Women’s fashion: 5 ideas for your spring-summer outfit

How does women’s fashion change in the hypermodern era? Simple: go back to the past ! And she does it totally, without half measures. In this post, we will see together some spring-summer outfit ideas for women who like to be stylish all year round.

An anticipation?

The trend for the next warm seasons in women’s clothing will be a bold reminder of times gone by . Arrogant because it is worn with the determination and resourcefulness of the present, without feeling like women-objects, but proud representatives of our sex.

Here are the 5 spring-summer outfit ideas that will fill the shops and streets in the coming months. The coronavirus and staying at home will soon be just a bad, very bad memory!

Real women dress… like a man

The woman of 2020, in spring, will dress casually … like a man! The classic mid-season suit, jacket-trouser suit, will have masculine shapes and colors. Better if worn simply, with a white or gray shirt underneath, possibly tight to emphasize that femininity is not dead anyway. High-waisted trousers with leather straps, a jacket with a masculine vest underneath, a trench coat with a tie … it seems the exasperation of equal rights. Or perhaps a grand return to the fashions of the 1920s?

Sporty and in neutral tones

Sport, casual, are no longer a sign of sloppiness. You can dress as you like, enhancing leggings, sports bras , hiking goggles and so on. The vivacity of colors, in these cases, is allowed but the advice is not to deviate too much from the rules of modern casual: white, black, gray, beige, sand.

The “colonial style” is also very popular, that is the desert explorer outfit of the late nineteenth century: raincoats, Bermuda shorts, ankle boots or high socks with comfortable shoes. All strictly pastel color.

Hippy fashion is back

In summer, however, all the styles dear to our parents and grandparents will return with arrogance. The myth of those seventies so full of flowers, freedom, crazy combinations. The era of the Hippies returns in the “folk fashion” of summer 2020 : oriental tunics, shirts with Indian designs, very long necklaces, gypsy dresses in very colorful raw canvas, Peruvian-style hats and canvas bags with tribal or South American designs. Obviously all in natural fabrics, without alien fibers . A beautiful and original way to fight the heat, covering yourself as much as possible but without sweating …

Re-evaluate floral prints

The seventies are once again the masters, with the return of the summer floral patterns of 2020. Large exotic flowers for ankle-length dresses, cheerful buds that adorn short skirts or wide and light trousers. The last taboo also falls, namely the ban on wearing flowers on flowers. If before – for the floral trousers – it was a must to combine it with a one-color top, today you can combine more floral prints. The effect may seem crazy and dizzying at first, but it will be nice to see so many colors filling the squares and beaches in July. 

Stripes and geometries

A hint of the Eighties could not be missing, with the return of geometries. Green light to dresses with stripes, polka dots, checkered, rhomboid themes and mixes of a little bit of everything.

The geometries are associated with even bright colors, as long as they allow the symbols to stand out on the whole: white stripes on blue or red, colored dots on more delicate shades and everything that the imagination suggests.

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