How do you dress on the weekend? Elegant or sporty? It all depends on the evening project you have and who you want to live it with. The outfit ideas are many and you can be elegant and fashionable while remaining dressed in practical and comfortable clothes. The decision of what to wear is important above all in order not to disfigure with those who dress in fashion or in any case with a touch of personal class. For this reason, here we offer you 10 fashion outfit ideas for the cool evenings of your weekend. 

Elegance and simplicity

A young woman, who loves to go around the city in the evening, enjoy the clubs and friends, must dress simply and practically, while remaining elegant. The idea is that of the short miniskirt-jacket complete, possibly dark, combined with a neutral blouse. Sports shoes do not clash if they adapt to the appeal of the handbag or backpack.

Extravagant elegance

Choose an outfit with very wide long trousers, matching top and jacket, small and practical handbag but flat and sporty shoes. Don’t feel weird, you are just very modern!

Photo: Anubhawand Instagram: ubanubhawanand

Long dress to never go wrong

In the long run you are never wrong, but beware. The event you go to must be worth it. Long dress and high heels at the club are not the happiest idea. Long dresses are still combined with shrugs or very short jackets.

Skirt and boot

In 2020, long boots are in fashion, those that cover up to the knee. On a weekend evening, these go very well with a short, loose skirt with a refined blouse or sweater. High heels, of course. And shoulder bag.

Skirt and sock

The extravagance of the year and the “nylon pedal”, that is the very short sock (from the ankle) that can be worn without fear with elegant shoes and heels! Above, however, a sporty or moderately elegant outfit is better: skirt, blouse and jacket.

Practice for the countryside

To spend the weekend in the house in the country, you need a practical outfit but not for this sloppy.

Jeans and a checked sweater / shirt are great, paired with canvas shoes or flat ankle boots. To cover it all, a trendy coat, long to the ankles, perhaps with bright colors that recall the colors of nature. The backpack is for you.

The skirt is also good for the sea

For a weekend at the beach, the long coat is always the ideal solution in case of sudden cold. Underneath, however, you are not forced to wear trousers or jeans, a light dress, a skirt, to be covered with heavier sweaters or shrugs is also fine. The floral patterns always perfect for the environment. Flat shoes and backpack are also recommended in this case to complete your fashion outfit.

Practical for men

If you want to remain comfortable and practical on the weekend, wherever you go, try the “masculine” fashion outfit: men’s cut trousers, wide sweater or sweatshirt, but elegant scarf around the neck and high heel – alternatively a wedge shoe. Shoulder or shoulder bag.

If you go on a trip

If you are going to travel for two days, you will bring the essentials with you. The ideal outfit to face the stress of moving must be comfortable and beautiful: we suggest trendy jeans (with rips), a sporty sweatshirt or neutral blouse, and a jacket. At the foot tennis shoes or low boots. Shoulder bag or backpack as your favorite fashion accessories.

A nice suit to be sporty

The good news is that tracksuits are in fashion in 2020, for every occasion. So if you are forced to stay at home – perhaps inviting friends over to you – you can welcome guests wearing a neutral colored onesie, combined with low ankle boots or sneakers, and warm colored jackets.