For some, friends are their true family, after all we choose them and they choose us; unlike blood ties, which are simply inherited. The following phrases of friendship are the best way to honor our loved ones.

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70 phrases of friendship dedicated to the most special people
The following famous quotes about friendship are only reserved for those few who occupy a privileged place in our hearts: 1. True friends are born, they are not made We
agree with this phrase about the friendship of the historian Henry Adams: friendship is not created, it simply arises. 2. The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received
it “Whoever has a friend, he has a treasure”, goes the old saying, something with which Hubert H. Humphrey agreed. 3. A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother
For many people, the bonds of friendship unite more than those of blood .4. Be slow to enter into friendship, but when you are in it, continue firmly and constantly
The wise Socrates offers us one of his reflections on the relationship with our friends. 5. Suspicion is the cancer of friendship Some phrases about friendship contain a truth that remains unshakable even centuries later, like this one by Francesco Petrarca. 6. Great friends are difficult to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget
Such is the impact they have on our lives. 7. A friend is not one who changes when I do, nor who feels the same, since my shadow can do this much better
Plutarch recommends that we stay away from those who behave in a chameleonic waylike how we do it. 8. He who seeks a friend without flaws remains without friends
A wise Turkish proverb that warns us that both we and our friends make mistakes . 9. A rich person does not keep the first coins that he saved, but the first friend that appeared
Friendship phrases like this reflect that it does not matter how rich we are , but how many friends we have. 10. A friend never tells you what you want to hear, he tells you the truth and what is best for you
Even if they hurt, sometimes we have to hear words we don’t like. 11. True friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.
When two friends meet again after a long time, it is as if they had never been apart. 12. No friendship is an accident
A nice quote from the writer William Sydney Porter, aka “O. Henry”. 13. Friends are the family that is chosen
Thanks to beautiful phrases of friendship like this, we realize how lucky we are to be able to choose our closest colleagues well . 14. The road to a friend’s house is never too long!
All in order to have a good time with our colleagues. 15. The loyal friend laughs at your jokes, even if they are not so good; and he sympathizes with your problems, even if they are not so serious
A beautiful prayer aboutAs far as true friends go for us. 16. The distance does not break the friendship at all, but only the activity of the same
As we said before, no matter how much time passes, when two friends meet again it is as if they had seen each other two hours ago. 17. In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends
With some phrases about friendship we intend to raise awareness of it in difficult moments where we will detect true friends . 18. Faithful friendship is one like health, which is only appreciated when it is lost
An interesting reflection by Charles Caleb Colton so that we value what we have.19. Like iron shapes iron, a friend shapes a friend
The influence of friendship makes us all a little better people . 20. Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love can degenerate into obsession, friendship is only sharing Among friends there is no place for greed , said Elie Wiesel 21. Walking with a friend at night is better than walking alone in the light
The path does not matter as long as we walk it together to our real friends. 22. Rebuke the friend in secret and praise him in public
Another of the great geniuses who bequeathed us the best phrases of friendship from him was Da Vinci, who tells us aboutthe treatment of respect that every friend deserves from us . 23. The story of my life is written by my friends
The idealist Helen Keller used to say that friends are not mere witnesses to our personal history , but are the ones who help carve it out. 24. True friendship comes when the silence between two people is pleasant
The presence of silence is not a reason for discomfort between two friends. 25. True friendship should never hide what you think
Good phrases about friendship work at the same time as wise advice, like this one from Saint Jerome. 26. You will only dare to be yourself in front of a loyal friend Before those who really know us there are no masksworth it, said Frank Crane. 27. A person without friends is like a book that no one reads
Like a book waiting to be read, a person awaits the arrival of a good friend. 28.A true friend is someone who overlooks your mistakes and tolerates your success.
In real friendship, reproach has a place in its proper measure. 29. Sincere friends in this world are like lights on a stormy night
In an era where dishonesty prevails, qualities such as sincerity are on the decline . 30. True friends have to get angry from time to time
Louis Pasteur bequeathed us one of the best short phrases of friendship loaded with truth:anger between friends can (and should) happen . 31. There can be no friendship where there is no freedom
Friendship can only flow if the freedom of the parties is guaranteed. 32. Friendship is like a good book: it is difficult to find one, there are few and they are very good
. Again, a bibliographical simile to describe the potential of two friends . 33. The false friend is like the shadow that follows us while the sun lasts
. Distrust anyone who, like a shadow, moves at your own pace. 34. Only your true friends will tell you when your face is dirty
Many old proverbs are interesting short phrases about friendship. 35. A true friend reaches your hand and touches your heart
Few, however, go so deep. 36. Friendship that has not just begun
Among the phrases of friends, this one by Publio Siro stands out, which encourages us to know how to recognize the real friendship of which he is only pretended. 37. Friends are those strange people who ask how you are and wait for the answer
. Not those who are too busy to listen to what you have to say. 38. The number of friends you have is not important, but those you can really count on.
