As the beginnings are never easy, we offer some good examples of guitar songs that are very easy to learn to play , which will allow us to develop our ear and a sense of rhythm to the beat of the music.
The most music lovers wish at some point to learn to play an instrument to be able to interpret the songs of their favorite artists. Although it is true that this often remains a simple wish that does not come true, there are those who do take the step.

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12 guitar songs for beginners
The following songs will help you improve your technique with the guitar; and since you have to start with something, it better be with some of the classics of the last decades. We have added tutorial videos to help you practice.

1. Blitzkrieg bop (Ramones)
Simple enough to say “enough”. The punk quartet from Queens was characterized by making magic with songs with just 4 chords and the occasional guitar solo that was not at all complex.
In his repertoire we find a wide variety of songs that any beginner in the guitar should try at some time: I wanna be sedated, Beat on the brat, Teenage Lobotomy; or this Blitzkrieg Bop, his most famous song.

2. All the small things (Blink 182)
Blink 182 is not a group that is characterized by having a list of songs for guitar that are excessively difficult to play, rather the opposite.
If you like its casual rhythm and its lyrics full of humor and irony, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy playing titles like All the small things , a great song that was at the top of the musical charts in its day. world level.

3. Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols)
Contemporary to the Ramones and, to some extent, rivals on stage, the Sex Pistols were the most iconic representatives of British punk. His album Nevermind the Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols implied a revolution that shook the foundations on which the prosperous English lifestyle was based and that dared to attack the Crown. In this album we have several easy songs for guitar , composed in few chords and with simple plucked solos on one or two strings.
We advise you to try Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen or Pretty Vacant, without going any further.

4. Are you gonna be my girl

Jet triumphed all over the world with Are you gonna be my girl
, a song from 2003 that tried to recover the rock style of the 60s and, especially, 70s.
This hit, which is still heard today in many clubs and is ideal for setting the evening, is made up of very simple to perform . You just have to spend time and practice to be able to play it from start to finish.
In the following tutorial they explain step by step, each one of the guitar chords of this song.
Although 2 guitars sound, you can choose if you want to interpret the rhythm line or the main one, which are practically the same until you get to the solo.

5. Come as you are (Nirvana)
The best-known grunge band of all time was, without a doubt, Nirvana. This trio (later, a quartet), led by the ill-fated Kurt Cobain, has gone down in music history for its aggressive electric guitar strumming , although they also have an excellent album played acoustically.
Although they do not have very elaborate songs, at least in their beginnings, this does not mean that they are not great examples of guitar songs for beginners who are taking their first steps. Proof of this is Come as you are, from his release album, Nevermind.
Important: this song is tuned half a tone lower (lower) than the standard tuning, as explained in this recording.

6. Don’t look back in anger (Oasis)
We completely changed the third, to offer one of the most basic Britpop songs to learn to play guitar.
Oasis, the controversial group of the Gallagher brothers (aka “now we fight, now we reconcile”) gave us in their heyday a beautiful ballad called Don’t look back in anger, almost as famous as Wonderwall, probably their most famous song .

7. When the sun goes down (Arctic Monkeys)
Arctic Monkeys are a mass phenomenon that brings together thousands of fans at their concerts. Throughout more than a decade on stage, the trajectory of this group from England has been changing with each album, where they experimented with different musical styles without giving up their indie-rock, a genre that catapulted them to fame.
On his debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2005), we have guitar songs that you can easily learn to play, like When the Sun Goes Down, which was his first single.

8. Zombie (The Cranberries)
Not long ago one of the most prodigious voices we heard during the 90s left us: Dolores O’Riordan, the singer of this Irish band. As a tribute, we think that a good way to keep her legacy alive is by recommending that any guitar novice try out Zombie., surely his most mythical social complaint song.

9. Don’t worry be happy (Chuck Berry)
What better way to put yourself in a good mood than with a whole classic to raise morale
Thanks to the genius Chuck Berry, we have a beautiful tune that tells us about staying optimistic even in the worst moments.
In addition, it is one of the guitar songs whose chords are very easily learned , as detailed in the following video.

10. Sweet dreams (Marilyn Manson)
If you want to give your music a dark touch, you have the version that the eccentric Marilyn Manson adapted from the eighties success of Eurythmics. With an easy three chord chorus and a simple but catchy dotted verse, it is ideal to take skill with the fingers, especially when they are more untrained.
In addition, this Sweet dreams has two solos in the middle and end of the song that you can play if you have a distortion pedal to give it hard.

11. Rusty cage (Johnny Cash)
Musician Johnny Cash made a series of versions of rock classics adapted to the country style in which he shined so much. One of these easier guitar songs is Rusty Cage, originally from Soundgarden.
Composed of 3 simple chords, you only have to pay attention to the movement of the hand that strums the strings to adapt each beat to the tempo of the song. A track that we think beats the original, with all due respect to Chris Cornell.

12. Dirty magic (The Offspring)
Now veterans, The Offspring have been fighting since the late eighties. This punk-rock group has some songs on its list that are very easy to emulate for guitar. This single, from their second album, consists of a dotted verse, 3 chords in the chorus and a solo in the central part that can be performed using the drag or slide technique.
A great idea to start.

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