Imagine that you are at home, with family or friends, already bored of commenting on the best battles, what plan can you make, that is fun and entertaining at the same time?
A good option is to play a game of questions and answers, an alternative that seems having been eclipsed when today’s favorite hobby is showing videos and passing funny memes on the phone.
Many question and answer games are authentic timeless classics, although in recent times others have emerged, adapted to the format of new technologies; so if you find it difficult to detach yourself from the mobile phone, it is also a fun solution.

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8 fun question and answer board games
Below we offer a list of board games based on giving the best answer to very specific questions about different content:

1. Trivial Pursuit
World famous since the 80s, Trivial is probably the game of questions and answers to the one that has been played the most , both for the variety of its questions, and for the simplicity of its approach: the players start the game with a circular piece that they must fill with 6 other pieces, each one corresponding to a category of different questions, distributed in colors according to the area.
Players must work their way around the board, and each time they land on a color, they have to answer one of the questions in that category. If your answer is correct, you are given a token of the color belonging to that category. As soon as one of the opponents completes the circular piece, he can move freely until he reaches the center of the board, thus winning the game.

2. Tribond
Tribond is a fun game in which you have to answer that three elements have in common the image contained in each of the cards that each player is shown. Like the Trivial, in Tribond there are different categories of questions, to which we will answer correctly if we make good use of our vision capacity and sharpen our wits.

For movie lovers, Scene it is a game of questions and answers related to the seventh art. From guessing which actor it is to what is the soundtrack that sounds (thanks to a DVD that contains the scenes of the most memorable movies); Scene it
guarantees that movie lovers will have a great time .

4. Cranium
In addition to questions and answers, Cranium is a game that tests other abilities (acting, drawing or modeling with clay). In each of its 200 cards there is a fun challenge to be overcome.

5. Gambit 7
Gambit 7 is a recently created game (around 2008). The challenge is to ask questions that the player whose turn it is will have to answer. The rest of the participants have to bet based on the knowledge they believe that the player has about that subject. Do not worry if you are many, you can play up to a total of 20 people.

6. Time’s up!
There are several versions of this question and answer game, depending on your preferences (Kids, Party or Family, among others). It is that each player whose turn it is, must get the rest to guess which character, fictional or real, is the one that has touched him
making a description without directly saying his name, using a single word to describe him or using mime to see if the others are right (they have up to 30 seconds).

7. Guess the song!
This is a game that does not need any board or tokens. It is enough to have a good music player or a telephone with a good speaker to make others guess the song that is playing.
You can also ask questions about the year a song came out, who the artist is or similar questions. A game of questions and answers as fun as it is to have a good time that doesn’t require a lot of material.

8. Pasapalabra

The famous television contest Pasapalabra(adapted in dozens of countries, both in Europe and Latin America), has its version in question and answer board game format, which takes as a reference to the television program (although we are sorry to announce that there is no millionaire jackpot).