South Korean actress and model. And, up until now, we have probably not added anything new. But who is Ho-Yeon Yung , famous for being the 067 of Squid Game ?

For those who do not follow the TV series there may be that its name, apart from the famous Netflix series, does not say anything new. Also because, however, it comes from another world, namely that of fashion.

In reality, Ho-Yeon Jung, despite her young age, already has a respectable career (even if, in fact, in the field of fashion shows) and, moreover, she seems to be very much on the way to enter the history of actresses of TV series.

Here you will find various news and curiosities relating to her biography, in the new post dedicated to famous actresses by CineMagazine: welcome back to our portal!


  • The beginnings of Squid Game 067, Ho-Yeon Jung
  • Modeling career for Jung Ho-Yeon
  • With 067 in Squid Game comes success for Ho-Yeon Jung
  • Private life of Ho-Yeon Jung, the Squid Game actress

The beginnings of Squid Game 067, Ho-Yeon Jung

First warning: in South Korea the name comes after the surname, then the name is Ho-Yeon and the surname is Jung (we have already adapted it to the Italian style). If you should find it, perhaps in original documents, don’t forget this aspect. 

Born in Seoul on June 23, 1994 , she began her career as a model. From the very beginning she seems to have something special and she stands out at the age of 16 , starting to enter the world of fashion, participating, among other things, in several very important events. One of all and the ‘ Seoul Fashion Week ‘.

Small detail: according to a ‘popular vulgate’, at the beginning he didn’t even have an agent. Then he remedied this gap and signed with ESteem Models, starting a career that always seems to be growing.

Modeling career for Jung Ho-Yeon

Starting as a model, she begins to appear in different newspapers and to get noticed. She appears, in fact, on Korea’s Next Top Model , finishing in second place in this reality show, and on other international magazines such as Vogue Girl Korea and Elle Wedding. 

She was also mentioned in First Look Korea magazine and participated in several campaigns, such as the one for Lucky Chouette . She reached her peak when she was only 22 years old, in 2016. It is here that she is noticed thanks to the international debut for Louis Vuitton.

We can say that 2016 was the year of the turning point because it paraded for other international brands such as Max Mara and Fendi. And it’s certainly not over there. There was in fact a continuation so much to show for about twenty – badly counted – fashion brands. For example, we pass from Emilio Pucci to Roberto Cavalli up to Dolce & Gabbana.

In short, there hasn’t been a high-sounding name that hasn’t had his face. An unequivocal sign that, however, something was going the right way. 

A success that culminates with Louis Vuitton ‘s decision to officially make her a global ambassador for its brand. A recognition certainly not by everyone and which is not limited only to clothes, but also to other products, such as jewelry and watches.

It also appears in several advertisements and in editorials of various newspapers. In 2017 crowns her model of the year.

If 2016 was the year of the turning point in the field of fashion, and in 2020 – yes, the year of the Covid pandemic – that Jung takes full advantage of the opportunity that happens to her. In fact, she is announced by Saram Entertainment , one of the most important companies in this sense, as an actress for a television series on Netflix.

Guess which one? Yes, Squid Game!

With 067 in Squid Game comes success for Ho-Yeon Jung

For fans of numbers and social networks, we can say that the first concrete response that led Squid Game to number 067 is that of being the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram, with over 22 million followers.

In fact, at the beginning of October there was the overtaking of Lee Sung-kyung, class of 90 and very popular, being also a singer. This shows how the success of the television series has exceeded all imagination.

And Ho-Yeon Jung intends to enjoy it to the end. As for the TV series, we obviously don’t want to spoil it but we limit ourselves to saying that the role of Ho-Yeon is that of a pickpocket, marked with the code 067.

A role that, also according to what she herself declared, took several hours of study to be able to play it at its best.  

In practice, the protagonist of the TV series finds himself having to pay off debts by participating in games together with other people who have the same problems as him. More obviously we cannot say about Squid Game.

Ah, just for the record: for Ho-Yeon Jung and his first film experience . If this is the beginning, surely, barring unforeseen events, a respectable career awaits you. 

Private life of Ho-Yeon Jung, the Squid Game actress

We have bad news for those who fell in love with 067 / Ho-Yeon Jung. She and she have been happily engaged since 2016, so much so that they even post photos of him on her Instagram profile.

His partner is not a stranger, on the contrary: his name is Lee Don-hwi and he is also an actor of moderate success. In fact, he starred in Reply 1988 and in ‘Extreme Job’, the second highest grossing film in the history of South Korean cinema, behind the film ‘The Admiral’.

Therefore, he too lives by his own light and it certainly cannot be said that the relationship was born out of interest. Just a curiosity: they got engaged in 2016 , at least according to what is said. The ‘magical’ year for Jung.

Both are passionate about fashion and, probably, they met thanks to this world. Of course, his success is not even remotely comparable, on social media, to that of his wife. But we are sure that there is no jealousy at all and, indeed, he will be delighted with Jung of him.