Japan is a country at the forefront of the most revolutionary technological advances, an example to follow in terms of professionalism and seriousness.
Although they are considered reserved people and not too given to social relations, the truth is that Japanese television games break all barriers and stereotypes , going beyond what is merely “weird” and becoming authentic barbarities that the general public enjoys seeing the suffering of others.

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Japanese games are highly acclaimed by the audience, who gather in front of the television waiting to see what extravagant tests the battle-hardened contestants will have to face. The truth is that from our perspective it may seem that they violate all the most basic principles of the dignity of people ; however, these Japanese games are considered a harmless hobby for them.

Combining a bit of the sadism and savagery of the Saw saga , with the ingenuity so characteristic of the Japanese country, here are the 12 rarest Japanese games that, even so, are real:

1. Sweet or real

? weirder, or depending on how you look at it, disgusting. It consists of the naive contestant having to guess if what he puts in his mouth is an everyday object or a candy replica that imitates said utensil.
Using the expertise of a pastry chef who is dedicated to molding any object of our day to day in chocolate (from boots to doorknobs), it may be that the poor participant has to lick the tip of a real shoe, instead of a imitation made of this candy.

2. Dero! Dero!
Although it starts from an apparently normal situation, in which simple questions are asked to the contestants, we will soon see why the Dero! Dero!, is one of the rarest Japanese games that exist.
The spectacle is in the added pressure to which the players are subjected, who must answer questions or solve intricate puzzles, in a room that fills with water .
In another variant of this very peculiar Japanese game, the contestants each stand on top of a thin platform that is suspended at a certain height; every time they are asked a question and they make a mistake in their answer, the platform will be removed until only one is left standing.

3. Bull!
When it comes to rare Japanese games, these are not only because of the stress to which the contestants are subjected, but they have also earned this title because of the peculiar punishments that anyone who answers incorrectly receives.
This is what happens in Tore!, where each player must answer seven questions before being wrapped in bandages , like a mummy, and placed in a sarcophagus.

4. Human Tetris
In this particular contest, the participants stand on a platform, while a wall made of polystyrene approaches them. The only way to go through it is by adapting the body to the forms that appear cut out on this wall . As the walls are overcome, the difficulty of the forms increases. There comes a point where it becomes impossible to pass through them, being pushed and falling into a pool below.
Although it is one of the rarest Japanese games, Human Tetris has been adapted by television networks in other countries.

5. The ass game
It doesn’t leave too much to the imagination, does it?
So far the games we’ve seen didn’t stand out for being too strategic or requiring any special skills; Now, this is not only one of the rarest Japanese games in your country: it is also one of the most scatological.
In the game of the ass, the participants must place their respective buttocks in a hole placed in a wall, without the rest of the contestants being able to see their faces. The game consists of players trying to guess which butt belongs to which girl., judging exclusively by what can be seen through said holes in the wall.

6. AKBingo!
If we told you that the AKBingo! It is a game not very different from the mythical game of “dodgeball”, it would not be something relevant to consider it one of the strangest Japanese games. This particular Japanese version has somewhat disgusting consequences for those who lose the game.
The punishment received by the loser who receives the ball is chosen by a couple of famous comedians in Japan, in charge of increasing the extravagance of the game. On one occasion, two girls were placed at opposite ends of a clear plastic tube so that they were facing each other. The challenge consisted ofmake them blow at the same time and with their mouths open, into the tube, where there was a cockroach. The opponent who aspired to the bug lost.

7. Let’s go to the end of the world
Without fear of being wrong, we could classify this Japanese game as one of the rarest, but also one of the most dangerous. We have been seeing games in which the contestants risked their dignity and nothing else, which is saying something, but we had not seen them risk their skin.
In “Let’s go to the end of the world”, they put a contestant inside a giant Plexiglas cube to document what was happening with a handheld camera. Around him they released a huge grizzly bear that, seeing the terrified participant inside the box, did not hesitate to try to hunt him down, capsizing, roaring and hitting the object. While the poor man tried to record everything with his camera, the public made fun of him.

8. Guapa o pastelazo
If this game were made in the West, it would be the center of the controversy without hesitation, because we are facing one of the Japanese games that boasts greater sexism : it consists of the program’s judges moving around a room full of girls sleeping peacefully on the floor.
Their task is to wake them up in any way they please and, depending on whether they seem more or less attractive, they will pardon them or pierce them in the face.

9. Undress the girl
Again, a contest whose name does not leave much to the imagination.We don’t understand how the Japanese can be so advanced in some aspects at the same time , and still persist in games that are as extravagant as they are simple.
Players must overcome the embarrassing activities that are proposed to them in order to get a quick glimpse of the semi-naked body of a model, located behind a panel. Said panel is numbered with boxes and the proposed games imply that the participants throw balls at said boxes, so that they fall one by one and they can see the body of the girl located behind.

10. Spread your legs
This Japanese game is weird as well as painful. We have three girls: one must make a numbered wheel roll, another is sitting in a torture device and a third, in charge of activating this device.
Depending on which number the wheel stops, it will lead to a greater or lesser degree in which the legs of the contestant sitting on the improvised torture rack will be opened. More and more, the machine will open her legs, until some of them end up being placed at impossible angles.

11. The king of the hill
We already know that the pain of others is what sells to be on the list of the rarest Japanese games in the country and, not to be outdone, in this eleventh position, we have another case.
It is nothing more than trying to climb slippery stairs. Needless to say, most contestants end up falling and slipping continuously, making reaching the top almost impossible. And if that was not enough,the players do it smeared with oil , to make the task more difficult, while the judges of the program must prevent them from succeeding, pouring water on the stairs or throwing water balloons at them.

12. Human bowling
We wouldn’t be talking about weird Japanese games if we didn’t include those in which the contestants are used as objects for the amusement of others.
In this mythical contest, they must knock down the 10 bowling pins placed at the foot of an inclined ramp . Like
Put on a beach float and thrown from the top of the cliff. Obviously, whoever knocks down the most bowls wins.

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