What does ” body positivity ” mean? The movement was born on social media about ten years ago, when more and more oversized women started posting photos with the aim of celebrating themselves and their bodies.

Nowadays, the Body Positivity movement has acquired a broader and more inclusive meaning and is aimed at all those who do not have a body that “conforms” to the standards set by society. It is a desire for affirmation and re-appropriation of one’s own body by people, famous or not. But it is also a strong message of opposition to body shaming and body negativity .

Without encouraging wrong eating behaviors, such as obesity, body positivity pushes people to live their physicality well. Slowly this movement is slowly evolving into body neutrality . In turn, body neutrality is a form of love for oneself that takes the form of satisfying the needs of body and mind .

Let’s see together what are the 11 reasons to love our body and feel good about ourselves:

1) You are unique

Oscar Wilde said: “ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken “, or:” Be yourself; all the others have already been taken ”. By this he meant that each of us is special in his own uniqueness and this is especially true today. Staying true to yourself and original is important: there is no one else like us.

2) Your body, your story

Our body tells a lot about us and our history : stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, scars, relate to a particular episode or period of our lives. Don’t look at them with embarrassment, but as chapters in a story. Yours. As Sara Busi invites to do on Instagram, fall in love and love yourself!

3) Perfection does not exist

We are the most severe judges of ourselves. Whether it’s for yet another photo of an influencer with a seemingly perfect body and life or our perennial sense of dissatisfaction, we need to get used to the thought that perfection doesn’t exist . There are parts of our body that we would like to modify, details that we notice every day and that we do not like, but often we do not realize that what we call “defects” in the eyes of others are a great quality that distinguishes us.

4) Simply “life”

Our body keeps us alive, allows us to eat, drink, laugh, run, walk, read, watch. Instead of hating it we must try to see it as something through which we can enjoy many beautiful things in this world. And our best ally .

5) Our best friend

As we said before, our body is not an enemy to fight, but our ally and also our best friend . At the end of a long day at work, when things just don’t seem to go right, after listening to customer requests or queuing for hours at the bank, only your legs and body will be there to support you. Be kind to yourself, indulge in some pampering .

6) Self-confidence

People who love their body have more self-confidence and are more inclined and good at keeping conversations with others alive, with greater confidence and courage, resulting natural and sincere. Don’t be afraid to show who you are!

7) Guaranteed fun

Feeling comfortable with what you see in the mirror and loving your body can be a great way to have fun. When we feel confident in ourselves, we want to do whatever we want without worrying about the opinion of others.

8) Our health improves

Loving and accepting each other is synonymous with 360 ° health . From the moment you begin to feel good about yourself, you can focus better on your physical and mental health, take care of yourself with greater serenity and desire to do. Exercise, regular checkups, a balanced diet, and a series of habits that previously seemed like a drama will turn out to be enjoyable.

9) Shopping becomes easier

You know it better than me, knowing our body is essential when it’s time to choose the right outfit. But to know what can best enhance you, you need to carefully analyze your body in front of the mirror. Everything becomes easier when we accept that we have defects . It’s all about knowing yourself and making good choices.

10) You will feel braver

You will no longer have to avoid entering stores for fear of not finding your size! When you love yourself and your body, you don’t have to (and don’t want to) keep telling others who you are, or waste time explaining too much. What people say will no longer interest you, and you will face every situation with greater courage and determination .

11) Taste happiness

We hope this list has inspired you. The truth is that from the moment you start loving your body, you actually become more positive, leave fear aside, start seeing things beyond appearances and become even more carefree. Enjoy life and all the beauty it has to offer!