Since she was very young, the life of supermodel Thylane Blondeau has always been very troubled: from the controversy over the “hot” shots in Vogue at the age of 10, to the fashion shows, still 14, for Dolce & Gabbana, up to the career of actress.

Despite great success, Thylane has always tried to remain humble and down-to-earth. Let’s find out about her story:

Thylane little supermodel

The beautiful Thylan Blondeau and daughter of art. Her father, Patrick Blondeau was a footballer and her mother, Veronika Loubry, a TV presenter . Her parents, accustomed to the spotlight, decide to have the little girl embark on a modeling career. Thus, Thylane, parading at the age of 4 on the Jean Paul Gaultier catwalk, enchants everyone by winning the title of most beautiful girl in the world in 2004.

A happy childhood

Unaware of having been called the “most beautiful girl in the world” (as she stated in an interview for Grazia ), Thylane said she had a childhood not very different from that of many other children. The young woman who is now 21 does not believe she has lost any of the lightheartedness typical of children, despite the signings for important fashion houses she had when she was little.

I was a happy child

During an interview, Thylane Blondeau revealed about her childhood: ” I was a happy child , my parents did everything to make me have a normal childhood “. This does not happen very often because when children become little stars they end up having to somehow give up some of that serenity typical of every child’s daily life.

When genes are not wrong

Long blond hair, full mouth and gorgeous blue eyes, it was clear that the little girl would soon reach celebrity. Or at least, that she would become beautiful. Thylane’s mother, Veronika Loubry, is also a beautiful woman, the young model must have inherited her beauty especially from her. It was with her mother Thylane that she revealed that she has a very special relationship.

The relationship with the mother

Thylane herself has stated how important her mom , Veronika Loubry, is to her. Even taking a look at the young model’s Instagram profile it is impossible not to notice the shots of her in the company of her mother that denote her great attachment to her. However, no one could have imagined the controversy that would have triggered the photo shoot of her little girl in 2011 .

On set with mom

Veronika Loubry, Thylane’s beautiful mother , has now retired from the scene . For years, she has been one of the most beautiful and popular faces of the French small screen and here in fact we see her posing with her baby for the cover of Tele Star in 2003. The show girl at the time had confessed to having suffered several consequences afterwards . childbirth such as massive hair loss and major weight gain.

The controversy after the shots in Vogue

What should have represented the pinnacle of little Thylane’s career ended up turning out to be the opposite. The harsh criticism began due to some excessive jerking for a 10-year-old girl . A real media storm broke out due to a photo shoot for Vogue Paris . Thylane had been heavily made up, dressed in sexy, tight-fitting clothing, wore precious jewels, high heels, and was surrounded by lots of furs and animalier fabrics .

Thylane today

Thylane is 21 and has hushed up many gossips. In fact, her career is progressing very well and, after her tender age, the girl has become a splendid young woman with the usual harmonious features and blue eyes that she continues to leave speechless.

A girl “like many”: few friends, study and sport

In an interview Thylane posted on her YouTube account a few years ago, she talked about her interests and passions , quite similar to any other teenager. The very young model and actress has also revealed that she hates salad and also devotes herself to music, a passion that extends to singing and musical instruments. The young woman also confessed to having had few real friends at school .

The hatred of salads and the passion for music

During the interview, Thylane revealed that she deeply hates salad . This is surprising because being a model in the common imagination this represents one of those inevitable foods to keep fit. As for the study of music, Thylane described her singing, drums, piano but also dance lessons, revealing that she has a multifaceted passion for this art. But, the young woman has also revealed that she is taking boxing lessons and… Italian!

Photo sets, catwalks but also… the cinema!

The young model, with over 5 million followers on Instagram , also starred in the film Belle & Sebastien , perhaps opening the doors for a future career as an actress , but her first love always remains the catwalks and photo shoots. Today she Thylane has become the inspiring muse of fashion designers and beauty brands.

A down to earth girl

Thylane travels a lot and the time to go to school actually isn’t there. However, she takes private lessons which ensure that the young model does not lag behind in her education despite her busy work schedule. The young woman has revealed that she has learned not to feel “arrived” for the success of her had by her parents.

Parents taught her humility

Success, especially if you are very young when it comes, can also push stars to get upset and maybe make some mistakes. For Thylane, the important thing is to remain humble: “ It was my parents who explained to me very early on how important it is to keep our feet on the ground “.

The last appearance on the red carpet

Thylane was “spotted” some time ago at the premiere of the film Sorry Angel (Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite) in Cannes . The ex most beautiful girl in the world, who is now 21 years old, has not lost her splendor. The usual appointment on the Croisette is never missing. On that occasion she showed off a princess look , with a large black dress by Alberta Ferretti. A great impression for the international ambassador L’Oreal Paris.