‘Too Old To Die Young’ is Amazon Prime Video’s new commitment to original fiction. Produced by the platform itself, the new series by Nicolas Winding Refn , the acclaimed director of ‘Drive’, has just premiered amidst controversial statements and much anticipation. Not in vain is the Dane one of the most respected directors of his generation.
And it is that ‘Too Old To Die Young’ -in the absence of an in-depth review, which we will bring you later- has the stamp of an author who polarizes public opinion with each of his works . After the aforementioned ‘Drive’ and other movies like ‘The Neon Demon’,

A detective series
The new Amazon Prime Video series has a detective plot. Its protagonist, Martin Jones, is a detective based in Los Angeles , California, who combines his work with dabbling on the other side of the law: the detective is also a murderer.

The director returns to influence some of his aesthetic and thematic fetishes. Visually, the color palette of the image is undoubtedly the work of Winding Refn and, also, by resorting again to the underworld, the underground and the clandestine, the Dane can do his thing and integrate the series into his universe particular. Thematically we return to the eternal dispute between man and the law, man and the outside world that allows no other way out than the moral dissolution of ideals to survive.
In an environment (the underworld of Los Angeles) that already sounds like ‘Drive’ to us, and that, as we mentioned, integrates cliches from the East through the Yakuza warriors and the Russian mafia, ‘Too Old To Die Young’ stands as a tremendously interesting visual proposal for lovers of noir aesthetics. Outside of discussing its fluidity or its attractiveness as a total series, what we can guarantee is that if you are a fan of Winding Refn you will enjoy it like a small child .
‘Too old to die young’, one of the great bets of Amazon Prime Video. | Amazon Prime Video.
In the interview that Nando Salva has done with the Dane in El Periodico, he talks about his cinematographic and personal affiliations: “Whether we like it or not, we all have a sadistic and perverse self inside us. I get along very well with that self, and I I have a lot of fun playing with him. Revenge is an essential theme of all my work , and it makes sense because the eye for an eye is an inherent instinct of the human condition.”
According to the first impressions after the premiere, there is nothing different in ‘Too Old To Die Young’ than what appeared in the noir starring Ryan Gosing in 2011.

Winding Refn, a controversial director
During the promotion of ‘Too Old To Die Young’, Nicolas Winding Refn has gotten into the mud of today’s film industry. Like so many other directors who have taken sides on one side or the other in the battle that is taking place in audiovisuals throughout the world (Series VS Movies or Streaming/Tv VS Big Screen), the director of ‘Drive’ has not had trouble generating controversy with their statements.
Winding Refn, in statements to El Periodico: “(The cinema) will never die, but it will have to adapt and understand that the big screens must coexist with the telephone screens, and that one is not better than the other. People will always go to the cinema, but we must not forget that today the film industry is supported by a handful of films whose sole reason for being is to amass money “in what is a clear taunt to fans of superhero movies.
The new director of ‘Too Old To Die Young’ has also harshly attacked television, and radically differentiates it from streaming: “(The series) is streaming. Television is as dead as a piece of a door that rots in a landfill. Streaming, on the other hand, is the future. And it’s a beautiful future.”

When will it be released?
It seems that Nicolas Winding Refn has everything very clear. It also seems that he has put everything he thinks of the current audiovisual situation in ‘Too Old To Die Young’, his new series, in black on white. , which we can enjoy on Amazon Prime Video from June 14. All
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