We all have in mind, more or less, the basic structure of police series: the agents arrive at the scene of the crime, they fight for jurisdiction and the collection of clues begins, until one of the pieces of evidence reveals the murderer. This formula is repeated in almost all fiction, but there are a handful of series that stand out, either for their quality or for their original approach. Take note of our recommendations.

Police series on Netflix
One more year, Netflix continues to be the public’s favorite platform to enjoy its series. We highlight three series that have barely taken off and a documentary that is worth watching.

1. Mind Hunter
It entered the Netflix catalog without making too much noise and little by little it has been gaining critical acclaim for its brilliant approach. In the first police series that concerns us, the resolution of the cases is not as important as the search for a new method and new patterns that allow the police to understand the perverse mind of a serial killer. We already highlighted it at the time as one of the best series about serial killers, and that is because some of the most twisted criminals in history parade on the screen.

2. The Sinner
The genius of The Sinner is that it breaks the mold, it teaches us that nothing is what it seems . How is a mother able to murder a stranger on a crowded beach
What leads a child to poison his caregivers in a hotel room?
The main piece of each season is Inspector Ambrose, a rather eccentric guy (he may remind us of the mythical Colombo) about whom we will soon discover some disturbing fetishes.

3. Making a Murderer
Our third recommendation is a ten episode documentary about the life of Steven Avery, who spent 18 long years in prison even knowing that he was completely innocent . The creators of the documentary, Laura Riccardi and Moira Demos uncover a complex network of lies and interests, woven by a corrupt judicial system. There are already rumors of a second season, in which we will finally know (or not) if Avery achieves the long-awaited freedom.

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4. Manhunt: Unabomber
We continue with the real cases transferred to the small screen. This is the story of Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, the notorious criminal who kept the United States on edge in the 1980s and 1990s. Based on true events but not without moments of tension, this series explores the most macabre side of the human mind.

Police series on HBO
HBO has some of the highest quality series in history. Among them, these police series that have marked a before and after are counted.

5. The Wire
Some say that it is the best series in history, and they have good reason to think so. Among the staunch fans of fiction is the former president of the United StatesBarack Obama, who stated that The Wire was his favorite series . The series is set in the city of Baltimore and deals with police wiretaps against drug trafficking. Many of the characters that appear are set in real people’s bodies.

6. Fargo
Fargo received critical acclaim with its first season, picking up the baton from the Coen brothers’ film of the same name and adapting several of its resources, such as the recurrent black humor, the climate of violence and the plot twists . It has won the award for best miniseries according to television critics and has done the same as the Emmys. An absolute recommendation.

7. The Night Of
New York lawyer John Stone is in charge of defending a young Pakistani accused of murdering a woman. Throughout eight episodes, we will be witnesses to an unfair judicial procedure loaded with cultural and rational prejudices. The Night Of deservedly won three Emmy Awards in 2017, including Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie. A miniseries to watch in one afternoon.

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8. True Detective
True Detective is my favorite police series, mainly for two reasons. The first is the couple of protagonist detectives, two characters with more flaws than virtues who try to park their demons while solving a twisted murderer. The second great reason to watch this series, at least its first season, is a dark and decadent setting that makes your hair stand on end . The second season is completely expendable, and we’ll see what happens with the third.

Police series on other platforms
Not all crime series are necessarily on streaming platforms. Some can be enjoyed on conventional television or on pay channels.

9. Criminal Minds
This is the most conservative police series on the list, as it features the typical murder-clue gathering structure. Even so, it brings together a series of characteristics that differentiate it from the CSI of the day , such as agile and intelligent dialogues (frequently based on concepts of psychology), and some characters who soon become fond of them. Criminal Minds is one of the longest-running crime series, running 13 seasons and counting.

10. The Mentalist
Another of those current series that follow the classic model, although with different nuances. Here the great attraction is Patrick Jane, a character more complex than it seems at first glance. Jane is a prodigious mind who collaborates with the police, helpingSolve cases in the most unpredictable and creative ways . However, he soon becomes obsessed with Red John, a serial killer who brutally killed his wife and his daughter.

11. Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks is not only an excellent police series, but a milestone in the history of television . Two seasons were enough to keep millions of viewers on edge with one question: who killed Laura Palmer?
The genius of David Lynch and Mark Frost had a much more recent third season that can already be seen on Movistar +, but without a doubt we stayed with the originals.

12. The Killing
Based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen, this production premiered on AMC and distributed by Netflix has gone through two cancellations and not a few production problems, but has finally emerged as one of the series to take into account in the catalog. The plot focuses on the murder of a young woman, a family shaken by tragedy and a political campaign in the rainy city of Seattle. The ABC of a police series with a dark and suffocating atmosphere.

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