On September 6 (less than a week ago) the second season of ‘Elite’ arrived on Netflix after the success and all the noise caused by the first installment. The fans have already had time to see it, probably more than once, because they have discovered an important mistake. What is the fault in season 2 of ‘Elite’
The first thing is to know that it is a fault of raccord. The raccord is the technical way of calling continuity in the cinematographic image . There are managers who are dedicated to taking care of the raccord. For example, if a character has been wounded in combat in a war movie, the wound always looks the same and is in exactly the same place.

A raccord failure, therefore, is an error in following the continuity of the image . A failure that is adduced to the assembly of the film, series or documentary. And that is precisely what has happened in season 2 of ‘Elite’.

The raccord failure of ‘Elite’ has gone viral on Twitter

The raccord failure of season 2 of ‘Elite’ has Lu as the protagonist . In a conversation that the character played by Danna Paola has with Nadia, the rich student from Las Encinas school is drinking a cocktail. In one of the shots, Lu finishes the glass in one gulp. So far everything in order.
The error originates when, after a few seconds, the glass that has just been finished is once again absolutely full and perfectly prepared.. Is Lu so rich that she has a waiter constantly refilling her glass, like Lily at the end of ‘How I Met Your Mother

? ‘ of retweets and views. The official account of Netflix Spain itself has responded to the discoverer’s tweet giving it notoriety on networks, in a good turn of the streaming platform’s CM.
Lu’s cups are like her zascas, they have no end.
– Netflix Spain (@NetflixES) September 7, 2019 From the Netflix account they have managed to turn around the raccord failure of season 2 of ‘Elite’passing it off as a superpower that Lu has, and has equated it to young people who go out for drinks on weekends (always joking) that before finishing a drink they already have another full.
Lu is like you on the weekend, who before finishing a drink already has another. But Lu fills them with her mind because there are classes and classes, dear ones. pic.twitter.com/sMXzFqBfbX
– Netflix Espana (@NetflixES) September 8, 2019 Match failures are relatively common in movies and series, and are usually taken with some affection by fans of them, since they very rarely affect to the plot One of the most famous of recent times was the one that was placed on the ‘Game of Thrones’ team, when, in the last season, a cup of coffee from the well-known brand Starbucks appeared on the viewers’ screens.

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