The perfect icon of beauty that marked the nineties of the last century, even becoming a way of saying ( “but who do you think you are, Claudia Schiffer?” ) Did not want to become one of the most famous models in the world and did not believe at all to be beautiful . As a young woman she was shy, awkward, a bit clumsy due to the exaggerated stature for a little girl who looked better in court than on a catwalk.

But often it is precisely from the lack of awareness of one’s own beauty that true talent is born in the world of fashion. And Claudia Schiffer could not have been destined for anything other than this. Her career was not just “fashion” but preparing a style, a model of beauty that other women would try to imitate, quickly becoming one of the most famous 90s models in the world.

Claudia Schiffer, from lawyer to model

Claudia Schiffer was born on August 25, 1970 in Rheinberg, Germany , daughter of Gudrun and Heinz Schiffer, the latter lawyer. Her family is completed by two brothers, Stefan and Andreas, and a sister, Ann Carolin.

A shy and introverted girl, Claudia as a young man suffers a lot from the discomfort of being too tall for a child – and later for a fourteen-year-old – for which she undertakes to study in order to be able to dedicate herself, like the pope, to the Faculty of Law. Her dream is in fact to be a lawyer like her father, but she was only 17 years old, while walking with her friends in October 1987 in Dusseldorf, and noticed by the manager of an important fashion agency , Michael Levaton. It takes him a lot of work before convincing her to take some test shots. Shots that are an instant hit.

Claudia Schiffer thus begins to participate in fashion shows , even a little for fun. But the photos of her end up in Elle magazine – one of the major French fashion magazines. And from there the requests flock.

Sara Chanel to want her at all costs as a testimonial and model for her own fashion shows. Thus she begins the modeling career of Claudia Schiffer who, from a shy and awkward girl, becomes the icon of the perfect supermodel and begins to compete with the other top models of the moment, such as Cindy Crawford.

Curiosity: Claudia Schiffer height

As we had anticipated, Claudia Schiffer from an early age stands out above all for her height.

But how tall is Claudia Schiffer?

Claudia Schiffer is 180 cm tall , an ideal stature to be a supermodel. In fact, for this job being less than 1.75 cm tall means having great difficulty in obtaining a chance on the catwalk.

A worldwide career

Chanel will only be the first step towards an ever-growing career . Idol of adolescents – males love her, women imitate her – she will be the official face of dozens of designers .

Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace – among many others – want her and she will appear on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harper’s Bazar and other important fashion magazines, which compete to immortalize her.

In 1996 she was chosen by the Victoria’s Secret brand to wear the first Fantasy Bra, called Million Dollar Miracle Bra , a bra made with 100 carats in diamonds and other precious stones, for a value of 1 million dollars!

Her aura of success even reaches the world of cartoons: in fact, in a well-known commercial she is seen dancing with Mickey Mouse.

The nineties are illuminated by its star which reaches its peak at the beginning of the new century, continuing to reap success after success in a world, that of high fashion, in which one cannot allow oneself to stop.

In a 2007 interview that caused a sensation, she declares that today there are no longer super models understood as they were during her heyday. In fact, even the world of the traditional fashion system changes, and time proves it right.

So, surprisingly, in 2009 at just 39 years old, Claudia Schiffer announces her retirement from the catwalks.

The protests are worthless and the move is successful. In fact, Claudia was able to take a step back before the signs of time ruined her beauty. She decided it wisely and competently. And also for this reason she and she remained a living myth.


Claudia Schiffer: l’amore con David Copperfield

Claudia Schiffer’s private life has been a long series of gossip about her partners. Above all to cause a sensation and her love story of her with the magician David Copperfield, which gave life to thousands of pages in the tabloid newspapers of the time.

Let’s face it: who wouldn’t want to be the magician David? But her sleight of hand to win Claudia’s heart ends in 1999, the year of their breakup after 6 years of engagement, during which Claudia attends David’s shows, and even participates in some of these as an assistant.

She even appears in the documentary “David Copperfield: 15 Years of Magic” of May 12, 1994, in which she plays the role of the interviewer.

Claudia Schiffer today

After breaking up with David Copperfield, Claudia will marry British producer Matthew Vaughn , with whom she will have three children. She has also devoted herself to films and documentaries, has released gymnastics DVDs called Claudia Schiffer’s Perfectly Fit, and has participated in several television shows. She also opened a restaurant chain and launched her own cashmere line .

In her new life “after fashion” there is also charity. Claudia Schiffer is very committed with UNICEF in the battles in defense of children and for the prevention of AIDS.