As we have experienced before, the Pokemon GO Fest is one of the most massive events of recent times, and they are capable of generating an unprecedented expectation in the world of video games, getting thousands of fans to move to another continent. to be part of the experience.
After the two previous Pokemon GO Fest , held in Chicago and in Dortmund, where we were able to catch Raikou and Entei respectively, we are now moving to the Japanese country, to enter this latest Global Challenge , which we can do even if we are not in Yokohama, albeit with a few less rewards.

What does the Pokemon GO Fest hold for us
As we have already mentioned, one of the most outstanding elements will be the Pokemon GO Fest , of which we will now go into detail, but we also have the presence of several legendary shiny or variocolor, as well as the entire evolutionary line of Poliwag with the possibility of it being shiny or variocolor, and the return of Pikachu hats.
Evolutionary Line of Poliwag. | Niantic
At Pokemon GO Fest, started on August 6, participants will be able to carry out various research tasks, depending on the team we are part of, to unlock the possibility that Suicune and its shiny or variocolor variant appear in the raids that we will carry out from August 7 until the 12th. These are the investigation tasks to carry out depending on your team:

Instinct Team
If during the 5-day period 25 million investigation tasks are completed, each incursion will guarantee 3000 stardust to its participants, an amount more than considerable, in addition to what is achieved organically with them.

Team Value
In the case of the Valor team, represented by the fire chicken, Moltres, if they manage to reach 25 million research tasks completed, they will get triple Stardust per hatch, a perfect opportunity to “farm” as many eggs as possible. possible during the Pokemon GO Fest period.

Team Wisdom
If the members of the electrical team are able to finish 25 million research tasks, they will be rewarded with unlocking the 1-hour Star Piece, which exponentially increases the amount of stardust that trainers receive with their captures.
Global Challenge Missions | Legends Lima
All these challenges will have to be carried out globally, and in addition, the players present in Yokohama, you will get triple stardust for each capture if you reach two million research tasks during the event. If all the groups fulfill their respective missions, Suicune will appear in the raids, as we have previously commented.
During the same period of time as Pokemon GO Fest, the spawn rate of Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, and Politoed will increase nicely, and the chance of them being shiny or shiny will be much higher. In addition, completing various individual missions such as evolving 3 Pokemon or winning a raid will guarantee us to receive a Taillow, Lotad, Snorunt, Swablu or Poliwag.

Pokemon GO in August
Calendar for the month of August | Legends Lima
In addition to the multitude of tasks that have been entrusted to us with the celebration of the last Pokemon GO Fest of the year, we also have the possibility of capturing Pikachu with several different hats, and being able to complete our collection. Finally, we can capture both Rayquaza in his shiny or variocolor variant, as well as Deoxys in his speed mode in the level 5 raids during the remaining days of August.

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