It may seem a bit strange, but there comes an age when school children do not stop drawing penises on the blackboard. It becomes almost an obsession, a
cult object about which much has been written but about which there is still some ignorance. Almost all men agree that they would like to have a bigger penis (unless you have a member of enormous dimensions, like the young man of color that circulates on Whatsapp), but size is not one of the main factors of attraction.
It is true that a suitable size helps in sexual relations, especially to reach certain points of the woman and that she obtains maximum pleasure, but without a doubt the most important thing is to control sex and use the penis as it should.. Now science is helping to break down some of the myths about the phallic figure that have been taken for granted until now.

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The average size of the penis
This continues to be one of the great concerns of the population worldwide, a concern that continues to generate trauma, although in most cases there is no reason. With regard to Spain, the Spanish Association of Andrology offers us an enlightening fact: the average size in our country is 13.58 centimeters.
If you are one of those who is still here and has not run out in search of a tool to measure the penis, we offer you a much broader and reassured margin: 80% of the male population is between 10 and 16 centimeters, although aesthetically it is clear that a penis of 10 centimeters does not have the same visual effect as another of 16. Members less than 6 centimeters are considered micropenis.

Spaniards, below average
Taking into account the data provided, the first conclusion is that Spaniards are among the Europeans with the smallest penis (we are ranked number 21 on the list). The average size in the member states of the European Union is 14.27 centimeters, about 0.69 centimeters more than the Spanish average.
On the contrary, the French are the best endowed Europeans, with about 14.58 centimeters in length. The Greeks, with 12.8 centimeters, are the last on the list. At the moment, we can breathe a sigh of relief, because they are more benevolent and lower their ideal length (about 13.71 centimeters).
Nacho Vidal has one of the most famous penises in Spain. | Image from: GTRES.

Spaniards with the largest penis
Although not everything is a matter of size, it is true that most men like to brag about a large penis, although most of the time it is simply a big lie. Someone once told me:
You always have to subtract about three centimeters from what men say
According to this statement, a large survey of Spaniards would not be a very reliable method to calculate the average according to the autonomous communities, but it is the only method we have to obtain an approximate result.
The Control brand of condoms carried out a macro-survey in our country and obtained some results. Although we have already verified that we are not above the average, 87% of those surveyed said they were. This is called distortion of reality. The study also pointed out differences between some territories.
21% of Spaniards stated that they had a penis greater than 17 centimeters in a state of erection. In this band the first are the Basques, quite a topic, with 27.5%, followed by Cantabria (26.9%), Castilian Leonese (25.4%) Galician and Murcian (25%).
However, it is not all benefits with a large penis . Anal and even vaginal sex can be more painful, since the dilation process is slower, in addition to the impossibility of deep penetration. On the other hand, a more difficult penetration can mean an extra expense of lubricant. As for condoms, not all of them are suitable for an above-average penis. To remedy this problem, the big condom brands have developed special models for XXL members.

The most famous Spanish penis
If we talk about big penises in Spain, without a doubt we have to talk aboutIgnacio Jorda Gonzalez, better known by his stage name in adult film: Nacho Vidal . Ignacio is neither Basque nor Cantabrian, but was born in the quiet town of Enguera, in Valencia, of which he feels deeply proud. After years of experience in porn, on May 31, 2015 he assured that he was leaving the X cinema to spend more time with his wife Franceska James, another figure linked to pornography.
Her penis is one of the most famous in our country and, of course, it is above average: 25 centimeters . It has been said of him that his erection member does not fit in a glass of mixed drink. Enough to please anyone.
The conclusion is that, perhaps, we Spaniards shouldn’t brag so much about the size of our member, since we don’t have something huge between our legs, although we shouldn’t worry so much about the size, much less Basques and Cantabrians. After all, we are still above the Asian average, if that comparison is any consolation to anyone.