Have you ever slept with your best friend
? Have you ever thought how easy it would be to go out with your childhood friend instead of your ex?
Be careful what you wish for. Especially when technology is involved. Something like this is intended to tell us from Black Mirror in this fifth season with Striking Vipers .

Danny is almost 40 years old and works in a normal office, wears normal clothes, has a family that loves him – his son Tyler, his wife Theo, with whom he has been together for more than 10 years– and a nice house, with a garden. However, he seems apathetic, and at night, after reading a story to her son, he spends his time playing video games instead of looking forward to fathering a second offspring with his wife.
In those comes his birthday, 38, and a barbecue in the garden, and mundane conversations with the parents of Tyler’s school. But Karl is also coming! His best friend and his and Theo’s ex-roommate when they leave university, and surprise gives him Striking Vipers X, the latest version of that video game they spent hours hooked on when they shared a flat. Now with a novelty: it is played with virtual reality.

Beyond reality (Spoilers)
I guess when you become your own video game warrior and the blows hurt; Or do you feel like you can jump several meters vertically, land in a perfect maneuver so that your back doesn’t break, run past your opponent and land a flying kick to the head, instead of pressing button combos with your fingers? thumbs, you think you are the king of the world and you want more and more of that feeling. Imagine that you suddenly slept with a rival. Imagine that it is your friend Karl . And that he is amazing.
Analysis of Striking Vipers, first chapter of the fifth season. | Netflix.
How do you get back to the real world
? What’s better than sex straight into your brain with the perfect body of a video game fighter?
This is what Striking Vipers unravels in a chapter that shakes the viewer again.
On this occasion, Booker and Owen Harris (the director of the famous San Junipero) decide that it will be through the showing and not the telling that they will lead us to a situation so strange as to ask you if it would not be better to leave the virtual world for “certain things” like getting sick of having sex , and on top of that with your best friend, without having to feel “strange” as if you had to pull down his pants with your hands and not with your brain.
In this new installment of the Black Mirror universe, in which it seems that the creators of PlaytestingThey have already perfected their virtual reality video game technique, many things are pointed out but none are achieved. We explain it.

in the first round of the fifth season of Black Mirror

Striking Vipers is not San Junipero. In addition to sharing director, screenwriter and a certain theme there is not a single hint of the narrative brilliance that was in the episode of the third season. The characters do not develop their motivations and, although we are in a dystopian series, so much passivity in the performances, as much languid look at the environment as Danny’s … I don’t know Rick, it seems fake.
Season 5 of ‘Black Mirror’ is not off to a very good start. | Netflix.
It’s like, yeahIn this fifth season, Black Mirror would have limited itself a bit and stopped looking for that go a little further that characterized it until the fourth season. A bit like the protagonists of Striking Vipers are limited to drooling in underpants plugged into virtual reality. Although perhaps I am talking about it without having tried it and in a couple of years I will stop writing to dedicate myself to having superhuman experiences with artificial intelligences . I do not know.
What I do know is that I’m glad I was wrong and started this fifth season of Black Mirror with the episode of Miley Cyrus (Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too), which, without being the best in the series, defends itself much better against the magnificent baggage of Charlie Booker’s fiction. There is no second chance for a first impression and Miley eats ex-Avengers Anthony Mackie .

Something happens with Black Mirror that doesn’t come like before… And, maybe it’s too soon to say it but, if it has something to do with Netflix smearing you with bills… I will never forgive you, Charlie Booker, EVER.
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