A nudist beach is a place where you can get in touch with nature in the most primitive and free way. Feel your body completely naked in contact with the sand, the wind and the water. Therefore, we are going to discover the best nudist beaches in the world.
If you have any of these nudist beaches near where you live or stay (in case you are traveling) and you are daring enough, do not hesitate to take a bath or take a walk. It will be an incomparable experience.

The best nudist beaches
The beaches that we have selected are not simple nudist beaches, but are beaches that stand out for their charm and natural beauty.
They have fine sand, a level of cleanliness worth mentioning and beautiful landscapes. In addition, these beaches are not usually very populated, so you can enjoy a certain degree of peace; although there are some exceptions as we will see below.

18. Chihuahua Beach (Uruguay)
This beach became one of the best nudist beaches in the 1960s, when it began to be used for these purposes. So many people were going to enjoy this beautiful place, that In the end, the Uruguayan government legally recognized it as a nudist beach.

17. Boca de Saco Beach (Colombia)
One of the best nudist beaches in the world (and of course in Latin America) is located in the Santa Marta territory, in the Caribbean. A destination very visited by tourists who come from all over the world.

16. Playa Luna (Chile)
It is for many the most important and famous nudist beach in Chile. In fact, it is one of the best beaches in the entire Pacific. Located right in the middle of the impressive cliffs of Puchuncavi , it will be the delight of its visiting nudists.

15. Playa Escondida (Argentina)
It is officially recognized as the only nudist beach in Argentina. If its undeniable beauty is added to this, how could it not appear on the list of the best nudist beaches in


world ? Campbell (along with his bodyguards). Something must have this beach to receive artists of this level.

13. El Saler (Spain)

Located south of Pinedo beach , it is also close to the famous Valencia lagoon. A place of excellent ecological conditions at levels of flora and fauna.
With a considerable width of 35 meters and a length of almost 5 kilometers, you will have plenty of space to enjoy this nudist beach. But beware, in summer it is highly frequented.
Choose the closest nudist beach and go on an adventure. | Image: Courtesy.

12. Cap d’Agde (France)
In this case, we’re not just talking about a nudist beach, but a nudist city . It is colloquially considered as the Nudist City. It is characterized by being a naturist place, with a lot of nightlife, suitable for couples and families with liberal interests.

11. Secret Beach (Mexico)
Full of virgin vegetation and far removed from the typical tourist complexes of Acapulco, we find the Secret Beach of Mexico. One of the best nudist beaches in the world without a doubt .

10. Elia Beach (Greece)
One of the best nudist beaches in the world is also one of the most famous, especially among the LGBT community. The right thing to do on this beach is for women to be on one side of the beach and men on the other .

9. Little Beach (Hawaii)

The nudist beach of Little Beach is in Maui. It is easy to find meetings of hippies and earthly people playing drums and dancing around the fire. Does the idea seduce you?

8. Gran Salina Beach (France)

With white sand, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation , this nudist beach is straight out of a fairy tale. The only drawback is that you will have to take a car to get there.

7. Yerbabuena Beach (Mexico)
This Oaxacan beach is one of the best beaches in Mexico, and without a doubt, one of the best nudist beaches in Latin America . Dare to visit it completely naked and feel the pleasure of bathing in these crystal clear waters.

6. Haulover Beach (United States)
Very close to Miami is the only (legally recognized) nudist beach in the state. A beautiful place that has half a mile of sand, lifeguards on the beach and even security guards to protect from the curious and rude.

5. Playa Oriente (France)
This beach is not in European territory, but is located in the Caribbean; specifically on the island of San Martin. On this island, in addition to parties, bars and other hedonistic pleasures, you will find a magnificent beach, very close to the famous Club Orient.

4. Gustavo Beach (Italy)
One of the best nudist beaches in Italy, is located on the island of Cinque Terre, specifically on the outskirts of the town of Corniglia. It’s not easy to find, but it’s worth the long walk (about 20 minutes through a dark tunnel). The advantage: it is rare to see a tourist.

3. Playa Es Cavallet (Spain)
Being one of the quintessential beaches on the island of Ibiza (because it is a nudist beach), it is probably one of the busiest on this list where parties and good music for lovers are not lacking. of electronics. And if that was not enough,the nearby beach bars will supply you with all kinds of high quality food and drink .

2. La Tejita (Spain)
This Spanish beach is located specifically in Tenerife. The Red Mountain , creates a really beautiful landscape as well as useful, since it manages to create a beach as beautiful as it is particular, which does not usually have much tourism.

1. Lady Bay Beach (Australia)
To access this nudist beach you have to take a ferry from the city of Sydney. Which is an advantage, because it gives this beach (which really is a cove) excellent tranquility and privacy . It is known in the area as Lady Jane Beach.