Choosing the perfect look to enhance your figure is not an impossible task. In fact, based on the height it is important to choose the suitable garments that will surely be able to enhance their strengths, giving more momentum to the body.

Tall women or short women how to dress right? How to manage to disguise too short or too long legs? Nothing is impossible, but not all looks can be used by everyone. The important thing is never to look clumsy!

Your hair and shoes will also need to be perfect based on your height. Too much backcombed hair or too high hairstyles do not really suit everyone and do not make the silhouette harmonious and slender.

If you are curious to find out what is the clothing, the hairstyle and much more to look more slender and always “up to” any situation, you just have to follow the advice given below.

Let ‘s find out how to choose the right look based on height:

1) Short woman: recommended clothing

A woman with a height that does not exceed one meter and 55 centimeters must absolutely avoid wearing items with horizontal stripes and cuts. This look, together with the oversized one, tend to lower the figure even more. Therefore, it is advisable to wear garments such as: high-waisted jeans , belts that mark the waist and short coats . All these garments help to slim the body by raising the waist and hips. In addition, a garment that can be worn but exclusively with heels, are the palazzo pants .

2) Low woman: recommended shoe

A woman with a short stature can wear any type of heel without worrying about appearing too long in her legs. Indeed, the optical effect on the figure will give her more momentum but she will have to choose a shoe that allows a comfortable gait, in order not to run the risk of looking clumsy. In general, it is advisable to prefer V-necklines on the decollete because these help to slim the figure. But well, for women of small height, do not go beyond 10 cm of heel , as it would be disproportionate. Another mistake to avoid is the plateau, better not to go beyond the centimeter, centimeter and a half. Also, to lengthen the figure it is advisable not to create deadliftsof color on the leg, for example using sock and shoe of the same color in winter, and nude shoes in summer.

3) Short woman: recommended hairstyle

Even hair can be an incredible and simple trick to give a few extra inches to women who are a little small in stature. So, as far as the hairstyle is concerned, a hairstyle that remains a little puffy on the head would be preferable either with a simple backcomb or by gathering the hair in a high bun .

4) Medium height woman: recommended clothing

For women of average height, the choice of clothes to wear to bring out their physicality is much easier. As far as clothing is concerned, there is no garment that cannot be worn casually. Therefore, both long and short dresses will work well . No problem even for the adherence or not of the clothes, that will be a personal choice because women with a medium height can be elegant and refined even with an oversized look .

5) Medium height woman: recommended shoe

As for the shoe suitable for slimming a woman from one meter and sixty-five upwards, on the other hand, you can climb up to a heel of 12 centimeters. Avoiding reaching extreme heights like 14 centimeters. Even the size of the heel will be a free choice: stiletto or square will always streamline the legs.

6) Medium height woman: recommended hairstyle

With a slim physique and average height, unlike sturdy girls who need to remove volume , in this case it is good to add it, perhaps with a fluffy hairstyle. The lengths are almost all very good and if you don’t have too many curves, you can aim for a wavy look , because the smooth would make it even flatter.

7) Tall woman: recommended clothing

As for the tall woman, unlike the small ones, cuts or horizontal lines , long or short dresses , also worked in the lower part from the waist down will be fine. The important collars  of coats or sweaters are also perfect, plus-size dresses are more puffy and soft. As for outerwear, such as jackets, dusters and coats , the very tall woman can wear even very long ones with ease , which, however, her figure will remain slender.

8) Tall woman: recommended shoe

Lucky very tall women who can also afford a low toe ballerina without looking clumsy and not very elegant. Or they can opt for comfortable spool heels , between 4 and 5 centimeters. Not too recommended the vertiginous heels because the effect could be a little disharmonious and be disproportionate.

9) Tall woman: recommended hairstyle

For hairstyles suitable for a tall woman, a side crop is recommended , avoiding too fluffy and puffy hair.