Shimmering star in the firmament in the cinema. Nicole Kidman belongs to that host of great names that enchant when under the watchful eye of the camera. The set seems to stop in front of them, producing an aura of sacredness and grandeur on an exquisitely cinematic level.

Kidman is a seasoned and experienced actress by now. Since the beginning she has highlighted all the great qualities of her, rising to one of the most loved on the world stage. On the other hand, her career speaks for her and testifies to a notable leap in quality over the years. 


  • Nicole Kidman’s childhood and first steps
  • Nicole Kidman’s career
  • Nicole Kidman Awards and Accolades
  • Film Nicole Kidman
  • Private life of Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s childhood and first steps

Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu exactly on June 20, 1967. At the registry office her name is Nicole Mary Kidman . Raised in a scholarly Australian family, Kidman takes her first baby steps in the Hawaiian Islands before moving with her family to Washington. She then she and the turn of the definitive move to Sydney , Australia.

Small biographical note. Kidman’s parents were strongly opposed to the war in Vietnam and did not fail to be present in several demonstrations against the intervention in Asia by the American armed forces.

In Sydney, however, he spent all his adolescence and began to take his first steps , albeit small, in the world of acting . Small yes, but they are then decisive for entering the world of acting. In fact, he officially enters the school of dramatic art in Sydney and specializes in production and history of the theater. 

Nicole Kidman’s career

At the age of 14 he made his debut on TV and at the same time obtained the first recognized role in a film. He was called “Bmx Bandits” , before moving on to the 1983  series ” ABC Winners “.

At 17 he moved to Disney, starring for ” Five Mile Creek “. She definitively consecrates herself on the television scene in the role of Megan Goddard in the telefilm “ Vietnam ”. Here she plays, in practice, a young student opposing the Australian government in the war against the Asian country. 

The first successful film in the cinematographic field can be traced back to the thriller “10 Hours: Flat Calm” , dated 1989. The following year she was contacted by a certain Tom Cruise (who became her partner and later husband) to star in one same film: Days of Thunder ”, which will become the springboard for a glorious career.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman get married in the same year. By now she is a totally successful actress, to the point of concentrating all the chronicle attention on herself.

In 1991 he lent himself to acting alongside another colossus like Dustin Hoffman in ” Billy Bathgate “. In 1993 he shoots “Malice – the suspect”. Director Gus Van Sant writing for the film “To Die For” which will go down in history for the Golden Globe that came later. 

She plays a nineteenth-century lady in the 1996 “Portrait of a Lady” . She joins George Clooney in “The peacemaker” . She runs the year 1999. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are paired both in real life and on stage through the cinematic reproduction of Arthur Schnitzler’s novel “Double Dream”, “Eyes Wide Shut”. This will be their last film together as a couple. In fact, shortly thereafter they break up. In addition, even Stanley Kubrick leaves us after shooting the film.

It is even appreciated in horror like “The others”, where all the versatility of the Australian actress comes out. Too bad that in the early 2000s things begin to change especially on her sentimental level. In 2001, in fact, the breakup between Kidman and her Cruise was officially proclaimed. 

All this, however, is not reflected on a professional level for her as her career does not undergo a slow and inexorable decline. Far from it. 

Nicole Kidman Awards and Accolades

In 2002 comes the Golden Globe as best leading actress thanks to the musical ” Moulin Rouge “. The following year , however, she grabs the Oscar as Virginia Woolf for the film “The Hours”.

The Golden Globe nomination caused a scandal in 2004 to coincide with the release of the film “Birth – I Am Sean”. She takes on the role of a woman in love with a child whom she believes is the reincarnation of her former partner.

He also gets widespread acclaim as a testimonial in the Chanel advertising campaign. It is no coincidence that she quickly becomes the highest paid actress for a single advertisement . She stars with Sean Penn in “The Interpreter,” a rather gripping and twisted thriller.

Another Oscar nomination for the performance in “Rabbit Hole”. Another thriller, “Trespass”, this time alongside Nicolas Cage does not produce the desired effects during filming. 

First Emmy Award nomination for ” Hemingway & Gellhorn ” in 2011 .

“The paperboy” embodies the typical politically incorrect discussion as Nicole Kidman is the protagonist as a nymphomaniac woman willing to do anything to save her man from the death penalty to which he was sentenced.

“The secret of his eyes” sees her starring together with Julia Roberts, a film awarded asbest foreign film in the 2010 Oscar. In “L’inganno” she stands out as the interpreter of a woman locked up in a girls’ boarding school in America in 1864 in a climate of absolute narrowness. In that same year of the film’s release, 2017, she gets the Best Actress of the Year award during the Glamor Awards.

The numerous awards received by Nicole Kidman during her glorious career make her fall to the top of the special ranking of the highest paid actresses in the world compiled by Forbes magazine. In fact, it is estimated that her personal assets are around 34 million dollars.