And probably for the latter, the fingers of one hand are enough. 39. The best source of pleasure is provided by friendship, if you do not have friends even the most pleasant becomes tedious
The philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas offers us one of his best phrases about friendship, about how pleasant everything becomes when we are in good company . 40. Friendship is always profitable; love sometimes hurts
Great geniuses of antiquity like Seneca have also left us their best phrases about friendship 41. Do not be friends with a person who thinks he is better than you Real friends do not compete with each other. 42. A good writer not only possesses his own spirit, but also the spirit of his friends
From him For Nietzsche, the lessons of good friends must serve as a source of inspiration.43. In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends
The mass leader, Martin Luther King, talks about how the silence or absence of friends is often more painful than any offense from our enemies. 44. Be slow in choosing a friend, even slower in changing him
One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, gives us one of the phrases of friendship that aims to make us reflect on keeping friends by our side, although in Sometimes we want to send them for a ride . 45. Friends can say anything when they are true friends
A truth like a temple about trust between friends.46. ​​A true friend will take less than a minute to tell you the problem he has with you, even if at that minute it seems that he is not a good friend
Investor Arthur Brisbane does his bit with this quote about what true friendship is like. 47. A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself
The ill-fated 70s rock icon, Jim Morrison, encourages us to show ourselves as we are with our equals. 48. Offering friendship to someone who asks for love is like giving bread to someone who is dying of thirst
The much-feared friendzone . 49. When one is a friend of oneself, one is also a friend of the whole world
. There are not a few phrases of friendship that suggest thatWe must first be happy with ourselves before trying to be friends with others. 50. A person without friends is like living in the desert
An analogy that establishes a very illustrative parallel about what a life without friends is. 51. If a friend is in trouble, you should not ask what you can do for him, just do it
The novelist EW Howe advises us to act without thinking twice when it comes to assisting a companion. 52. Friendship keeps you from slipping into the abyss
For Boss Bruce Springsteen, good friends keep us afloat in the light . 53. A friend is like a clover, he is difficult to find and brings good luck
One of the most beautiful and unique short phrases about friendship. 54. A true friend is someone who is there for you when he could be anywhere
As we said before, good friends are distinguished from those who are not because they are always there . 55. Getting rid of a faithful friend from your life is getting rid of your own life
For better and for worse, friendships are part of our deepest being. 56. Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes
Again, the controversial Nietzsche offers us one of his best phrases about friendship. 57. Things don’t matter, friends do
. We must take care of what really matters.58. Whoever lives thinking that all his friends are true lives in a lie
As the popular saying goes: “real friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand” . 59. No one is a friend of a friend who does not love in return
As in any relationship, if there is no love on both sides, it will be difficult for any friendship to be born. 60. A true friend is the one who enters when the rest leaves
And will stay, instead of leaving. 61. Those who do not seek friends in happiness, do not ask for them in misfortune
Diving into our phrases of friends we realize that we cannot claim that they are there in unfortunate moments if we do not also share our joys with them .62. Friendship is not something you learn at school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything
. The boxer Muhammad Ali gave great lessons on friendship and life. 63. If you try to fix broken friendships, you will do as when you try to fix broken glass: the only thing you can achieve is to hurt yourself even more
Sometimes, it is better to let time heal those wounds . 64. Friendship is a soul that lives in two bodies; a heart that lives in two souls
It is rare that there are no Buddhist proverbs that speak about friends. 65. The world is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend
The dreamer Martin Luther King Jr. believed thathis phrases of friendship were capable of transforming people and the world . 66. Friendship is a love that is not communicated through the senses
A magnificent contribution by Ramon de Campoamor. 67. A true friend only gets in your way when you’re rolling downhill
Armed Forces General Arnold. H. Glasow knew who real friends are . 68. A simple rose can be my garden. A simple friend my world
A single person is capable of being a whole world for us. 69. The measures of what a man is worth is measured by his friends
Of him Between his studies on animals, the naturalist Darwin also had time to reflect through phrases of friendship. 70. The best time to make friends is before you need
them Drew Barrymore’s great-aunt, Ethel, also warns us against seeking friends only when it suits us.

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