One of the largest metropolises in the world, Tokyo (40 million inhabitants) was born from the merger of dozens of towns that now form a single body. So vast and complex that it is almost impossible to identify its real center. Many indicate Shinjuku as the beating heart of the city, others the Imperial Palace , or the famous Telecommunication Tower . For the forties, Tokyo is the soul of the comics and cartoons they grew up with. For everyone, it is a magical city and definitely worth discovering and exploring.

Where is Tokyo located

Tokyo sits on a natural bay , where it was once founded as a fishing village. It is crossed by three rivers: Tama, Edo and Sumida . Behind it is the immense plain of Kanto, on which the town of the metropolis extends and continues to grow even today.

The urban area includes the Musashino hill and touches the Ishione mountain range.


Tokyo’s inhabitants are about 13 million. This figure includes the city center, close to the port, and the dozens of satellite towns that have now merged together to form the metropolis.

In the evenings and on weekends, when the thousand attractions draw people from all over the region, Tokyo’s population is well over 40 million!

Tokyo climate

Tokyo’s climate is temperate and humid. Very few days of true sunshine, too many those of rain or humid haze. Temperatures range from a minimum of 5 ° to a maximum of 27 °.

Japan coin

The official Japanese currency is the Yen (1 Yen = 0.0080 Euro).

Getting around in Tokyo

Getting around Tokyo is very easy , thanks to the efficient and fast transport network that makes this immense metropolis an easy place to visit. Hundreds of trains , both day and night, both surface and underground.

The train is the fastest, most practical and used means of transport in the city . Taxis are another widely used means of transport, but city buses are also excellent for overcoming long distances.

There are two Tokyo airports , both international: Haneda , practically inside the city, and Narita , 57 km from it.

What to see in Tokyo

Temples and museums are the beauties that Tokyo offers its visitors. They are excellently kept jewels, surrounded by parks and restaurants and restaurants that make them the favorite destinations of tourists.

Among the temples, the most beautiful are: Kanda, Sensō-ji, Yasukuni and the ancient Gokoku-ji, Kanei-ji and Zoho. Don’t miss the Meiji Shrine.

One of the most popular museums is the Zoological Museum , which is located in the zoo of the same name, one of the most famous and beautiful in Asia.

And still we can visit: the National Museum , in the Ueno park, the Science Museum, the Museum of Arts and the Museum of Western Art.

The Ueno Park is also to be admired, so large that entire communities of homeless people are often stationed inside.

Many tourists wander the streets of Tokyo’s residential districts in search of street food places, similar to those seen so many times in cartoons.

The younger ones cannot fail to go to Ginza, Shinjuku, Disneyland Tokyo, Joypolis .

Places not to be missed in the city

Do not miss, for any reason in the world, a visit to the areas open to the public of the Imperial Palace and its gardens.

It is certainly worth climbing to the top of the Telecommunication Tower or the ultra-modern Skytree skyscraper-missile.

A stroll in the hilly neighborhood of Roppongi is also not to be missed.

What to eat in Tokyo

Japanese food of all kinds is certainly easy to find in Tokyo. In particular, all those seafood dishes like sushi, takoyaki, tenpura . But the undisputed symbol of the capital are the steaming mugs of ramen , noodles in broth flavored with meat, vegetables, spices and other delicious foods. Easy to find even on the street. Similar is the exhilarating experience, for the palate, of okonomiyaki – pancakes made with batter, cabbage and… whatever you want. Tokyo drinks excellent local beer.

What to do in Tokyo in the evening

In this city you never sleep. We dance until dawn, we attend shows, tastings, even spicy encounters … especially in neighborhoods with a thousand lights such as Roppongi, Shinjuku and Shibuya .

In Tokyo you get drunk often and willingly, every madness is allowed in the many pubs designed especially for young people. But there is also no shortage of cinema, theater, concerts and cultural events.

In short, in Tokyo you certainly don’t get bored easily!