What better than some good cereals to start the morning strong?
Combined with milk and a piece of fruit, they are an ideal alternative for breakfast. Here we help you choose the best cereal brands , and many of them will sound familiar to you because they have been the favorites of children and adults for years.
Do you remember the Chocapic, those chocolate petals with such a particular flavor
? And what about the sweet Little Stars with which you felt as a child in the milky way? You will
also discover the best dietary brands, and some without gluten .

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1. Brands of breakfast cereals.
2. Gluten-free cereal brands.
3. Brands of diet cereals. The best brands of cereals for breakfast
Wholegrain rice and wheat cereals, classic or chocolate, there is something for all tastes. Here you will find a description of the best cereal brands you can find on the market, produced by the multinationals Kellogg’s and Nestle. 1. Choco Krispies
One of the star products of the American multinational food company Kellogg’s has recently presented a new recipe that reduces the sugar content by 43%.. With that, these chocolate cereals remain one of the best brands on the market and one of the best-selling brands in the world.
Within its wide range of products, this is the most attractive, especially for children, and the company’s philosophy is to offer a food with less and less sugar and sodium , while including nutrients committed to health such as vitamin D. , fiber and iron. The goal is to offer more with less.
The current recipe for Choco Krispies contains a base of toasted rice and a rich source of vitamins with lots of iron (and no palm oil). Combined with milk and a piece of fruit , this will be the best option for your children to start the day with energy. 2. Nesquick
The Nestle house has managed to consolidate Nesquik as one of the best brands thanks to a distinguished flavor that makes it special and different from the rest . With its continuous innovations in the field of food, it has achieved a healthier product thanks to whole grains, with iron, calcium and vitamins, without colorants or sweeteners.
It is known that Nesquik, both the cocoa powder and the cereals, has a legion of fans around the world who assure it of loyalty and unconditional support . Presented in the form of fun cocoa balls, it is one of the favorites of children, who obtain through these cereals a rich source of vitamins and minerals without palm oil. 3. Corn Flakes
Kellogg’s flagship product for the adult public is Corn Flakes, small sheets of toasted cereal made from corn kernels that were patented as far back as 1894. Since then, these corn flakes have been a favorite breakfast among consumers for its flavor and composition.
However, the story behind its origin is curious and deserves to be told. Did you know that Corn Flakes were born to prevent masturbation
Follower of the Seventh-day Adventists, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, a firm opponent of any sexual activity, prohibited spicy and salty foods in his sanatorium, believing that they increased libido.
To prevent patients from masturbating, this doctor and his brother devised some cereal flakes that began to serve patients as an anti-masturbatory remedy.
Beyond this curious story, you should know that today Corn Flakes contain a low level of sugar and sodium, and are rich in antioxidants and vitamin B.
The best brands of cereals according to their quality. | Image from: Rawpixel. 4. Golden Grahams
For fans of cornflakes who nevertheless prefer original and nuanced products, Golden Grahams has been an established product for decades. Many users venerate this brand of cereals because it has two characteristics that make it irresistible: they are sweet and crunchy.
Golden Grahams is a product made by Nestle based on roasted corn and wheat cereals with 8.4% sugar and 5.8 calories. It also contains vitamin B and vitamin D, as well as folic acid, iron, calcium and other minerals. Within the products that are on the market, it can be considered mid-high range, in terms of price . 5. Chocapic Chocapic
chocolate petals, a product made by Nestle, remain a classic among the best breakfast cereal brands. It is a food made with whole grains, ideal for combining them with milk , and whose refined cocoa flavor makes it a sweet alternative for the first menu of the day.
In addition to the traditional recipe that will invite many to a nostalgic trip to childhood, Chocapic has developed an extensive range of products derived from the same patent, among which are Chocapic Bio, Chocapic Chococrush and Chocapic Granola, in which are introduced nuances in the components, the form and the taste. 6. Estrellitas
How to forget that sweet rush in the morning of those cereals contained in the blue box where a bear astronaut and a spoon with honey appear. One of the children’s favorite cereals for its sweet taste, thanks to the prominence of honey in its composition , it is also one of the best brands, also for nostalgic adults.
In a 475-gram box, these honey-brown cereals contain 8% sugar and 6% calories. It is a rich and nutritious breakfast that offers vitamin B, vitamin D, folic acid, iron and calcium to start the morning to the fullest. In addition to their flavor, these cereals are very popular for their crunchy texture. 7. Special K
Not only is it one of the favorite cereal brands of consumers, not only is it one of the best, but also, these rich flakes of rice, wheat and barley produced by the house Kellogg’sThey are one of the healthiest mid-range cereals you can find.
Its rich contributions of vitamin D help your immune system, also reinforced by the amounts of iron that help you achieve dynamism in your activities. You will feel with a special vitality thanks to vitamin B 12, and the protein helps you feel strong. It also has a wide range of derivatives with flavors and nutritional specificities .

