In addition to squaring the circle, there are certain questions that seem unsolvable. For this reason, we bring a collection of unanswered questions with which any evening can become a scholarly debate . Do you have an answer for each of them
Let’s see…

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44 Unanswered Questions That Will Break Your Mind
Bring out your wits with this collection of questions that will keep you spinning for a long time.

1. Why is any number raised to 0 equal to 1?
An apparently insoluble question that no math teacher ever answered.

2. Why are there people who train in the gym with a cap?
It will never cease to amaze us to see which characters lift irons with their caps IN AN INDOOR PLACE.

3. Who was the genius who devised the little monkey / tail in men ?
Although the question should rather be: “How can there be men who choose of their own free will to do that on their heads ?

4. Why do we lower the volume of the radio when looking for parking?
It happens 100% of the time.

5. Why can’t we sneeze with our eyes open?
Someone very funny once told me: “because they would come out of our sockets”.

6. Why is it that now everyone has taken to traveling throughout Southeast Asia?

Another beautiful place destroyed by postcard and Instagram tourism .

7. Is the human being good or bad by nature?
In philosophical debates unanswered questions cannot be lacking to think about what the true condition of our species is.

8. Why is it that the more you are in a hurry, the slower the staff walks down the street?
Sometimes I think it would take less time trying to jump over them than waiting for them to step aside to let me pass.

9. Can adults understand Stewie Griffin from Family Guy or can only Brian?
If you’re a fan of the Seth McFarlane series, you’ve seen that there are times when the Griffins seem to communicate seamlessly with the youngest of the family and in other episodes, it is as if they do not listen to him.

10. Why are torn clothes sold
? What’s more, who buys

them? 11. Why are there people who carry a condom in their purse when they go out at night if they always end up going to sleep alone? Some
say it’s because caution.

12. Why do some people roll up their pants as if they were going to look for crabs on the rocks of the beach even in winter ?

A pandemic that affects hundreds of young people today .

13. Why are they called ‘centipedes’ if they don’t have a hundred legs
? Did someone start counting them when I documented this myriapod or did they say it ‘by eye’

? 14. Why in Jurassic Park, did it suddenly appear in the fence? of the Rex a huge pit, if before it was seen that the floor of the enclosure was at the same height as the cars
One of the holes in the script of contemporary cinema as big as the fall of the SUV that the dinosaur throws down the cliff. “It is that there was a slope through which the dinosaur went up and down”, some say… IT DOESN’T WORK.

15. Why is it said that a woman can do with her body what she wants, but then criticizes those who want to be models, hostesses, prostitutes or surrogate mothers?

This is one of the many unanswered questions that she poses third-wave feminism and that one does not know (or does not want to) answer, surely so as not to bring out the many contradictions of this ideology.

16. Why is it that when you’re in a bad mood, you always find someone who asks you how everything is going? It does
n’t fail: just when you least want to socialize, someone with a smile from ear to ear asks you the million dollar question.

17. Did Hitler really die in the Berlin bunker?
There are not a few who do not believe the official version that history has told us about the end of the dictator.

18. Why when you have to get up early, just that morning the alarm doesn’t sound
One of two: either the phone runs out of battery or mysteriously turns off .

19. How did the inventors of the clock know what time it was to start it?
Yes, it was probably a sundial, but it’s still hard to imagine what they would set the time on.

20. How did they get up early in ancient times, then,
did they drink a lot of water when they wanted to wake up early, had a rooster nearby or did not know what it is to get up early

? 21. Why is the surface of ships called ‘deck’ if is discovered
One of those unknowns posed by language.

22. Why are
almost 8 billion people on the planet still having children, scarce resources and growing at a much slower level than the population does; And yet, we continue to reproduce.

23. Why is the wedding ring put on the ‘ring’ finger?
Freud would have a lot to say about this happy coincidence.

24. Where do the lost socks go?
These kinds of unresolved questions about life are the ones that keep me up at night.

25. Why was the Supercampeones field so big?

Not to mention the ball they played with , which deformed like a balloon.

26. Why do we cover ourselves with the blanket when we are afraid
? If a crazy murderer has entered, he will not be able to cross it with the knife

. Some believe that the blankets are made of reinforced steel.

27. If ‘ordinary’ is synonymous with ‘vulgar’, why doesn’t ‘extraordinary’ mean ‘very vulgar’?
Sometimes, the particularities of the vocabulary pose unknowns about which we can say little about it.

28. Could rock-type Pokemon drink water? If they were weak to this element, then
wouldn’t need to hydrate, right
? to kill…

30. Why didn’t Frodo and the rest of the hobbits fly on eagles to Mount Doom, instead of walking down such a dangerous path
? Who has not read Tolkien’s books or is not familiar with Middle-earth more beyond the movies this question would have been raised. The truth is that there is an answer, but we are not going to give it to you .

31. Where is the other half of the Middle East?
The truth is that I have no idea.

32. Why is it called a ‘drink’ even before you drink it?
When you have a drink in your hands, you’re not here to ask yourself certain questions, are you?

33. Why doesn’t Obi-Wan remember R2-D2 in Episode IV if during the first trilogy they had even gone to war together
Not even Jedi are exempt from memory problems.

34. How long will the human being live
With the levels of overpopulation that we mentioned before and the rate of growth that we have, it seems that sadly, the human being will continue to do a lot of damage to the planet for some time .

35. Does money bring happiness
? “No, because there are other things in this life that…”. Yes, yes, but no one would say no to a few millionaires; me the first

36. Why smartphones do not allow to activate an alarm and that it sounds even if the device is turned off
They connect to the Internet, they take pictures and videos of exceptional quality, you can even pay with them… BUT YOU CAN’T SAVE AN ALARM TO SOUND WHILE OFF. Very intelligent, wow…

37. How did ancient civilizations do it to build pyramids with such rudimentary technology ?
We can only think of one solution:

38. Why did Alfred Hitchcock never get the Oscar for best director
? of cinema received the honorary award for his entire career, which is the same as a consolation prize to reassure the consciences of the so-called “experts” of the Academy.

39. Is there any teleshopping product that works like in the ad
Never, never, never will happen.

40. Are there more Universes besides ours?
The infinity of the Universe and what may be beyond has given rise to multiple questions that are still not entirely clear.

41. Why is it not considered ‘gender violence’ that which some women exercise against men? A
large part of the dogmas imposed by the feminist lobby, as is often the case with other political and social issues, can be answered with a single word: “subsidies”. However, there is more to cut…

42. Why are there people who complain about the price of movie tickets and then pay €15 for admission to a nightclub with 1 drink

? Hypocrisy at its best. Now, if the theaters are emptier of impertinent people, that’s what those of us who want to enjoy the movie win.

43. Why is it that when there is an open bar, precisely what is not free is the bar
? Let’s see… ‘People’ + ‘Alcohol’ + ‘Free’ = SURPRISE!

44. Does human stupidity have limits?
We answer with a resounding “NO”. And you

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