Pizza is one of the best known, consumed and celebrated foods worldwide, and although there is nothing like a pizza baked in a stone oven in an Italian pizzeria in the light of the moon with a glass of wine, we have the alternative of the frozen pizzas for the days when we don’t feel like going out .
Since we were little we have consumed this Italian product, which appears at dinners with friends, when we don’t feel like cooking, at children’s birthday parties as an aperitif… Everyone knows it, and generally everyone likes it. However, frozen pizzas do not usually have so many followers , so here we bring you the best pizza brands in the world. All of them accessible in supermarkets. How to decide which are the best pizza brandsThe Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), has carried out a method to classify food products on the market, and therefore, pizza. This assessment often does not take into account the flavor of the brand, but instead analyzes the ingredients with which it is made as well as its nutritional value. 8. Buitoni The brand of Italian origin appears on our list for its flavor and how crispy its doughs are . A range of 9 different flavors offer a good assortment for emergency occasions where there is neither time nor materials to cook. The main criticism of the brand comes from the price, which does not correspond to the size of the pizzas, which are usually smaller than the rest of the frozen pizzas on the market. 7. Dr Oetker
Dr. Oetker brand pizzas stand out for their enormous amount of ingredients . And literally, because the brand packs as many as it can into all of its pizzas, with some even overflowing. Apart from this feature, the pizzas are quite tasty and have a very thin and crispy dough. In addition, they have quite a variety of flavors and ingredients when choosing one of their products.
The failure, or the reason for the brand’s qualification in this position, is due to its sometimes excess of ingredients, in addition to its small size compared to other pizzas that you can buy for approximately the same price. 6. Campofrio Campofrio pizza is one of the most consumed in Spain, but it has a differential point, which is the mass. Some like this pizza more due to the thick dough that gives it a different flavor, but the OCU classifies it as excessive, explaining that the pizza should have more ingredients, even so, its wide range of options and flavors give it this position on the list. 5. Eroski Brand Pizza
The pizzas of the Eroski supermarket chain offer a pizza that the OCU approves, but which it explains has a lack of protein content. It is not a very serious problem, because we all know that as soon as you consume a frozen pizza, you are not eating a very healthy food , but it is good to know the data of its nutritional values. As for the range of flavours, Eroski’s pizzas meet expectations, with its normal pizzas and the Seleqtia range, a little more expensive, but with higher quality products. 4. Casa Modena Casa Modena
‘s pizzas occupy this position on the list due to their level of premium quotes, since they exceed the rest of the list’s members in what we would call the range . Its variety and its mass have a very good general reputation among consumers of the brand, but its main flaw is the high price that does not correspond to what it offers, spoiling its quality / price ratio. 3. Tarradellas House
The well-known Casa Tarradellas pizzas are famous throughout Spain due to their famous advertisements, in which they characterize families doing things that any of us have experienced, which makes us empathize with the brand. Its pizzas are qualified by the OCU as one of the best on the market, standing out above all for its dough, which is considered to follow the appropriate process to obtain the best quality .
It should be noted that Casa Tarradellas also makes all the pizzas that Mercadona sells as Hacendado, so even if it does not have the same variety of flavors, the pizzas will be of the same quality, since they have followed the same process. 2. Carrefour Brand Pizza
Carrefour brand pizzas stand out for their flavor, and for being one of the best valued by the OCU, due to their manufacturing process, one of the most controlled and regulated on the market. One of its main characteristics is the large amount of cheese that all pizzas carry, making them great for cheese lovers and a bit redundant for other consumers.
Even so, Carrefour pizzas lead the quality/price list , with very low prices and pizzas that have nothing to envy to the rest of the frozen products on the market. 1. DiGiorno Regarded worldwide as the best frozen pizza, and although it is difficult to find it in certain places, if you find it, do not hesitate to buy it. Its price is a little higher and for a little more you could buy a fresh pizza, but it is one of the best options to have a plan B in your home freezer.
The pizza has a mass that has nothing to envy to those of a restaurant, and its range of products, although quite limited , quite covers the needs of anyone.