There are those who are born simply with a little luck, there are those who help luck by keeping fit at all ages. A few weeks ago Liu Yelin has become a social star, she is offered hosted on TV and takes numerous photo shoots.

When she walks with her son, everyone mistakes her for his girlfriend : perfect skin and statuesque physique that is the envy of many models currently in circulation, fresh look and style to sell.

The secret of this sprint mother is physical activity, but also a healthy and balanced diet and certainly the love for life in the open air. In fact, Liu Yelin has a passion for swimming, but not the classic strokes in the warm waters of the seas, even and above all in the somewhat particular ones …

Who is not interested in wanting to look younger , but above all in wanting to get a physique that allows us to feel better at any age? Liu Yelin’s example will help us understand how simple it can be to take care of ourselves.


Liu Yelin has gained a lot of followers on social networks after her photos have been shared and taken by many online newspapers. The woman confessed that her secret about hers is her gym , which she has been practicing for about 30 years: weights and exercises that have allowed her to build a stunning body and a figure enviable by many younger models.

La routine di Liu Yelin

Swimming in cold water , this is one of the things Liu Yelin has loved to do for many years and which she has declared to be the secret of her youth. The cold water allows you to keep fit, of course you have to be used to it and have an iron health to swim in freezing waters without batting an eyelid and great courage. However, the efforts are largely paid off for this woman, who has a son who appears to be her age.

Ambassador for a good cause

On his social profile, in addition to posting his shots, Liu Yelin confirmed that every year for twenty years he has given blood , complete with photographic evidence to support his commitment to help others. On the Weibo profile, which is very popular in China , the woman received thousands of support messages.

Age revealed

You may be shocked to know that Liu Yelin hasn’t made a deal with the devil, but is 50 , even though he looks 25. If many people have agreed to grow old and still do it as splendidly as some show business characters, Liu it certainly also has a spectacular genetic heritage on its side.

The criticisms

In spite of many messages of support, the woman has also received some criticism , especially relating to the fact of showing herself with her son hand in hand and thus feeding the illusion about her true age . However, it happens to every web celebrity to be criticized, however Liu is mainly concerned with spreading her love for a healthy life and the happiness of choosing her.

Be yourself

The most important thing you can learn from this great female example is the love you must always feel for yourself, your body and always have consideration for your health. Liu Yelin is not only an example for the millions of Chinese fellow countrymen, but also for all of us. To remind us to never stop loving and taking care of us.