Over the past few years we’ve gotten used to seeing several makeover of classic Disney princesses . We saw them in zombie, renaissance format, they became modern pop stars and even gained a few extra pounds.

But what would princesses look like if they were conceived and designed, with the modern standards of beauty and the latest fashion trends? The answer was not long in coming, and the artist Yudelmis San Emeterio gave it to us through his TikTok profile (@vanotyarts).

She has produced her own reinterpretations of the princesses thanks to a tablet and a digital stylus , going to work directly on the original Disney drawings. A color change to Belle’s hair, a flashy tattoo on Mulan’s shoulder, but also a semi-sheer top on Rapunzel. A few more makeup lines and a couple of modern accessories , like hair clips.

He told Buzzfeed that his goal is ” to keep the changes in the transformation as close as possible to the style and texture of the original art . The result is surprising and we could easily mistake his drawings for original works from Disney studios.

Let ‘s find out what the Disney princesses would be like!

Belle – ” Beauty and the Beast”

Let’s open the roundup with one of the most famous Disney stories. Belle is not really a princess and her fate is intertwined with that of the Beast , a proud prince trapped in a spell that transformed him into a monster.


What would it be like today?

In the restyling of San Emeterio Belle loses its iconic blue bow . Her highlights are the highlight on the lock of her hair and the mascara that marks her lashes, much more marked than the original. She’s wearing a tank top, instead of the classic long-sleeved blue and white dress we’re used to.  


Jasmine – “Aladdin

The female figure of reference in the classic “ Aladdin ” and Jasmine . The beautiful princess, fed up with life in the palace, runs away and falls in love with the young thief . The two, after numerous adventures and with the help of a genie of the lamp, will be able to free the city of Agrabah from the fearsome Jafar.


And here it is

We are used to Jasmine covered in flashy jewels , with a tiara to close her hair. In a modern way, she loses the luxurious accessories, except the necklace which becomes a thin gold thread. The dark eyeshadow on top of her in her eyes and her free blowing hair make her look like a real millennial !


Ariel – ” The Little Mermaid

Ariel is a full-fledged princess , but of the seas. Fascinated by earthly life, she falls in love with Prince Eric . She enters into an agreement with the bad Ursula to crown her love for her, while she tries in every way to hinder her to take possession of the throne of the seas.


The little Mermaid

Remembering that Ariel in the story is 16 years old, seeing her makeover we could easily mistake her for a 2020 peer of hers. Mascara, a trickle of eyeliner, powder and eyeshadow mark her face . Instead of the classic shells, instead, she wears a white crop top with lace.

Aurora – ” The Sleeping Beauty

By far one of the most iconic Disney stories. The beautiful Aurora is marked by a curse cast by Maleficent , at 16 she will be destined to sting herself and remain asleep forever. Only the kiss of true love can save her and Prince Philip will not be long in coming .  


In a modern way

The Aurora restyling is one of the most surprising . It is almost unrecognizable inside the colorful tank top she is wearing, with her hair tied in two tails. San Emeterio changed the shape of her brows, added pearl earrings and a hair clip to her hair, as well as her makeup.


Pocahontas – “Pocahontas

That of ” Pocahontas ” is an impossible love story . She, the daughter of an indigenous tribal chief, falls in love with John, a settler on a mission near the village. The two reciprocate their love, but a series of events will force them to move away, with the promise to meet again one day in the future.

Pocahontas, in jeans and a T-shirt

In the story Pocahontas is a warrior princess and the restyling could only make her become even more tough. Ripped shirt, jeans and bare belly. Her hair is tied in a long ponytail that reveals two earrings. Eye makeup and revisited eyebrows crown it all.

Tiana – ” The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog ” is a fairly recent Disney story but that doesn’t mean it’s less known than the others! Based on the classic fairy tale of the frog prince, the beautiful Tiana and Prince Naveen will be able to crown their love after a series of vicissitudes .


Tiana’s transformation

In the San Emeterio makeover, Tiana has her hair loose and curly instead of tied in green ribbon. An earring and a pair of hairpins shine on her face, not excessively made up (it remains very similar to the “original” make-up). A pink crop top replaces the green dress we’re used to.


Mulan – “ Mulan

Mulan’s is a story of love, redemption and honor . Princess Mulan will take the place of her sick father in defense of the kingdom, disguising himself as a man in a society that would not accept a woman on the battlefield, where she will also know love.


How it would look today

The straight hair of the classic Mulan becomes wavy in a modern reinterpretation . The traditional Chinese high-necked dress has also become a dress that leaves the shoulders and arms of the princess uncovered . The eye -catching floral tattoo of Di lei on her shoulder also catches her eye . Once again, eyeliner, powder and mascara on her face.


Rapunzel – ” Rapunzel – The intertwining of the tower

Another classic fairy tale revisited by Disney only recently , in 2010. The hair of the beautiful Rapunzel is enchanted , giving eternal youth. She is locked up on top of a tower and thanks to Flynn she manages to escape to discover the world she has never seen .


The restyling of Rapunzel

From the reinterpretation of San Emeterio, the semi-transparent crop top wearing Rapunzel instead of the pink dress immediately catches the eye. His hair is tied above his head, with a braid sticking out in front, rather than being loose as we are used to. He completes the work with a brilliant earring.

Cinderella – ” Cinderella

The story of Cinderella is almost impossible not to know. Symbol of beauty and grace, segregated in the house by the evil stepmother , thanks to the fairy godmother she will participate in a ball in the palace. Here she falls in love with the charming prince, who will have a crystal slipper left to find it throughout her kingdom.


The dark princess

Rapunzel has always been a symbol of delicacy, but in the modern restyling it takes on slightly dark shades . Straight, loose hair, two hoop earrings and a necklace with a discreet pendant . The make-up and dark clothes, then, make it almost completely different from the original.


Jane – “Tarzan

Tarzan was raised by monkeys in the jungle , convinced that he too is changed his mind after meeting the beautiful Jane. She is part of the entourage of a British expedition which also includes hunter Clayton, which will put the peace of the jungle to the test.

Jane nowadays

Jane is a heroine, more than a princess and already in the classic designs she was quite modern. She loses the classic long-sleeved dress in favor of a more modern top . Her hair is shortened to above her shoulders, and her face is lined with freckles. A delicate gold pendant surrounds her neck.