The new means of communication, such as social networks , open the doors to new professional figures. In the world of Instagram , influencers count more and more and are followed by millions of people.

According to the ranking drawn up by Blogmeter , the company specializing in providing monitoring and analysis solutions on social media, there are 10 prominent people who charge a staggering amount to post a sponsored photo or story on their profile.

Obviously the well-known Chiara Ferragni cannot be missing who, even if she knows all the secrets to avoid making mistakes on social networks, is not among the very first places and, among the most quoted and paid influencers, you will also know some young boy .

In this article we will reveal the ranking, from last to first, of young people who count a lot in the world of social media and who, in their lives , have made it one of the highest paid and most dreamed of jobs by the new generations.

Let’s find out together the 10 highest paid Instagram influencers in the world:

1) Liz Eswein

In last position in the standings, the tenth, is the young photographer Liz Eswein . She and her New York City Instagram profile, which boasts 1.4 million followers, are almost totally dedicated to the Big Apple . But for every photograph she publishes, she earns little compared to her colleagues. In fact, being the bottom of this ranking, she only asks $ 6,000 for a sponsored post.

2) Danielle Bernstein

Also this time the ranking continues with a young girl, born in 1992 in the United States: Danielle Bernstein , who is in ninth position. Thanks to her Instagram profile, which is called @WeWoreWhat, she can count on 1.8 million followers. The cost for a post sponsored by this beautiful blonde influencer is around 7 thousand dollars .

3) Aimee Song

In eighth place is Aimee Song , better known as @SongOfStyle. This influencer mom, of Korean descent, deals with fashion and lifestyle and her Instagram profile is very popular with her. In fact, her followers are equal to 4.8 million and the cost for a post sponsored by her is around 9 thousand dollars .

4) Julie Sarinana

In seventh place in this ranking is the blogger from Mexico: Julie Sarinana . Like her previous colleague, she is also involved in fashion and lifestyle. On Instagram she is followed by 4.8 million followers and for a post sponsored by her the asking price is 10 thousand dollars .

5) Chiara Ferragni

In sixth place we find the only Italian influencer in the ranking: Chiara Ferragni , creator of The Blonde Salad brand . The partner of rapper Fedez, despite having a low price compared to her most expensive colleagues, asks for  12 thousand dollars for her sponsored post , on her Instagram she has one of the best engagements in circulation to her advantage. In fact, Chiara has over 40 million monthly users and has exceeded 13 million followers.

6) Nash Grier

The fifth position is occupied by the Youtubers: Nash Grier . The young boy, born in 1997 in North Carolina, in the United States, is well known and appreciated above all for his very comical videos. On Instagram, his profile is followed by 9.9 million followers and the cost for each sponsored post is estimated at 13 thousand dollars .

7) Zoe Sugg

Also in fourth position there is a Youtubers. This time it’s about Zoe Sugg , better known as Zoella, who has become popular for her beauty and fashion videos. Currently, her Instagram profile is followed by more than 10 million followers and the cost for each post is about 13 thousand dollars .

8) Jennifer Selter

In third place is Jennifer Selter , who has become popular thanks also to her breathtaking body but above all for her side B. The influencer, who has exceeded 12 million followers on Instagram, has an engagement of 6.3 million users. The cost of sponsoring a post with this famous fitness star is around $ 15,000 .

9) Cameron Dallas

Closer and closer to the top step of the podium but in second place in this ranking is a boy. The young influencer, Cameron Dallas , whose cachet would be equal to 17 thousand dollars per post, started posting videos on the Vine platform in 2012 and is now a D&G ambassador and his Instagram profile and followed by almost 21 million followers.

10) Huda Kattan

In first place we find Huda Kattan,  beauty influencer born in the United States of Iranian parents. In 2010 she started a blog and thanks to her huge success in 2013 she launched her first make-up brand. Today Huda can count on a huge engagement thanks to about 54 million users and a sponsored post by her, according to the data collected, should cost about 18 thousand dollars .