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The best brands of gluten-free cereals
During the night, the levels of carbohydrates and sugar are reduced and have to be recovered with a good breakfast. The following brands of cereals provide all the necessary nutrients for them, with special attention to celiacs. 8. Gluten-free muesli
One of the best brands of gluten-free cereals on the market today are the Muesli, in addition to a very advantageous quality-price ratio . As a base for gluten-free muesli, cereals or combinations of cereals such as rice and millet, or pseudo-cereals such as amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat are used.
Thanks to this rich composition, muesli offers all its benefits, which, among others, contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates to give you all the energy you need in the morning. It is also a food rich in fiber , so having breakfast with these cereals guarantees a regulation of intestinal transit. 9. Corn Flakes Esgir
These Corn Flakes with the appearance of the originals will offer you the same energy as the traditional recipe but with a plus, as it is designed for a gluten-free breakfast . These cereals manufactured by the Esgir brand are made from gluten-free corn flour, one more alternative to add to your list of gluten-free products.
In addition, as an extra advantage of these cereals designed for celiacs (and not celiacs), is the fact that they are indicated for people who are lactose intolerant . Among its ingredients are corn, sugar, salt and emulsifiers such as sunflower lectin and vitamins among which there are many from group B. 10. Schar
One of the pioneering and leading brands in the production of gluten-free cereals is the German Schar. If you are wondering which are the best gluten-free brands, you have to look at this brand because, in addition to offering you a healthy and quality product, they have a wide range of the most delicious proposals on the market.
You can resort to the classic gluten-free Corn Flakes oat flakes, made fromWholemeal corn gluten-free flour cereals , but at the same time designed for those who are lactose intolerant. But you can also opt, for example, for the Milly Magic, some crunchy chocolate balls. 11. Quinua Real
We conclude the list of gluten-free cereal brands with a solvent and very interesting brand, Quinua Real, which has several products on the market, among which the Quinoa Granola with apple and cinnamon stands out . These are more sophisticated breakfasts that will cost you a little more money, although very well invested.
In this case you will enjoy a rich combination of cereals with a predominance of quinoa (a most nutritious ingredient with many benefits) with a sweet touch of toasted oats, dehydrated apple,raisins and cinnamon from organic farming . A most original breakfast ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
Gluten-free cereals for intolerant. | Image by: Nirzar Pangarkar. The best brands of diet cereals
We enter the increasingly popular category of diet cereals, ideal for losing weight but also to enjoy the usual rich breakfasts based on cereals but with more nutrients and healthier . 12. All Bran Plus
All-Bran Plus is one of the most popular diet cereal brands and one of the most effective on the market to help your digestion. The entire Kellogg’s All-Bran Plus range is made from natural bran fiber to promote digestive health., ensuring the recommended fiber levels per person per day.
Kellogg’s also offers a wide range of cereals with original recipes that combine flavor with digestive health, and that will allow you to enjoy a rich breakfast while preserving the pure flavor of cereals on your palate, from the traditional recipe based on from whole and toasted corn to crispy chocolate balls. 13. Fitness Original
Without a doubt, one of the best dietary brands that you will find on the market and one of the favorites of consumers are the Original Fitness from the Nestle brand. These are cereal flakes with whole wheat, rice and vegetable oats with 30% less sugar and generous amounts of fiber and B vitamins.
They are also low in fat and offer a rich variety of nutrients such as iron and calcium, following the careful and rigorous line of Nestle products . They are ideal to combine every morning with milk and a piece of fruit, obtain the energy you need without gaining weight and regulate, incidentally, intestinal transit. 14. Fiber 1
The nutritional resources contained in the 450 gram packages of the Fiber 1 Crunchy Original make it one of the best brands of diet cereals on the market, with an attractive combination of flavor and a mixture of healthy ingredients to lose weight and receive the necessary nutrients with a rich supply of fiber .
The nutritional data of the Fiber 1 informs us that in a serving we have 90 calories and 0.5 grams of fat, although 0 saturated fat, no cholesterol and only 5% sodium. 60% of the nutrients are dietary fiber (15 grams total) and 9% are carbohydrates. There is also 4% vitamins, 30% iron and 10% calcium. 15. Linea Classic
One of the favorite cereals of buyers according to statistics are the Linea Classic from the white brand of Dia supermarkets, which are also endorsed by experts as one of the best. One of the reasons, in addition to its components, is obviously the low price : 500 grams around 2 euros.
These are rice and whole wheat flakes presented as thetraditional straight of the Corn Flakes of all life, although in this case the nutrients favor digestive health and help maintain a healthy and balanced diet. One of the most solid and economical options on the market among the dietary offer.

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