Actress Carice Van Houten, who played the character of Melisandre de Asshai in the ‘Game of Thrones’ saga, wants her character to be present in the spin-off of the HBO series that is currently being produced. In a recent interview in Deadline, the actress has proposed to the writers that they take into account the Red Priestess and the youth that she could have in the prequel.
As she has commented, she has proposed that even this character be played by another actress, and she has added that although no one has contacted her to play that role, she would love to see the background and history of where Melisandre comes from.. We must remember that we never really know the true age of this character, so it could be set back thousands of years.
However, it must be said that so far everything is conjecture, and we do not know what characters we will see in the new series. However, being able to identify one of them would not hurt us at all to move to the new fiction, since according to RR Martin himself, he does not believe that the three sequels confirmed so far will have the same reception and success as the original series.

How will the spin-off be?
According to recent leaks, the prequel will be called ‘Blood Moon’, however, this information has not yet been confirmed by official sources. However, what is verified is thatThe project will star Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse . Furthermore, we also know that RR Martin and Jane Goldman are the creators of the new series.
It is assumed and expected that the spin-off will be released sometime next year 2020, since it is one of the most anticipated productions. The series will be set thousands of years before ‘Game of Thrones ‘, so it is assumed that the separation of the Houses and the creation of the White Walkers may be central themes of the plot.
For this reason, with such a large time jump, the appearance of characters from the original series is almost impossible , except for the character of Melisandre, whose true age has never been revealed.
Carice van Houten wants to appear in ‘Blood Moon’ | HBO

Carice Van Houten, confused by Melisandre
The actress has also explained her feelings and experiences after her appearance in ‘Game of Thrones’. She has said that she is quite dissatisfied with the fact that people are unable to separate her character from herself , and that they often see her as a villain. Thus, she has commented on Deadline that “Sometimes I feel like that’s the only frustrating part of being on ‘Game of Thrones’: I’m very grateful for it, but sometimes people only see that part of me. I feel like I should probably do a comedy to avoid being associated only with the Red Priestess.”
As has already been commented on other main characters of ‘Game of Thrones’, the saga has conditioned, to a different degree, the actors and the 8 seasons have affected their mental health.

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