Cats are not just companions for life and moments of relaxation, each breed needs special care and to be able to best express their personality and potential.

With the right advice you will know if you are suitable for hosting these cat breeds, or if it is better to think about changing. Some need to release energy and space to run and play , others are more docile and relaxed in nature.

If you have a hectic life, perhaps it is better to avoid breeds that need particular attention, if you have little time to devote themselves to the game, it is also better to choose cats that prefer to cradle on the sofa , close to their owners.

Just like dogs, cats therefore respond to their instincts based on their breed and it is important to keep this particularity in mind when deciding to adopt one to make it our playmate and everyday companion.

Let’s see together the 10 cats and the breeds suitable for every type of personality

10) Bombay Americano

The American Bombay is a very quiet breed that does not like too much energetic activity. If you are connected to apartment life and you love spending evenings at home, between the sofa and friends, the Bombay is the cat for you. Playful, affectionate and family-friendly , the Bombay cat prefers to purr and you will rarely hear him meow.

9) The Ragdoll cat

And an American selection and given the name “Rag Doll” you can imagine how friendly this cat can be . It has some typical characteristics of dogs (such as the ability to bring back objects, if trained) and is very sociable towards other pets. If you already have pets, then the Ragdoll could be a suitable choice and if you like medium-sized cats with soft coats … well this is definitely the right choice for you!

8) The Burmese

Originally from Thailand, these cats are among the longest-lived. The average life span is 18 years and there is a legend that has accompanied its existence for many centuries. This breed is said to be direct descendants of that of the sacred cats of Burma . The Burmese cat is divided into American or European depending on the color and has a sociable and quiet disposition. However, it needs some special attention, so it is suitable for those who love to take care of their four-legged friend.

7) The Persian

It seems that its origins are very ancient, dating back to 1600. Their coat is precious , because it has more than 200 combinations of different colors and with regular repetitions. The Persian is suitable for those who live in small spaces , because it does not need large sizes and in fact a very quiet cat and will love both your armchair and your bed!

6) The Chartreux

If you like stories from antiquity, you will love that of the Carthusian. A cat with gray-blue fur, which seems to date back to 1100, the era of Templar I France . They are great rat hunters and although they love to be with the family, they often become attached to one of the members of the nucleus in which they live. The Carthusians are not particularly territorial , so if you have to move often they will come with you without particular problems, they are active and love to play.

5) The European

Or simply called “brindle” and was recognized in 1982. The particular stripes that form an “M” on the head are typical of this breed of cats, which seem to derive directly from the Egyptian one . The European cat is playful and intelligent, very attentive and curious. Since he was a child he knows how to keep active (and keep active the family that decides to adopt him). Some dogs prefer play to affection , so if you are willing to do physical activity, you will never be alone!

4) The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat arrived from Thailand around 1800. It is a docile but extremely communicative breed. If you are active and like to communicate, the Siamese could be for you. The meow is almost a language , so much so that this specimen manages to make itself understood by its masters much more easily than the others. His energy is to be vented with play and walks … get ready with a nice leash to make frequent trips to the park.

3) Siberian cat

Called the “hypoallergenic” cat because it does not produce the protein that causes human allergy (no, it is not the hair that causes it!) The Siberian cat is a splendid breed halfway between the wild cat of the woods and the Siberian breed of the 1050. In this breed the males even adore the water. Sturdy and affectionate, they usually choose their owner, tolerate other animals very well and love the outdoors . If you love adventures, the Siberian cat will be ready to follow you.

2) He Maine Coon

The name says it all. This breed hails from Maine and has medium to long hair. It is a natural breed , the oldest in the United States. Males vary in weight from 7 to 11 kg and females from five to 7. Obviously they need care, due to their particularly pronounced hair and tail and they love to hunt (even in the rain or in the snow) so it is necessary to pay attention to the his habits… and very agile even if it may seem the opposite.

1) cane

The Bengal is one of the closest breeds to the Asian leopards . The breed is the result of a cross, which has led to truly wild specimens with an aptitude for hunting. It definitely needs space to run and chase its “prey” and is extremely lively . He is also capable of becoming attached to his owners, but his parents must be ready to blow him up and let off steam before taking him home (or have a very spacious fireplace)!