Absurd fashions are not a thing of recent history, and it is that in ancient times trends were also followed that now would seem completely crazy to us. We review the 12 stupidest fashions of all time . Fortunately, these mass phenomena are usually temporary, and if you think otherwise, remember when was the last time you heard Gangnam Style.

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The 12 stupidest fashions of all time
Gone are the flared pants, planking or the mannequin challenge, but the truth is that there have been much worse trends.

Stupid fashions of ancient history
First we review those fashions that, despite not making any sense, were very popular in past ages.

1. Ohaguro
For some reason we don’t understand, Japanese women in the late 19th century believed that black teeth were a symbol of beauty . This fashion emerged in the Meiji period and consisted of blackening the teeth with a solution of iron filings and vinegar. In addition, this custom was believed to be beneficial for dental health.

2. Belladonna for the eyes
One of the stupidest and most dangerous fashions of the Victorian era. Although the toxic properties of Belladonna were well known, some women applied drops to their eyes to dilate their pupils . Overuse could cause vision problems and even blindness, but that was the price they paid for big, beautiful eyes.

3. Snake
corset This garment was popularized by the American dancer Edith Lambelle Langerfeld, better known as La Sylphe, and had the absurd purpose of reducing the female abdomen to sizes below S. The consequences for the spine were catastrophic .

4. Broken feet
Eastern customs and traditions are usually quite strange and sometimes stupid. A Chinese fashion that was popular well into the 20th century was to break the toes and arches of the feet to give them the appearance of a lotus. As expected, many of the women who practiced this fashion ended up suffering from some kind of handicap, although they were more likely to marry.
Su Xi Rong, one of the last women with broken feet. | Image from: BBC.

5. The Polish pilca
The Polish pilca was not only a fashion, but also a tradition in the countries of central and northern Europe. It was a compact and sticky tuft of hair, the result of a lack of hygienecapillary. For centuries, it was believed that the pilca was a way to drive disease out of the body, so it was rarely cut. There were all kinds of them, both men and women.

6. Consuming arsenic
Probably the most dangerous fad of all time. The peasants of eastern Austria, and more specifically those who lived in the region bordering Hungary, consumed arsenic to beautify the skin . In addition, they attributed stimulating and strengthening properties. Although the peasants developed a certain tolerance to this element, the poisonings were constant.

Stupid fads of recent history
We review the most useless fashions of recent times. Although one day they were on everyone’s lips, hardly anyone follows them anymore.

1. Yaeba
Some fashions are followed to be within beauty canons, but these beauty standards can be very absurd. A good example of this is the Yaeba, a concept that emerged from Eastern countries that consists of obtaining diastemas or separations between the teeth . In this way, a much more natural denture is achieved.

2. Kylie Jenner Challenge
In order to get the lips of the model Kylie Jenner,Some young women put them in a glass to make an empty effect. After a few minutes, the lips swelled considerably, although the cosmetic improvement was more than doubtful. Another trend that has passed to a better life.

3. Belly Button Challenge
The viral challenge of touching your navel with your hand after passing your arm behind your back is curious to say the least, but it has little use. Unfortunately, this type of fashion is usually associated with the obsession with achieving extreme thinness (another example is the thigh gap challenge).

4. Sunburn Art
Of course, it’s not as dangerous as consuming arsenic, but it can also endanger your health. The Sunburn Art consists of making marks on the skin with sunburnand became enormously popular in mid-2015. Although it is no longer popular, this dangerous trend can cause melanomas and skin burns.
Example of marks on the skin through Sunburn art. | Image from: social networks.

5. The cinnamon challenge
As a general rule, everything that has the word “challenge” on youtube is synonymous with stupid fashion. One of the last challenges is to eat a whole spoonful of cinnamon . Although the result is obvious (coughing, choking and difficulty breathing) there are still many people who want to try their luck. The health authorities have been forced to put letters in the matter and warn of the consequences.

6. Tattoo your eyes
The bogas that carry the limit of the body are a classic. Although we can cite thousands of examples such as nasal dilations, subcutaneous perforations and the previously mentioned yaeba , one of the most extreme fashions is that of tattooing the eyes. Specialists warn of the numerous risks that this entails, including retinal detachment or partial or total loss of vision.

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