Although it had been known for a few years that Tim Burton (‘Sleepy Hollow’) was also enormously interested in making a new film adaptation in person of the Disney classic, based on the story by Carlo Lorenzini, who wrote more than of a century; Finally it has been Guillermo del Toro who has picked up Burton’s baton.
But no amici, it is not from the film that the Mexican made that we are going to inform you about, but from the new Italian version that has an Oscar star: Roberto Benigni (‘Life is beautiful’) will play Geppeto, the affable carpenter who will carve the wooden doll that gives the film its title, ‘Pinocchio’ (2019).
Oscar winner Roberto Benigni as Geppeto in ‘Pinocchio’ (2019) | IMDB

‘Pinocchio’, was it about…
Some of you will remember the story very well, although the versions come and go, especially considering that Disney made its own adaptation back in 1940. But the original story by Lorenzini, was much more violent and shady than some would believe today , hence there were different versions of this story.
Undoubtedly, there will be a bit of both here, but surely, and judging by this trailer, the direction of production will have opted more for the child-focused story.which tells how the carpenter Geppeto (Benigni) carves a wooden doll from a log of wood that comes to life and through twists and turns of fate will disobey its creator, going through various circumstances that will lead him on the right path.
Although other fantastic resources will be used here, some of them inserted in Lorenizni’s story, and others of the director and screenwriter’s own harvest, Matteo Garrone (‘Gomorra’).
Matheo Garrone, signs and directs ‘Pinocchio’ (2019) | IMDB

‘Pinocchio’ a purely Italian film
That’s right, this new version will come from the Italian boot, as we mentioned before, Garrone will be the one behind the scenes. This production would be a litmus test for him, since he is a filmmaker accustomed above all to the dramatic genre, although he already surprised in 2015 with the strange ‘The story of stories’, which had first-rate stars in the industry such as Salma Hayek (‘Savages’), Vincent Cassel (‘Jason Bourne’) or Toby Jones (‘Out of Blue’).
The cast, in addition to having Benigni, who will also try to adapt the story of the wooden doll back in 2002, with disastrous box office and critical results, will feature other well-known faces from the Italian audiovisual sector: Gigi Prioretti (‘Il Premio’), Rocco Papaleo (‘El nombre del bambino’), Massimo Ceccherini (‘Un fantastico via vai’), Marine Vacth (‘The Double Lover’), Paolo Graziosi (‘Let Go’), among others.

Release date
This new Pinocchio will be available throughout Italy from December 25, 2019 . We will have to wait for sure after Christmas to be able to delight ourselves with this new version.

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