Downton Abbey: A New Era. And this is the official title of the second film, soon to be released in cinemas, inspired by the British cult TV series of the same name. Of details regarding the brand new film, few have been revealed yet in truth, also because there have been delays regarding its release which, as the most up-to-date will already know, has already been postponed to 2022. No good news therefore for those who were hoping to be able to see the new Downtown Abbey movie at Christmas time: you will have to wait until next year and spring to be precise before discovering the new plot!

In the meantime, let’s discover together some curiosities about Downton Abbey: A New Era that many are not yet known about and which could therefore be of interest to you too. 


  • Luck of the British series
  • Confirmation of the historical cast
  • New characters in the cast of the film
  • A shocking twist

Luck of the British series

The two Downton Abbey films (the one released in 2019 and the one we expect to arrive in theaters in March 2022) are both inspired by the plot of the British TV series, which has enjoyed great success not only in Italy. As can be seen from the research conducted by the Betway online casino, in fact, Downton Abbey is one of the most successful British television programs sold without adaptation. Together with Doctor Who and Planet Earth, the British TV series represented the sector’s highest-grossing source for exports. It is in fact one of the most loved British television programs in the world and this also bodes well for the huge success that the film will also be entitled to. 

Confirmation of the historical cast

It has now been officially announced that in the new film Downton Abbey: A New Era we will find the cast of the original series by Julian Fellowes, from Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary to Hugh Boneville as Lord Grantham ; from Jim Carter in Carson to Maggie Smith as the countess mother. Fans of the series will therefore be able to find familiar faces also in the new film, which will always tell the story of the Crowley family, their friends and servants. 

New characters in the cast of the film

Of course, as we could have imagined, in the cast of the film we also find completely new characters such as those played by Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West. However, many details have not yet been revealed about their role, otherwise how nice would it be? Some surprises and good to leave! 

A shocking twist

According to some rumors, which now seem to have been confirmed by several rumors, in the new Downton Abbey film there will also be a real twist! If you do not want to risk spoilers of any kind, we advise you not to read the next sentences , even if in reality we will not reveal anything in detail because everything is still secret and no one knows what will happen in detail. What is now certain, however, is that one of the main characters should leave: shocking twist and full of emotion, which will leave fans of the series speechless.