Over a decade, Suits’ ratings have been up and down but it has always remained one of the most popular series . However, since the departure in season 7 of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), one of its main characters, the series had suffered and had lost steam, so its creators thought that this season 9 was the ideal time to end it.

Season 9 Premiere Date Returns June 17in what will be its ninth and final season and will conclude as the longest original scripted series in the United States (134 episodes). This is confirmed by USA Network, which takes advantage of the launch of the last chapters of the series to release a very different spin-off: Pearson.

Cast for the new season
The series of lawyers directed by Aaron Korsh says goodbye with ten chapters in which we can see the members of the Zane Specter Litt firm in action again. Although there is little left of the initial cast (three of the six main actors, including Meghan Markle, left the series), the return of some of them is announced : Gabriel Macht returns in his leading role along with new additions such as Dule Hill and Amanda Schull.
Everything that awaits us in season 9 of Suits. | USA Network.
The Suits series is based on a prestigious New York law firm in which Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is forced to hire a new partner, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who, despite lacking a law degree, is reveals himself as an impetuous lawyer. For this last season Aaron Korsh has promised strong emotions .

A very different spin-off: the return of Jessica Pearson
Fans will be able to say goodbye to the series with the peace of mind that a new window will open thanks to the premiere of the spin-off. However, some details of the new series have already been revealed and it seems that the new installment comes with many new features and a somewhat different spirit from the successful Suits.
For the new series , the character of Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is recovered, who in season 6 had moved to Chicago and whose new professional path we can now follow. At Pearson there will be fewer lawsuits and more politics because, apparently, Jessica Pearson has substantially changed the profile of her clients.
Jessica Pearson will be the protagonist of the spin-off of Suits. | USA Network.
For the new series, Jessica Pearson is expected to play a coordinating role for several actors from Chicago’s political and economic elite.: the mayor, several politicians, real estate agents and brokers fight for their interests with Pearson’s character as a link. The emotion is guaranteed.
In fact, Jessica Pearson was one of the most beloved characters in the series until the actress asked for a break to be with her family. Aaron Korsh wanted to kill her character to give her a more dramatic ending, but he preferred to leave it in the fridge and, when screening the spin-off, he suggested that Gina Torres come back again.
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