The Little Prince is one of those books that many of us have had to read from a very young age. In this article we are going to discover the best phrases of The Little Prince and reflect with them.
The original name in French is Le Petit Prince, and it was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and published in 1943. A year later, its author died at just 44 years of age.

The Little Prince: famous quotes and philosophy
The book of The Little Prince is categorized as a novel, a priori for children, but also within the philosophy novel subgenre.
The story that this work tells brings endless reflections, which deserved to appear compiled in a list of the best phrases of The Little Prince; but first let’s remember the argument above:
The novel tells, through an adult narrator (who is also a pilot, like the author of the book) the experience he had after suffering an accident with his plane and meeting a child , whom he calls The Little Prince.
Through the experience and the moments they share together, Saint-Exupery manages to convey a series of deep reflections on topics such as human nature, the change from childhood to adult life, as well as on love and friendship.

Best phrases of The Little Prince
Now yes, we are going to discover and comment on the best phrases of The Little Prince. Ideal for reflecting, sharing and commenting, many of these famous quotes will accompany you, if you internalize them well, for the rest of your life.

1. I wonder if the stars light up so that one day, everyone can find their own

Many of the best phrases of The Little Prince revolve around metaphors with the human being using other elements such as stars or roses.
In this case, the Little Prince reflects on whether the human being gives the best of himself to shine in the eyes of others and to be able to establish bonds of affection.

2. The little prince, who asked me many questions, never seemed to hear mine.
It usually happens when the questions asked are not appropriate or are focused on topics other than the ideas of the other person.

3. I have strong reasons to believe that the planet from which the little prince came was the asteroid B 612. This asteroid has been seen only once with the telescope in 1909, by a Turkish astronomer.
I know that this phrase from The Little Prince will not tell you much, but wait until you read the next one to continue with the reflection. It’s worth it.

4. This astronomer made a great demonstration of his discovery at an International Astronomy Congress. But no one believed him because of the way he dressed. Older people are like that. Fortunately for the reputation of the asteroid B 612, a Turkish dictator imposed on his people, under penalty of death, the European dress. Then the astronomer returned to report on his discovery in 1920 and since he was wearing a very elegant suit, everyone accepted his demonstration.
Great scientific advances have been stalled for many years (or decades) for irrational reasons unrelated to science. But in literature or in almost any other area as well.

The importance of appearance seems to be central in society , even when it changes and ends up contradicting itself.

5. Do men
, the winds carry them, because they have no roots and not having them causes them bitterness

? We fight to achieve independence , but we end up falling into the big mistake that, an excess of it, ends up becoming the most lethal poison that exists? .

6. It was the time you spent with your rose that made it so important.
There is another version of this famous quote from The Little Prince that says: “What makes your rose more important is the time you have wasted with it.”
In both cases, The Little Prince shows that the value of things (and above all, of other people) appears and increases as you invest time in caring for them and accompanying them.

7. For the vain all other men are admirers
A classic mistake. For the paranoid everyone is hostile , for the vain, as this phrase from The Little Prince shows, everyone is an admirer.

8. Good! I admire you (said the little prince shrugging his shoulders), but what use is he to you?
The human being likes to feel admired, valuable, but it is of little use other than to feed the ego of the person in question. One of the best phrases of The Little Prince, as well as simple.

9. I drink to forget that I am a drunk
The dialogue that the Little Prince has with the drunk is, at least from my point of view, one of the best moments of the work. A clear example of how a problem usually feeds on itself .
A great reflection of The Little Prince that we must not forget.

10. I’ll look at you out of the corner of my eye and you won’t say anything. The word is a source of misunderstandings
Verbal language is one of the great advances in human evolution since being able to walk on two legs (and now legs).But it is still far from perfect .