Thanks to the fury that the beautiful Sara Sampaio is unleashing on the catwalks , the Portuguese models are once again in great demand and observed by international stylists.

Beautiful, exotic (many originate from the former Portuguese colonies, even in Africa), hot like the South American ones but with that extra sophisticated touch , from an old continent.

Let’s find out who the beautiful women of the former Lusitania are and why they drive the big names in fashion crazy, in the new post dedicated to Famous Models, edited by our portal. Welcome back!

Sara Sampaio

Originally from Porto, born in 1991 , Sara Sampaio has that elegant beauty expected of a Southern European: black hair and icy eyes, as well as a dream body. She began her career by winning a Pantene competition and was immediately noticed by Victoria’s Secret, with whom she has been collaborating since 2013.

Among other things, however, the super top model has also posed for Calzedonia, Vogue, Elle, for the cover of GQ and for Sports Illustrated. Still in great demand, especially after her spot for the national football team, today she is the face of Portugal on the catwalks of the world.

Luisinha Oliveira

One of the new faces of Portuguese and world fashion of the near future is Luisinha Oliveira (born in 1999). But for today she is most famous for her relationship with the Formula 1 driver, Lando Norris .

Luisinha has an angel face but a super seductive bearing, which allows her to model for any brand. Among other things, she manages a very popular Instagram channel for her , also working as a “fashion influencer”.

Sharam Diniz

Born in Angola in 1991 , Sharam Diniz began parading on the catwalk in her country of origin – a former Portuguese colony. She lived in the capital, Luanda, until she was 22, winning competitions on beauty contests. In 2012 she was noticed by an English talent scout and taken to the highest temples of European fashion. She has worked with GQ and with Victoria’s Secret . Today she is one of the most famous Portuguese models.

Matilde Ramos Lima

At just 17, this very young model born in 1999 won Miss Universe . Since then the doors of the best fashion houses and magazines have opened for her. A name on the rise that is one of the most requested Portuguese top models of the moment.

Joana Duarte

Another hot name on the Portuguese and non-Portuguese catwalks is Joana Duarte. Born in Lisbon on September 28, 1986, this Lusitanian supermodel walked the catwalks thanks to her Mediterranean beauty and became famous for having also undertaken a career as an actress , starring in the television series “Strawberries with sugar”.

Mariana Monteiro

Mariana Monteiro was born in the city of Porto on November 17, 1988. In addition to being a famous model in her homeland (and having appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for different brands), Mariana has also successfully ventured into an acting career, becoming also very popular on social media, such as Instagram, where today it has several hundreds of thousands of followers.

Liliana Queiroz

It still remains today one of the top names in Portuguese fashion, despite the fact that it was born in 1985 and has long since stopped walking the catwalks. But no one forgets the style of Liliana Queiroz, her or her Playboy covers. She today she is a famous actress in her homeland .

Laura Goncalves

Born in 1989 , Laura was born in Venezuela to Portuguese parents and spent her childhood between Lisbon and Porto. She started modeling very young, leading a fast and intense career that has allowed her today to have her own modeling agency, in the same city of Porto .

Vera Kolodzig

Born in 1986 to a German father, Vera began her modeling career at the age of 16 . Over the years she will discover a passion for theater, which today she is her main activity, even if she has not yet completely abandoned the catwalks.

Luisa Barbosa

The myth of Portuguese girls who want to be models is Luisa Barbosa, born in 1982. For years she was the main top model representing Lusitanian beauties, today she is an established actress and inspirer of the youngest promises.

Diana Pereira

Colombian but naturalized Portuguese, Diana Pereira is today a symbol of  elegant and sophisticated bearing that has given her, in the last twenty years, a brilliant career as a supermodel.