Get back together with your ex. There are those who consider it a possible option and those who categorically reject it. The truth is that most of us, at least once in our life, have thought about our ex feeling like we have left something pending. But can you really reconnect and give birth to a new love? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Love is not an exact science and the heart cannot be commanded. However , there are emotional behaviors and experiences that can determine the success or failure of returning with your ex.

The return of the flame

It happens that two people have broken up and then one day, a look, a fortuitous event rekindles the feeling. The flashback happens more often than we can imagine. However, it is necessary to know how to analyze it with clarity to understand if it is something passing or if it is accompanied by a deep feeling. And above all, we should ask ourselves whether we want to follow this sudden emotional upset or not. If the story was over for some reason it must have been. So why try again? Well, the ways of the heart are endless. This type of relationship is certainly high risk but awareness can be a good ally to avoid getting burned again.

An overwhelming passion

The flashback can arise from a pleasant memory. If the couple didn’t work out but the sex was overwhelming, it can happen that you decide to relive those moments. In doing so, the parties sign a tacit agreement according to which it is not necessary to solve problems but only to enjoy what is good between them. Although in a very different way, it is the same principle that applies to those who decide to remain friends by burying the grievances of the romantic relationship. 

A love that has been interrupted for some time

The flashback can also arise between two people who have broken up for a long time. This is one of the cases where the success or failure of the relationship is more mysterious. This happens because during our life we ​​change considerably: we stiffen, we become more accommodating, our scale of values ​​changes as well as our goals and priorities. Starting a relationship with a partner we have long lost sight of, in some ways, means starting from scratch with a person who may be completely different than we remember them. 

A love that actually never ends

The causes that lead to a separation are only known to the people involved. This is why it sometimes happens that a couple reunites with the feeling that they have never really left. United by a deep mutual esteem, two people who have gone through a period of profound crisis can put pride aside and really metabolize the problems so much that they decide to start over. A test of courage driven by an indissoluble feeling. One of the most emblematic cases in this regard is the story between Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. The actress and the famous singer had started their story in 2007 and then broke up in 2011. But their love never really ran out and in October of the same year they got back together.

“Heated soup” … No thanks!

There are those who do not want to hear about it. Who would never return with their ex. Perhaps because he has suffered too much from it, perhaps because he feels a grudge or perhaps because he simply does not see it as an option. After all, when we talk about “heated soup” the negative meaning is king. In fact, this idiom defines the impossibility of appreciating a relationship that restarts on the same presuppositions and which is therefore destined to have the same tragic ending. After all, as Albert Eistein said: “The madness is always doing the same thing expecting different results”. Probably the key is all there. The ingredients are always two but the recipes that can be prepared are many. Before that, however, it is good to understand if you want to try again or not.