One of the characteristics of the language is that sometimes it does not have to be interpreted literally, as is the case with many Mexican phrases and typical sayings. These phrases, widely used in more informal conversations, only make sense to natives and may sound strange or ambiguous to those who are not familiar with this way of speaking. To prevent this from happening, we have compiled them in the following lines.

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Funny Mexican phrases
If you walk through the streets of any town in Mexico, it is more than likely that you will hear one of these witty sayings, well known among the locals. 1. I go to 100 A
large part of the repertoire of typical Mexican phrases use numbers to illustrate what they mean. In this case, when someone “goes at 100” it means that they are full of energy to face any challenge that lies ahead.
“Unlike Mondays, on Fridays when I wake up I’m already at 1002. El mal del pig Something common after a copious and heavy meal, is to have the so-called ‘bad pig’. And it is that with so many nachos, burritos, fajitas and enchiladas, the strange thing is not to feel the stomach full to bursting.
“When my mom cooks on Sundays, she gives us all the sickness of the pig3. Roll up the petate
A funny way that in Mexico they have to say that someone has died .
“Have you heard ?
Marisa’s grandmother has already rolled up the petate4. Being urgent
Even times of sexual drought have their own Mexican expression.
“Since she hasn’t got a partner, she hasn’t met anyone else and she’s really in a hurry5. Going to chat
Sometimes it happens that, when we go shopping, we end up spending the money on something that we did not need and that was not what we were going to look for in the first place.
“I just needed to get his glasses fixed, but he went to chat and ended up buying some earrings and a necklace.” 6. Go to chambear Saying that ‘let’s go to work’ is too boring , but we are not sure if ‘going to chambear’ makes it more enjoyable and digestible.
“Tomorrow morning I can’t, I have to go to work7. With tongue I eat a taco Do you know someone who lies frequently and pretends that we believe his liesIf so, you can answer his bragging with this famous phrase made in Mexico.
“Do you want me to believe all that string of nonsense , of
course, and with my tongue I eat a taco …” 8. Like the dog with the two cakes
There are Mexican sayings that have a double meaning. In the first place, it is used to talk about a person who loads himself with tasks but then is unable to carry them all out .
“You are like the dog with two cakes : you always make several plans and then you have to cancel them because you have organized yourself poorly”
Likewise, it also serves to designate someone who has more than one option and in the end everything ends up being unfavorable .
“His position was almost guaranteed in the new company, he announced that he was leaving his current job and in the end they chose another person, so now he is unemployed. He was like the dog with the two cakes ”. 9. Pretend that the Virgin is speaking to you
A subtle way of turning a deaf ear when we are not interested in what they tell us or we want to avoid answering a question.
“Whenever someone asks her about her love life , she pretends that the Virgin is talking to her and leaves” 10. Donkey meat is not transparent
It is used when one person prevents another from seeing something that she was contemplating . Didn’t you ever hear it at school
“Victor, I don’t see the blackboard anddonkey meat is not transparent …”
Popular expressions and jokes from Mexico. | Image from: Frederik 11. I’m on the 1
If there are funny Mexican expressions to talk about lack of sex, why can’t there be one to refer to when you have a tremendous desire to pee
“As soon as we get to house
I ask myself to be the first to go to the bathroom, because I’m 1 ” .
“The mistake is already done, do not try to cover the male’s eye because it is useless”Popular Mexican Phrases and Other Expressions
Pay attention when you hear the following expressions so you don’t have to wonder what they mean. 13. They bagged Chuchita
An appropriate response if they try to sneak a lie into us and we smell what is happening .
“And what else are you going to tell me
? That Chuchita was
bagged ?
” . In short, it can refer to the same moment in which you are speaking or during the next few minutes .
“There is no rush, come right nowwhen you can” 15. Come
on There is no more effective way to goad someone into moving or doing something .
“Come on , you’re going to be late for school!” 16. Good vibes
If you are someone who gives off ‘good vibes’, you are someone whose company is pleasant because it gives off optimism .
“I like that you join our group , because you
always transmit good vibesspecify what you mean to say.
“Stopsing and get to the point already!” 18. Chido
If something is ‘chido’ it means that you find it very nice or that you agree with something that they say to you .
“That new dress of yours is very cool19. Give flight to the thread
There are people who do not care about their actions and who act on impulse, without reflecting on what they do.
“As long as you keep giving flight to the thread , you’re going to have problems” 20. He who is parakeet, wherever he wants is green Those who like to brag that they perform in any activity of daily life.
“I did an excellent exam. If thathe who is a parakeet, wherever he wants is green
With these collection of phrases you will be able to understand Mexicans better. | Image by: Mafer Benitez / Unsplash. 21. This father If you like something, but without getting so excited as to say ‘chido’.
“Saturday’s plan was good father22. Estar de 10
Another proof that many popular Mexican phrases use numbers to express an idea. In this case, what ‘is out of 10’ is valued as very good .
“It is difficult to find a movie that is 10, but sometimes it happens” 23. You are going and you do not see
There are times when, due to unconsciousness or not paying attention, we do not notice something that is evidentand that we have practically before our eyes.
“I don’t know how you don’t realize that he likes you, if you’re going and you don’t see !” 24. Going to suck
Careful, evil-minded, contrary to what you may be thinking, it is an expression to indicate that we are going to go for a drink with friends .
“Hey, are we going out this Friday to suck ?
25. Send
In Mexico, if we don’t understand what they tell us and ask for clarification, the typical ‘what? ‘ is not used.
Mande ,
I didn’t understand anything you said” 26. I’m worth mother
In other words: ‘I don’t care about anything’ .
“What you tell me is worth mother” 27. Neither very very, nor so so
An imprecise way to point out that the extremes are not good, but that the ideal is in the middle ground . A kind of synonym of ‘more or less’.
“- Do we have to dress up for dinner?
* Not very very, not really, really28. Don’t suck
There are times when we are surprised, we don’t like it or it is difficult for us to believe what they tell us . In any of these cases, we will say ‘no mames’.
Don’t suck , how is she going to go out with you if she’s with the other one ?
29. What ‘s up A friendly way of greeting , very widespread especially among the youngest.
“What ‘s up , kid
? Is everything okay?
30. Stay at 6
A very Mexican way of saying that news has surprised us a lot .
I stayed from 6 when I found out that they had hired me”

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