If something has always characterized ‘The Walking Dead’, it is that through the plots of this mythical post-apocalyptic AMC series, characters enter and leave with amazing ease. Throughout nine seasons we have seen dozens of characters and, before the expected premiere of the tenth installment of the zombie series, we meet a very special character .

AMC unveils Rosita
‘s baby Fans of the series ‘The Walking Dead’ have the date of October 7 engraved on fire, when the tenth season is scheduled to premiere. Throughout these years we have seen old characters disappear and many others appear that give rhythm and life to the plot, and although they did not appear in the trailer for the new installment,Now we meet a long-awaited new face .
It is the baby of Rosita, the brave survivor who joined Rick’s group in the fourth season along with Eugene Porter, who is still active, and Abraham Ford, who died in the bloody outcome of season 7.
With the publication of new images from season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’, AMC wanted to introduce us to the baby that Rosita gives birth to. From what is seen, Eugene will have a very special role as a kind of godfather of the creature : in one of the images we see Rosita changing his diapers while Eugene covers his nose.
First images of Rosita’s baby, called Coco | AMC
We must remember that the little one is the fruit of the relationship between Rosita and the character of Saddiq, and although Eugene will be close to him, the official godfather will be Father Gabriel.

The producer has also announced the name of Rosita’s son: he will be called Coco . It was the screenwriter Angela Kang who revealed it on the program ‘Walking Dead Season 10 Preview Special’, also assuring that the actress who plays Rosita in fiction, Christian Serratos, had a lot to do with the choice of the name.
Coco did not appear in the official trailer that AMC released at San Diego Comic-Con last July, where we could see that this new season ended with an epic final battle against the Whisperers.That will be the moment where we will say goodbye to other characters like Michon, and we will greet many new ones like Virgil (Kevin Carroll) and Gamma (thora Birch).

Coco’s birth before blood
Showrunner Angela Kang has ensured that the series will open its tenth season with Rosita’s baby, Coco, before unleashing the bloodiest scenes . In the new chapters, the survivors will have to deal with the trauma of Alpha’s slaughter and we will see how they try to adapt to the Whisperers’ norms: ‘Something has changed’.
We will also be able to see, among other things, the evolution of Negan’s character thanks to his special bond with little Judith. Is there reason to believe in Negan’s redemption, or will he remain as cruel as ever?
Meanwhile, another of the series’ questions remains open: what will happen to the character of Maggie .

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