When you can’t express everything you have inside , love letters are a wonderful resource. In a few lines written on paper you can bare your soul without fear or nerves, express everything you feel to the person you love.
In these letters you can say “I love you”, or ask for forgiveness , express your desire to overcome difficulties or convey your sadness for missing him.

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6 beautiful love letters for my boyfriend or girlfriend
For a love letter to be successful and achieve the desired effect, you must shake off fears and embarrassments, focus your message on what you want to express , and use the right tone for it. Get inspired by the letters that we offer you below. 1. Romantic love letter to say “I love you”
My life, I
take advantage of these moments of silence that the night offers me, my friend, to write you a few lines that express my love, knowing that not even the inspiration of the raindrops that hit the sill of my window, not even the best chosen words ordered in the most beautiful phrases, will be able to transcend the depth that you harbor in my soul.
After all this time, every day my heart continues to fill with all the happiness I feel every time I become aware of the privilege of having you in my life . You have been the light that has guided me in the dark, the miracle that has given meaning to my existence, the reason for feeling alive and firm to continue despite the difficulties.
And although sometimes I feel so little by your side, so small and insignificant before your beauty and your greatness, I still smile every day like a fool when I feel you next to me. Because I am certain, my love, that all these years by your side have been a gift , but that the most precious gift is the years that we have left to live together.
Together, because otherwise I wouldn’t know how to live. Together, because by your side everything is simple. Together, because I learn from you every day. Together, because together I am more humble, better and happier. Together, because your kiss gives me life, because I’m dying for your hugs. Never go away, because I will always be with you .
Your partner, your friend, your love.
I love you 2. Funny love letter to express your love
Hello, darling!
I was remembering all those romantic movies that you like to watch with a half smile on your lips on Sunday afternoons, under the blanket, next to me. Yes, those movies where the boy writes love letters to his girl, and he asked me if this time it couldn’t be me, your love, andBe a romantic boy who makes you smile .
I want to take this opportunity to remind you that I love you despite having to wait half an hour every morning to get into the bathroom and every morning finding the shower drain clogged with your hair. That I love you, even if I have to put up with your fights and your fights: could it be that I like you more when you get angry
? without that anger every time I don’t do just what you want. How many matches of my Real Madrid have I not missed because of you! My friends say that I am a henpecked… Well yes, but a henpecked in love and happy .
That’s why, darling, don’t suffer, I want to live my whole life by your side so that you keep warming me in bed when it’s cold and make me lose consciousness with those little kisses on the neck that only you know how to give me. Who, after all, would put up with a clumsy man like me for so long?
A teddy bear hug like the ones you like,
I love you. 3. Long-distance love letter to say “I miss you”
My love,
You left just a few days ago and my whole existence is nothing more than an unbearable emptiness . I swear that I try to accommodate my life to this new, cruel and bitter circumstance that living without you means: and in each new attempt, I fail.
They say that distance is oblivion, but I can’t stop thinking about you. You are present in everything I do, I see you in the face of everyone who crosses my path, and when I walk sad and alone through the streets your name echoes endlessly in my head . And I wonder when you’ll come back, my love, because that’s too difficult for me.
I wonder how you are, darling, if you have found everything you were looking for there, if you are eating well and sleeping as much as you should.
I think, after all, that this has to make us stronger. I try to be positive, and when bitterness overwhelms me and tears come to my eyes, I try to comfort myself by thinking that this is nothing more than proof that our love is a wonderful and indestructible force.I keep waiting for the day we meet again , love, because we still have so much to do, so much to love each other, so much to tell each other. And in that thought I barely find the reason to continue fighting away from you.
Come back soon, my love.
I love you 4. Tender love letter to ask for forgiveness
Hello, my love,
It is very difficult for me to write these lines to you, because I do not know how to express what I feel. My heart is trapped between the hope of finding your forgiveness and the fear of losing you. I suppose that, in the end, I write this letter with the strength that gives me to think that everything has been a mistake that can be solved, because at the bottom of everything there is only one reality: I love you, and I want us to continue filling our Instagram with photos and selfie together.
I write from the humility that allows me to ask your forgiveness, without reservations or excuses. Sorry, because I was wrong. I’m sorry, because I should never have made such a mistake. And now that the damage is done, I swear I still can’t find a reason why I did it.
But the most serious thing is not that, darling. What really breaks my heart is knowing that I have hurt you , and that you have suffered because of me. Having hurt you is something that I will never be able to forgive myself, but now I humbly ask you on my knees to forgive me.
Think of all these years together, love, in the difficulties we have gone through, and what we still have to live. Trust me, one last time at least, so that I can show you that this forgiveness is not empty, but that it carriesthe promise that I will never fail you again , because I have learned the lesson.
Once again, forgive me,
I love you.

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5. Letter to declare your love to a person
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you for a long time, every moment, in everything I do . And when I stay with you, I spend hours thinking that this time I’m going to tell you, that I’m going to find strength not to be so shy and express to you once and for all what I feel. But the fear makes me tremble again, and when I see you I am unable to tell you.
That’s why I’ve decided to write to you what I don’t have the courage to tell you: I’m in love with you. Since I met you, I knew that you have everything I look for in a person, and if that were not enough, every time you look at me and smile I feel an attraction that I had never felt for anyone. I suffer because I can’t tell you, but at the same time I’m happy every time I see you.During all these days I have experienced feelings that I did not know existed . I can’t stop thinking about you: I remember your eyes and mine light up, your smile comes to mind, and I smile too. And I waste the hours consumed by nerves and the desire to see you. And do you know what is the best
? That when I see you you make me feel unique. That is why I needed to write you this letter , to tell you that I have fallen madly in love with you, and having the opportunity to live this love story with you would make me the happiest man on Earth. I want those adventures that only you and I know how to share, to become our day to day.
A kiss,
I love you 6. Love letter to overcome bad times
Hello darling,I never thought we’d get to this point , and now that I really realize it, I’m afraid of losing you. I don’t want this to sound corny, like those phrases that look good on Instagram, or like any stupid photo on Facebook asking for forgiveness.
No. Because our history is much deeper and more important than all this, and you deserved that I wrote you everything I feel in these lines. All couples go through difficult times, and our love story is at a critical moment. But I am full of hope , because I know that what unites us is stronger than what wants to separate us.
I know as well as you that I am to blame, in part, for what has brought us here, and that is why our reconciliation has to come from self-criticism and forgiveness. You know
These days I have been thinking a lot, and between tears I have realized that all this can help us to grow, to be stronger, and to see the future with hope.
I don’t want to be your lover, love: I want to be your friend and your companion. Do not feel alone, ever again, because our love is the commitment to build a life together. And that commitment is renewed today: when you read this letter, I want you to know that I am prepared to face the future with enthusiasm and renewed energy.
For a new beginning,
I love you.

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