On June 14, ‘The Alcasser Case’ premiered on Netflix, a docuseries that tries to shed a little more light on one of the most chilling and mediatic events in Spain , the murder of 3 young people in a Valencian municipality in 1992 that left to an entire country dumbfounded and shocked.

The Alcasser case
On Friday, November 13, 1992, 3 young people from the Valencian town of Alcasser disappeared. 75 days later, they found the bodies of Miriam, Toni and Desiree, who had been brutally kidnapped, raped and tortured .
However, after so many years, there are still many questions to be resolved and the case is not considered closed. According to the coroner who performed the autopsies on the 3 girls, at the request of the families, the evidence he found is different from that contained in the sentence and ensures that there is a third person involved , apart from Antonio Angles and Miguel Ricart.
The three victims of the Alcasser case. | Assigned.
Little is known about the fugitive Antonio Angles, who managed to outwit the police, fleeing his country without being discovered and finding himself, to this day, unaccounted for.Wanted by Interpol. On the contrary, the other accused of the murder, Miguel Ricart, was imprisoned. However, on November 29, 2013, he was released before serving his sentence.

The series ‘El Caso Alcasser’
The docuseries, consisting of 4 chapters , is produced by Ramon Campos and directed by the director Elias Leon and Bambu Producciones (‘The Cable Girls’). It investigates and makes an exhaustive study of the murder of the 3 young women from Alcasser, raped and tortured by the fugitive Antonio Angles and his accomplice Miguel Ricart, who has now been free for a few years.
The production of the Netflix platform analyzes the current status of the case, conducting new interviews that reveal how the media coverage was, how the police were planned and organized, and how the controversial trial was held and developed.
Netflix offers us a first advance on the documentary of the Alcasser Case. | Netflix.
This case had a great media repercussion , so much so that a few hours after the bodies of the young women were found, the national television programs moved and set up their plate in the Valencian town, interviewing the parents, relatives and friends of the victims.
According to official sources, the documentary has all the protagonists of the events in order to finally reveal what happened that tragic November 1992 in Alcasser, thus providing the opportunity for all to faithfully reflect its truth.

The Netflix trailer
premiered on June 9 a preview of the series on the Alcasser case, where it was published that they would present new interviews and an updated review of the evidence , shedding light on the murder of the 3 young women in 1992 with unknowns still unsolved .

When does ‘El Caso Alcasser’ premiere?
The docuseries premiered last Friday, June 14 on the Netflix streaming platform . It is the first original Spanish documentary series and it was broadcast globally in all countries.

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