Today it’s time to get cute, so let’s go with a selection of the best love stories of all kinds .
Before you begin, you might want to grab a scarf to keep on hand.

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The 3 best most famous love stories
We begin with a selection of the best classic love stories , those that we have heard of as examples of true love and, sometimes, even forbidden.

3. Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy
The literary classic Pride and Prejudice (1813), by Jane Austen, contains one of those romantic love stories in which, at times, it seems at times that it will not prosper.
Lizzie is part of a family of five sisters. This atypical young woman has great prospects for the future that are far from the conventions of the typical society of the 19th century. However, when a group of wealthy bachelors with aspirations to find a wife move into the mansion next door, Lizzie can’t help but notice the polished Fitzwilliam Darcy, a man who repels her as much as she attracts him .

2. Oedipus and Jocasta
The myth that would help define the psychiatrist Sigmund Freud his theory on parent-child relationships, ‘the Oedipus complex’, has its origin in the Greek myth of Oedipus and his mother, one of the stories of oldest tragic love .
It is said that King Oedipus, separated from his parents shortly after being born, killed his father without knowing his identity and married his mother , who also did not know who Oedipus really was.

1. Romeo and Juliet
But if we are talking about forbidden love, we cannot forget the ill-fated Romeo and Juliet, the protagonists of the tragedy of the same name, by the playwright William Shakespeare .
Despite the deadly rivalry between their families, the Montagues and the Capulets, these two teenagers fall madly in love, defying their elders. The disaster reaches its maximum exponent when, as a result of a confusion, Romeo commits suicide believing that Juliet is dead. She, desperate at the idea of ​​not being with her in love anymore, also ends her life.
Although the end of it is not what is expected in this type of story, Romeo and Juliet is considered one of the love stories ever written.

The 3 best short love stories
With just a few lines, these short love stories manage to shrink our hearts .

3. The love story of the blind old man
A very old man, had lost his sight due to the ravages of age. One day, he said to his little grandson:
“- Don’t you think your grandmother is the most beautiful of all
To which the boy replied:
“+ Of course! But you already have to be used to seeing her so much, right
“-Son, even now, I see more than ever the true beauty of her.”

2. The daughter and her mother
The 8-year-old daughter of a mother hugged her tightly and whispered this in her ear:
“- You are the best mother in the world!”
The mother, surprised, replied the following:
“+ Why do you say that?
You don’t know what the other mothers in the world are like…”
Then, the girl hugged her more tightly and answered:
“- No need: you are my whole world!”

1. Together until the end
An elderly couple had been married for more than 70 years, and as many as a couple. They meant so much to each other that when he died of extreme old age, she followed him to his grave just an hour later .

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The 3 best sad love stories It’s time to
get sad. Next, we will tell you three very sad love stories, which did not end too well for those involved.

3. Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen
We begin with the bitter tale between Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen, probably the woman I love the most of them all. Unfortunately for the singer-songwriter, his muse and great love died of fulminant leukemia in July 2016 .
During this time, which surely seemed eternal for Cohen, he wrote him a beautiful farewell letter in which he confessed that he also felt his time was near. These were his words of dedication:
“Well, Marianne, we’ve reached the point where we’re really old and our bodies are breaking apart. I think I’ll be following you soon enough. I want you to know that I’m so close, right behind you, that if you reach out reach mine. You know I’ve always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more because you already know everything. Now, I just want to wish you a very good trip. Goodbye, old friend. Eternal love. See you on the way.”

3 months later, in November, Leonard Cohen died too . Would Marianne Ihlen and him meet again in another life?

2. King Kong
Many people who read us will wonder why we include this story. “king kong a love story
”, as if we saw it. However, surely no one would raise their hands to their heads if instead of the oversized gorilla and the young actress Ann Darrow, we had talked about Beauty and the Beast.
And here is the grace, because any of the versions of King Kong, is still a revision of the classic French folk tale; yes, without sweetening and with an ending that is far from happy.
As almost everyone will know, King Kong has one of the most heartbreaking love stories of the seventh art. Stripped against his will of a home where he was king, he is taken to New York to be enslaved and put on display as an attraction for the curious. But the Great Gorilla manages to escape and flee in search of his beloved Ann, while the army tries to hunt him down. Finally, he is shot down on top of the Empire State Building, while he tries to protect her, by the planes that lie in wait for him. Kong falls into the void and the place fills with onlookers.

1. Blue Valentine
The movie Blue Valentine (2010), directed by Derek Cianfrance, is a slap in the face of reality for those who hope to find one of the many love stories that Hollywood has accustomed us to.
Contrary to expectations, this is one of the sad love stories that shrinks the stomach, in which we are shown the consequences of a marriage between two people who seemed like they were going to eat the world and who have been consumed by routine, responsibilities and economic hardship.In a desperate attempt to regain romance, they plan a hotel getaway, hoping to save their marriage…
Is there any hope for Dylan and

? sad love stories To try to make up for it, we offer below 3 real love stories that have really happened.

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3. The Obama couple

The former president of the United States and his wife, Michelle , have always been associated with what true and lasting love means. Since the late 1980s, when the two met, the Obamas continue to walk their love in a casual and believable way, without giving that feeling of artificial displays of affection that we see in many other celebrities.
Both for their charisma and for the chemistry they give off, the Obamas are an example of what a real love story is.

2. Pero’s journey
Pero is a sheepdog who became famous in April 2016. The farmer he lived with believed that Pero could help another farmer who lived 380 kilometers away .
But the dog was not happy with that, so he ran away from his new home and went back, this time on foot, the distance that separated him from his old family. We can imagine the surprise of the unexpected reunion with the dog. No one knows how he did it and he had barely lost a bit of weight, but the joy of seeing each other again was enough for them to decide that he should stay where he had always been.
As you can see, the best love stories do not always have to include human beings.

1. “Sweet Lorraine”
Fred and Lorraine were married in 1940. For 73 years of marriage , the couple lived happily until she passed away. Old Fred was devastated, because for him, Lorraine was everything.
After spending his first month without her, Fred found a newspaper clipping advertising a songwriting contest. The award winner would get to record her song in a professional studio. Although Fred had no musical skills, he decided to submit the lyrics to his song, which was about the undying love he felt towards his wife.
The contest organizers were so moved by his words that they decided to record the song themselves. In addition, the documentary A letter from Fred was recorded to publicize one of the most beautiful eternal love stories of recent times.