‘Trolls: World Tour’ is another long-awaited sequel to ‘Angry Birds 2’. It has taken more than four years to bring these little ones back to the big screen where the voices of the protagonists Anna Kendrick (‘A Small Favor’, ‘Mr.Right’, ‘Up in the air’) and by singer Justin Timberlake (‘Wonder Weel’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘Black Snake Moan’), who composed the song ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, one of the biggest musical hits of 2016 and who got a nomination Oscar for best original song.

A world tour of musical genres
In the trailer for this new installment of animation, the main trolls, Poppy (Kendrick) and Brandt (Timberlake) discover that there are different kinds of trolls based on the musical genre from which they emerged in the original creation of the seven-chord harp, which The following would cover a wide range of musical styles: funky, classical, country, techno and rock music, among others .
Here would be the problem, since the troll leader of rock music, Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), who wants to get hold of all the chords of the original harp to destroy all existing music so that only the reign of rock and roll prevails.Poppy and Brandt will have to embark on another great adventure, traveling through the different troll musical territories, uniting everyone they can to their cause to face the threat of monopolizing musical genres under the reign of Queen Barb.
Promotional image of ‘Trolls: World Tour’ | Dreamworks Animation

New faces and three directors
The first thing one thinks of as soon as they see the trailer for ‘Trolls: World Tour’, and for this editor it has been inevitable to overlook, is the clear message of tolerance and musical diversity referred to in this advance; the non-monopolization of music and that they all have their own essence and need for existence, etc.
I don’t know if in this film we will get to see any allusion to reggaeton or to the music that is most certainly in fashion today: trap (yours truly doubts it). In any case, what we cannot deny about this second part is that it will last longer due to the extensive musical journey that is already implicit in its plot.
New faces joining the original cast, such as Rachel Bloom (‘Angry Birds 2’, ‘Salem’, ‘The Fuzz’) or the Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor, Sam Rockwell (‘The Vice of Power ‘, ‘Three billboards outside’, ‘Fosse/Verdon’), as well as voices from the world of music such as the legendary Ozzy Osburne or Kelly Clarkson, among others.
Also add that in this sequel it will no longer be only Mike Mitchell (‘The Lego Movie 2’) the only one in charge of the film, but two other directors, Daron Nefcy and Lee Unkrich (‘Coco’) will also join the direction. And it is that using a triad of directors in animated films with great content is apparently becoming a trend , something that the film ‘Spiderman: A new universe’ (2018) already demonstrated its effectiveness.

When can we join this musical tour?
Unfortunately, tickets have not yet been released for this animated musical event that can be enjoyed in the front row from April 23, 2020 in all cinemas.
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