Accumulated in total as awards: 1 Academy Award, 4 Golden Globes, 1 Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, 2 Emmys.

Throughout her life she has predominantly distinguished herself as a UNICEF ambassador, with whom she has collaborated for many years.

Rita Molnar, 2001., CC BY-SA 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons

Film Nicole Kidman

Here is Nicole Kidman’s filmography in chronological order:

  • Bush Christmas, directed by Henry Safran (1983)
  • BMX Bandits, directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith (1983)
  • Wills & Burke, by Graeme Clifford (1985)
  • Windrider, by Vincent Monton (1986)
  • Nightmaster (Watch the Shadows Dance), regia di Mark Joffe (1987)
  • The Bit Part, regia di Brendan Maher (1987)
  • Emerald City, regia di Michael Jenkins (1988)
  • 10 am: Dead Calm, directed by Phillip Noyce (1989)
  • Days of Thunder, by Tony Scott (1990)
  • Flirting, regia at John Duigan (1991)
  • Billy Bathgate – A Gangster School (Billy Bathgate), directed by Robert Benton (1991)
  • Rebel Hearts (Far and Away), by Ron Howard (1992)
  • Malice (Malice), directed by Harold Becker (1993)
  • My Life – This My Life (My Life), directed by Bruce Joel Rubin (1993)
  • To Die For, by Gus Van Sant (1995)
  • Batman Forever, regia di Joel Schumacher (1995)
  • The Portrait of a Lady, by Jane Campion (1996)
  • The Peacemaker, regia di Mimi Leder (1997)
  • Amori & incantesimi (Practical Magic), directed by Griffin Dunne (1998)
  • Eyes Wide Shut, Regia The Stanley Kubrick (1999)
  • Moulin Rouge!, regia di Baz Luhrmann (2001)
  • The Others, regia di Alejandro Amenabar (2001)
  • Birthday Girl, regia di Jez Butterworth (2001)
  • The Hours, regia di Stephen Daldry (2002)
  • Dogville, directed by Lars von Trier (2003)
  • The Human Stain, directed by Robert Benton (2003)
  • Cold Mountain, by Anthony Minghella (2003)
  • The Stepford Wives, by Frank Oz (2004)
  • Birth – I Am Sean (Birth), directed by Jonathan Glazer (2004)
  • The Interpreter, regia di Sydney Pollack (2005)
  • Bewitched, by Nora Ephron (2005)
  • Fur – An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus), directed by Steven Shainberg (2006)
  • Invasion (The Invasion), regia di Oliver Hirschbiegel (2007)
  • Margot at the wedding, directed by Noah Baumbach (2007)
  • La bussola d’oro (The Golden Compass), directed by Chris Weitz (2007)
  • Australia, regia di Baz Luhrmann (2008)
  • Nine, regia di Rob Marshall (2009)
  • Rabbit Hole, by John Cameron Mitchell (2010)
  • Just Go with It, by Dennis Dugan (2011)
  • Trespass, by Joel Schumacher (2011)
  • The Paperboy, regia di Lee Daniels (2012)
  • Stoker, regia di Park Chan-wook (2013)
  • Le due vie del destino – The Railway Man (The Railway Man), regia di Jonathan Teplitzky (2014)
  • Grace of Monaco, directed by Olivier Dahan (2014)
  • Before I Go To Sleep, regia by Rowan Joffe (2014)
  • Paddington, regia di Paul King (2014)
  • Strangerland, by Kim Farrant (2015)
  • Queen of the Desert, regia di Werner Herzog (2015)
  • Secret in Their Eyes, directed by Billy Ray (2015)
  • La famiglia Fang (The Family Fang), regia di Jason Bateman (2015)
  • Genius, by Michael Grandage (2016)
  • Lion – The Way Home (Lion), directed by Garth Davis (2016)
  • L’inganno (The Beguiled), directed by Sofia Coppola (2017)
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (2017)
  • Punk Girl in Love (How to Talk to Girls at Parties), directed by John Cameron Mitchell (2017)
  • Semper Amici (The Upside), by Neil Burger (2017)
  • Boy Erased – Vite cancellate (Boy Erased), regia di Joel Edgerton (2018)
  • Aquaman – James Wan (2018)
  • Destroyer, regia di Karyn Kusama (2018)
  • Il cardellino (The Goldfinch), directed by John Crowley (2019)
  • Bombshell – La voce dello scandal (Bombshell), directed by Jay Roach (2019)
  • The Prom, regia di Ryan Murphy (2020)

Private life of Nicole Kidman

It wasn’t just Tom Cruise as an important man in Kidman’s life. During their relationship, they adopted two children but no one wanted to say the reasons for their breakup.

In 2006 she married Keith Urban . In her second marriage, Kidman has two children.

Little curiosity: Nicole Kidman is not only a great actress but also a more than good singer so much so that Robbie Williams wanted her for his piece Somethin ‘Stupid.

The single reaches the number two position in our country. Not bad, in short!