The anima is a concept developed by Carl Gustav Jung, one of the fathers of psychology and a disciple of Freud. For him, the anima is a being that is inside us , usually considered the feminine part of the masculine “being”,

‘ANIMA’ is also the name that Thom Yorke , leader of the legendary band Radiohead, has chosen for his new album In solitary. ‘ANIMA’, also, is the name of the audiovisual project that he has developed together with Paul Thomas Anderson (one of today’s best film directors) and with Netflix to reinvent the concept of the music video . Not from the video clip.
According to the official Netflix teaser,The project is a one-reeler , a short film of about 10 or 12 minutes that was usually included in longer films in the silent film era.
Whatever it is, ‘ANIMA’ is one more example that we are not as close to the cultural apocalypse as it seems, and that Netflix is ​​not just a streaming platform that is committed to creating one product after another to engage as many people as possible. . Netflix well used, and Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke have used it well, it can also be a way of reinventing what we thought was obsolete ,
There is a term that comes from Russian formalism that, translated, we could call “estrangement”. This estrangement (or D¾N N‚N€D°D½DµD½D¸Dµ) is what makes the work of art be considered as such. The work of art should make us feel non-comfortable, it cannot be assumed and that’s it. When the video clip came out, and when Michael Jackson elevated it in his ‘Thriller’, we witnessed that phenomenon of estrangement: the music seemed different to us because of the images that accompanied it .
That magical effect of the video clip (which MTV knew how to amortize first and exploit later) has now been lost. In the age of YouTube and Instagram, when everything is video and even music has often become an excuse to show off with the video clip, this ‘ANIMA’ appears on Netflix ready to “miss us” again .
A true wonder.
‘ANIMA’, the short by Thom Yorke and PT Anderson for Netflix | Netflix

What is ‘ANIMA’?
Well , ‘ANIMA’ is a short musical in which Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke want (I think) to overcome the current concept of a video clip and do a different and relevant job.
In ‘ANIMA’ we find first a subway car full of sleeping people, all dressed the same, with the classic uniform dystopian clothes, it would seem any day at 7 in the morning with people going to work . The music plays and everyone begins to do a “dream” theme choreography (first connection with the subconscious) in which they change their posture as we change when we sleep: to accommodate ourselves.
In those, Thom Yorke, who stars in the one-reeler, has an exchange of glances with a woman who is on the other side of the car. They miss each other, the choreography continues and the subway stops. Everyone leaves and Yorke hurries to grab a metal sandwich maker that appears to belong to the woman.
When they all want to get out of the subway (everyone goes to the same stop) Thom Yorke can’t get out of the turnstile . At this point it’s already clear that ‘ANIMA’ is like a dream. Or without the how.
From there we move on to another phase, in which in his effort to recover the sandwich maker, and after visiting a kind of abandoned sand building, Yorke joins a group of people dressed like those from the subway in another surreal choreography on a platform that bends over and moves from side to side. There people always do the same thing over and over again, even when Yorke tries to improvise and grab on to one’s leg, everyone imitates him.
Yorke ends up alone and in the middle of a wind that carries papers and things. Look puzzled. This part of the one-reeler seems to mean a discovery, a hallucinogenic revelation, because later Yorke returns to the real world.
Specifically to the streets of Prague, where he meets the woman. There the two, without people, can be together: they play moving one on top of the other, one in front of the other; they smile for the first time.
In this part of ‘ANIMA’ Thom Yorke and the woman run and feel free and want to be together . Without everything that captured them in the previous scenes, in which, by the way, two different songs from the Yorke album have already been played: ‘Not The News’ and ‘Traffic’. The last one is called “Dawn Chorus”.
It is, for me, the most beautiful part. After all the restlessness of the search for the metal sandwich maker and the woman carried out by Thom Yorke, they finally meet, they are in harmony and they breathe . The trip ends in another tram that stops in the middle of a park. It dawns and the dream ends.
The work of Paul Thomas Anderson and his team is truly incredible. Precious. This one-reeler is one of those things that reconcile you with cinema and audiovisual .

The meaning of ‘ANIMA’ (or one of them)
Knowing the meaning of anima for Jung and seeing the one-reeler we can venture, without fear of being very wrong, that what Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke want to show is a representation of the subconscious .
The journey begins with “being asleep”, the first step to be able to immerse ourselves in what is inside us. That’s when he meets his soul, the woman he looks at in the subway car and then loses sight of when people and the real world, represented by the subway turnstilesThey prevent you from continuing.
Thom Yorke can’t move forward on his dream | Netflix

The process of reaching the anima can be difficult , they seem to tell us, and it’s done alone. After passing through the semi-ruined sand, he manages to reach an unstable platform, where people imitate each other and where nothing is fixed or constant. There Yorke fights against all odds to get what he wants. But before he can do it, he must be left alone. The wind whips up and he seems to fall into a state of hallucination reminiscent of having a drug trip.
Only after this, after having abandoned the fight, when he sits down and it is the world that moves but he does not, he falls and appears in Prague, where he meets the woman as if he had never left. The dream has ended well and he is free and happy. He has achieved his goal. He has managed to connect with his anima of him. Only after that he rests.
Being a lyrical, non-narrative project, it is certain that it has a thousand different readings. It can also be a vision of love. In any case, it is very positive that Netflix is ​​launching itself to explore these territories.

What does ‘ANIMA’ mean for Netflix
Netflix has been in the spotlight since its popularity began to grow. With the facility they have to produce films and series, many of them disposable,many professionals in the guild, as well as festivals and important awards have rejected the platform .
It is true that a considerable part of the content that Netflix puts out is easy to consume, which does not mean that it is bad… However, even for its most staunch fans, Netflix is ​​a platform on which to gorge on series and movies for a very low price (although now they are going to raise it).

‘ANIMA’ could be an opportunity for Netflix to differentiate itself and bet on innovative and different content. Something that only they can do and that elevates a genre: that of the music video. By having a different look than YouTube or the like, the video can reinvent itself.
And if (although this is less likely) Netflix wants to go further, it has the money, the power and the creators in its hands to give birth to new genres, or take risks with more innovative proposals.
As Thom Yorke has always taken risks with his music, with which he has succeeded and failed. Here he is in a state of grace and the success is total. let it last
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