The moon, the only satellite on Earth and a source of inspiration for artists and poets, remains unknown in many respects . We present the eight most interesting mysteries about the Moon, curious facts that you did not know and that will change your perception of this shining sphere.
It is the largest satellite in the Solar System in relation to the planet around which it orbits. The most likely hypothesis about its origin is that a huge asteroid, about the size of Mars, hit the Earth 4.5 billion years ago, and the debris left by the impact condensed to form a celestial body.
Man has already been able to step on its surface, although there is a popular belief thatThe United States faked the moon landing, thus deceiving the world population to proclaim itself the winner of the space race. Supposedly, Apollo 11 arrived at our satellite on July 20, 1969 , manned by Commander Neil Armstrong and Pilot Edwin F. Aldrin.

1. Anyone can explore
The first curious fact about the Moon is that anyone with peaceful purposes can visit it. At least, that is what is stipulated in the Outer Space Treaty, signed in 1967 by the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. The interesting thing about the case is that the text prohibits the presence of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction, although it allows weapons tests to be carried out on our satellite.

2. It is abrasive
More than one would have dreamed of floating on the lunar surface, although taking a walk on it is not as pleasant as you think. The surface of it will be coated with a sticky, abrasive powder that would burn us to bits if we weren’t wearing a spacesuit. Lunar dust is also a dangerous material for scientific equipment, since it adheres to everything easily and levitates in the air.

3. There is no dark side
The great mystery about the Moon has always been its hidden side, the one we can never see on the surface of the Earth. The first thing we should know is that there is no “dark” side, and that both sides of the satellite are the sun, with its corresponding day and night. It was a Soviet satellite that revealed its appearance, showing that they have nothing to do with it.
This is because the part we can see has a finer surface and was hit more violently by the asteroids. This released magmatic basalt from the interior, forming the extensive dry seas that can be seen. The hidden side is full of valleys, craters and mountains, but there are almost none of these seas created by basalt.

4. It moves away from the earth
When you are reading this, the Moon will be a little further from the Earth. This lunar mystery has to do with its own orbit, which is progressively accelerating. It is estimated that our satellite is 3.8 centimeters further away each year that passes. It is possible to know this because the Apollo spacecraft and several unmanned Russian spacecraft left five reflectors on the lunar surface, mirrors that were used to measure the distance from Earth using a laser pulse.

5. It is not round
Although from the window of the house we observe a round and perfect shape in space, the Moon is shaped like an egg . In fact, one of the ends is pointing directly at us. This remains one of the great mysteries to be solved, and that is that there is no possible physical explanation.

6. Trees of the Moon
On Earth there are more than 400 trees that came from the Moon. How is that possible, if there is no life form in it
The answer is that in 1971 the scientist and astronaut Stuart Roosa arrived on the Moon aboard Apollo 14, the eighth manned mission of the program. While wandering the surface, Stuart carried his seeds in his suit . Those same seeds returned to Earth and ended up germinating. Over time, the so-called Trees of the Moon grew, most of them strong and healthy.

7. There is water
One of the mysteries that space scientists try to solve is the presence of water in other extraterrestrial bodies. We already knew that there are deposits of frozen water at the bottom of the cratersmoles and molecules of the liquid element in some minerals, but traces of water have recently been found in surface particles. It is magmatic water, coming from the depths.

8. There are two ships
Few people know that there are two ships on the Moon, even though they are crashed . They are two space probes that NASA sent on December 17, 2012 with the aim of developing a gravity map of the satellite. When they had no more fuel to continue their investigations, they fell into the nets of lunar gravity and crashed on some mountain at the north pole of the Moon.

Other 5 curious facts about the Moon
Below we offer you other very interesting facts that you may not have known. Would you dare to step on the moon one day?

  1. At 3,475 kilometers in diameter, the Moon is larger than Pluto .
  2. On the visible face of the Moon we can see a human figure who, according to tradition, is a condemned man sent there for committing a horrible crime.
  3. The word “moon” comes from Latin and means “luminous” .
  4. The Moon does not revolve around the Earth , but both revolve around a single center of mass.
  5. In 1980, businessman Dennis Hope bought the Moon , and has been selling plots of land on lunar soil ever since.