Raise your hand if you among you have not wished, at least once in their life, to be perfect and fashionable , in step with the dictates of the great stylists and with glossy magazines. Riding the wave of the trend of the moment, wearing the most fashionable colors, fabrics or shapes (for accessories such as bags and shoes), is a legitimate desire shared by many women (even if some men are not joking at all! ). What happens very often, however, after having drooled for hours in front of the windows, is a submissive and disappointed retreat, often due to budgetary issues … . In fact, it is not always possible to buy everything we want or everything that winks from the sparkling shop windows of the center. Perhaps we should resign ourselves and understand that we cannot leave all our salary in boutiques and shoe shops! As much as we want that new pair of boots or that walking bag, in spite of ourselves, we are forced to postpone the purchase because there are expenses that we just cannot avoid facing, such as the car loan or bills!

Yet this is not always the case: there are cases in which fashion should not be seen as a waste of money but rather as an … investment ! You don’t have to bother with great economic theorists or be a successful entrepreneur to understand the difference between the two concepts. If in the immediate future the two dimensions can be seen as an outflow of money, and the long-term investment that manifests its benefits, destined to last over time. Well, these long-term profits can be represented by a particular object , specifically a stock exchange. We will explain how, by buying this phantom bag, you will have made a more profitable investment than by buying gold !

4) The explanation

Luxury fashion is an investment. There are some particularly attractive brands that are worth buying and that are capable of generating significant profits and advantages because, despite the severe crisis in consumption, they are able to maintain competitive leadership positions on the global market. A sector, that of luxury goods in general, which does not seem to be affected by the crisis : in fact, the turnover that is growing from year to year speaks for itself. And among the luxury goods and fashion to be the master with brands that grow and on which we focus more and more for the future.

3) A bag better than gold

This is particularly true, according to some analyzes conducted by the experts of BagHunter (world leader in the sale of online bags ), for a bag that has been identified as an emblem of investment in luxury fashion which, despite the crisis, knows no crisis ! To carry out this study no less than the S&P index (an index created by Standard & Poor’s, a leading US company in financial research, in 1957) was bothered and that of the stock exchange in question was compared with gold (the most purchased asset among those who invest). Unlike the S&P 500 index and gold, while the value of the stock market has never fluctuated, that of gold has recorded slower falls or increases.

2) Mystery revealed

The question, at this point, arises spontaneously … but which bag are we talking about? This is  the Hermes Birkin . The legendary bag takes its name from the actress Jane Birkin – who became famous with the film “Blow-up” by Michelangelo Antonioni – and its (staggering) cost starts (for the cheaper models!) From 6,000 but can reach well 120,000 euros ! In 2005 the most luxurious Birkin , made of crocodile skin and diamonds, was auctioned for 65,000 dollars. Yet despite the prohibitive cost, orders for particular and customized Birkin models  can also be fulfilled after “only” two years of waiting.  

1) The success of a style icon 

Yet, despite the times of full economic recession, buying a handbag from the historic French brand  Hermes today can turn out to be a great and profitable investment. Because? The answer is simple: the Birkin is timeless , not subject to ephemeral fashions and universally recognized as the most coveted bag by women of all ages. And it is no coincidence that it is also the most loved bag by stars : from Elly MacPherson to Eva Longoria, from Kim Kardashian to Jerry Hall to Victoria Beckham. There is no actress, singer or showgirl who hasn’t succumbed to the temptation to include Hermes’ bag in her outfits!

So if you have a nose for business, all you have to do is flex your muscles and transform yourself from a fashion expert to a   fashion business woman