Currently getting to enjoy a good video game is within the reach of almost anyone who is willing to make a little entry on Google Play and take a look at current trends.
The democratization of the video game is a reality thanks to smartphones, but there are still nostalgic romantics who remain faithful to the PC . That is why we have decided to bring them, the ten best of this year and what has been said, totally free for your taste and enjoyment.

10. ‘Team Fortress 2’

Developed by Valve Corporation, we are facing one of the most famous online titles of recent years. Its different game modes favor that the fun never stops and it is greatly favored by its casual style.
One of the most entertaining and successful video games for PC | Valve Corporation

9. ‘DOTA 2’

The Ice Frog studio brought us this sequel to what is considered another of the great free online hits. This video game explores a wide spectrum of heroes and different mystical creatures that face each other in epic battles and where their competitions are among the best known in the world; eye, because this video game moves millions.
‘DOTA 2’ one of the most successful PC games worldwide | Ice Frog

8. ‘Path of Exile’
The following video game is set in a dark fantasy world, in which our main objective as players will be to take revenge on those who hurt us. ‘Path of Exile’ is characterized by its oppressive atmosphere , and allows a wide range of characters to select: Shadow, Hedera, Warrior or Witch, among others.
A world of ruin, where oppression and sorcery coexist | Chris Wilson

7. ‘Smite’

Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games bring us ‘Smite’, a video game that is gaining more and more users as time goes by, coming to form a gigantic gamer community. The games are simple, two sides made up of five gods will try to bring down a titan; each player controls one of these deities, with different characteristics and abilities.
Five gods and a few titans to put in their place | Hi-Rez Studios / Titan Forge Games

6. ‘Heroes of the Storm’
We are slowly approaching the top 5, and we come across ‘Heroes of the Storm’ from Blizzard Entertainment. It is considered one of the best free of this 2019; it is an all or nothing, in which all the characters of the company’s universe face each other, as if to miss it, eh
A storm of confrontations is coming between these heroes | Blizzard Entertainment

5. ‘PUBG’
We entered the top 5, and this fifth place is occupied by Brendan Greene’s product, entitled ‘Players Unkwon’s Battlegrounds’ abbreviated as we have indicated above. It is a more tactical and realistic battle royale, in which the space where we can move becomes progressively smaller. Skill and ingenuity come together in a game in which the one who shoots first does not win, but the one who aims the best.
Space is closing in on us and the enemies are waiting with their fingers on the trigger | Brendan Greene

4. ‘World of Tanks’ Let’s

see if they can guess what the video game developed by Anton Sitnikov is aboutAs its title indicates, this is a frontal confrontation with the rolling heavy artillery, and never better said. It is a novel wargame proposal that includes a redesign of the levels, an additional map and a well-crafted instrumental soundtrack.
The tanks take to the streets and we control them | Anton Sitnikov

3. ‘Fortnite’

Obviously Epic Games’ smash hit had to be on the podium of the last three on this list. And there is little more to say about the video game; His competitions have become a worldwide phenomenon, managing to combine construction, design with survival until there is only one left on the island.
Not just a video game, but a true mass phenomenon | Epic Games

2. ‘The Elder Scrolls Legends’
An online card game proposal, quite similar to ‘Magic, The Gathering’ . It features an engaging story mode where cards come to life in intense battles of magic and creepy creatures. Its success has been quite a surprise, it also includes voices in Spanish and an alternative gameplay more focused on strategy than on pure and simple action.
For lovers of strategy and card games | Bethesda Softworks

1. ‘Apex Legends’

Respawn Entertainment together with Electronic Arts brings us this spectacular video gamethat is progressively taking the position from ‘Fornite’, one of the most played online. Contrary to the previous one, we have already commented on several occasions, that it is a game in which you have to use your head, and know how to carefully select the different members of our teams.
Similar to ‘Fortnite’, but with head and tactical criteria added | Repspwan Entertainment
Here we would conclude our list of the 10 most outstanding of the online panorama to enjoy them for PC , we hope that you know how to get the most out of it and that you enjoy our recommendations.

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