs of what happened to prove the truth of your story . Otherwise, your account may fall.