Unfortunately, there are unsafe areas of the planet where it is better not to travel. For example, crime rates are through the roof in some of Mexico’s most dangerous neighborhoods, where crimes are committed even in broad daylight.

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The 3 most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico
What turns some neighborhoods into important hotspots with high levels of crime and where it is better not to go is the result of the social maladjustment of some people, plus the proximity of roads through which public transport passes. shops ; something that encourages assaults.
Let’s see which are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico City and other major cities in the country.

The most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico are: Colonia Morelos, Central de Abastos and Olivar del Conde.

1. Colonia Morelos
The neighborhood of Tepito, also known as “El Barrio Bravo”, is the heart of small-scale drug distribution, as well as other criminal activities, basically the sale of products stolen from the robbed trucks whose routes cross the streets of the neighborhood. or the distribution of pirated products.
It seems that a criminal gang nicknamed ‘Union Tepito’ has a monopoly on the main illegal activities that take place in this dangerous Mexican colony. As if that were not enough, this criminal cell is sustained thanks to the extortion of shopkeepers and the control of drug retail by street dealers.
Inevitably, murders due to settling scores, homicides, robberies and extortions are the order of the day in Colonia Morelos, where the sun does not have to set to witness any of these events.

2. Central de Abastos
Another dangerous neighborhood in Mexico City is the Central de Abastos, in the Iztapalapa delegation. There, several drug gangs operate, which have established their operations center from where they prepare their plans.
Thanks to its privileged situation, due to the fact that the main roads and routes pass through the Central de Abastos or near it; In its day, this colony became one of the largest wholesale markets in the world , since it received the products that are distributed both in the rest of the capital and throughout the country.
However, this circumstance was taken advantage of to establish in the Central de Abastos a key place from which to send fruit trucks full of drugs hidden in double bottoms to the points of sale. This has led to an increase in extortion of merchants to use their transport and products such as sonelo, shootouts between rival gangs for control of the area and even executions.

3. Olivar del Conde
The labyrinthine streets and alleys of Olivar del Conde have made it an ideal enclave for assaults on public transport (mostly buses and taxis), something that favors criminals to slip away without leaving a trace with his loot, after looting his victims.
Although we speak of another type of crime, more related to a marginal environment and left than the others that we have mentioned, it is not an impediment to consider it one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico. Despite the fact that the authorities are aware of what is happening there, given their passivity, the neighbors have already warned that they are going to form neighborhood patrols and exercise justice by their own hands if this scourge is not put to an end.

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3 other Mexican cities with very dangerous
neighborhoods It is often mistakenly considered that Mexico City is the only focus of crime in the country, but the truth is that other Mexican cities also have very dangerous neighborhoods.

1. Tijuana
The city of Tijuana has the dubious honor of supporting 50% of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the entire country .

May 10, Mariano Matamoros, Centro, Aleman or Zona Norte
Although it is true that the prevention campaigns are aimed at reducing the number of crimes in all the neighborhoods considered dangerous in Mexico , these are the priorities that most concern the government of the town.

2. Veracruz
Veracruz is one of the states of Mexicowith the highest levels of crime . These are the main neighborhoods to avoid:

La Centro
Considered the most dangerous neighborhood in the port of Veracruz, since sadly it is at the forefront of homicides resulting from organized crime and shootings, according to the Quadratin Agency website. Other crimes that also take place with some frequency are assaults on homes and vehicles , public or private.

Other dangerous neighborhoods in Veracruz
In order, they are: Xalapa (at the head in crimes related to violence against women), Coatzacoalcos , Poza Rica and Cordoba.

3. Guadalajara

Guadalajara has about 450 colonies, although around 90 are considered especially dangerous, because that is where most homicides are committed. The proportion ranges from 1 to 5 people murdered in only 20% of the neighborhoods in Guadalajara:

La Echeverria
leads the list with the highest number of intentional homicides .

Colonia del Fresno
In second place, with a somewhat lower proportion than La Echeverria.

La Perla, Magana, Lomas del Paraiso, Lomas del Country
These neighborhoods have the same proportion of homicides .

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